SHEIDA is a premium brand offering skin care, makeup, hair and body care products. With more than 30 years in the business, the brand has become known as a market-leader in skin care and beauty that uses natural actives.

SHEIDA is a Turkish brand, focused on producing skin care with natural actives, makeup and body care products with a strong emphasis on consistent high-quality and safety.

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Sheida Long Lasting Lip - No. 16

Sheida Long Lasting Lip - No. 16

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Sheida Long Lasting Lip No. 16 is the perfect lip colour for a long lasting, intense and pigmented look. The silky matte formula ensures your lips stay hydrated, providing a velvety finish. Say goodbye to dry lips and hello to beautifully colored lips all day long.

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At SHEIDA, we formulate and produce active ingredients, using these across the product range. This guarantees consistent quality for customers.

With the backing of a strong research and development department, SHEIDA works closely with customers to ensure an effective product. By minimising the use of harsh chemicals and carefully selecting natural ingredients, SHEIDA prioritises quality.

SHEIDA products are hypoallergenic and each product is specially designed for a certain skin type including oily, normal, dry and sensitive skins. The products are not tested on animals and meet high standards of ecological and environmental impact.

Evenly apply the lip colour with the applicator to your lips.



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