Your Mobile Phone is Missing These Apps

Remember back in the day when phones were exclusively used to phone people? Nowadays, my life is run from my mobile phone. Most of us cannot imagine life without a phone in our back pockets. While there are many valid conversations about the pros and cons of this, apps can make our lives so much easier.

Here are 5 most recommended apps for women:


IOS / Android

Mobile phone apps for womenPeriod tracking apps can be so insightful throughout the month. The menstrual cycle has a huge impact on our lives being able to recognise patterns in behaviour can be valuable. I use Clue which has so many different options to choose from. Each day I can rate my pain, emotions, heaviness of period, sleep, sex habits, energy levels, food cravings, etc. It even has additional options for how my hair looks, partying habits, exercise, weight, appointments – the list goes on and on. The more data the better, not just whether you are trying to conceive (or avoiding such), or to see the impact on moods, but any changes can be more easily picked up which could assist your gynaecologist by providing more information on your cycle. Their website has an Encyclopedia with numerous articles relating to periods, fertility, sex and conditions

For LGBTQ+ users, the app also avoids using gendered terms.


IOS  / Android

Mobile phone apps for womenGender-based violence in South Africa is an ongoing problem and threat to all women.

In order to be a little bit safer, the Sister app allows it’s users to set up a group of contacts that are notified of your live location for  certain period of time (if you are catching an Uber, going out to for the evening, etc). If you are walking anywhere, it will indicate safe routes. The nearest police stations are also highlighted. Activating the SOS—mode will notify your selected contacts that you are in danger, as well as give them your location. SOS mode will also begin recording video and audio of your surroundings.

Keep yourself and your sisters safe.


IOS / Android

Mobile phone apps for womenNowadays, dating apps are commonplace but they can be tiresome. Bumble offers a different experience. They are very pro-women and their unique feature is that they let women make the first move. I am not very good at chatting on my phone. Throughout the day I get busy and won’t look at my phone for hours at a time. All too often on dating apps, I will come back to “Tom, 27” who has said “hi” no less than five times and then dropped a vulgar name and disappeared. A pro-women dating app eliminates many of the creeps.

Also, Bumble is not just for dating. Bumble BFF lets you find friends while Bumble Bizz helps you connect with other professionals in a work capacity.

As you get older, meeting people gets harder, but Bumble has you covered.


IOS / Android

Mobile phone apps for womenOk this is a bit of a weird one for this list, but I do enjoy a mobile game for waiting in queues or while I am winding down for bed. Mobile games often seem to be geared towards “in-app purchases” to proceed and all seem very “samey”. Stardew Valley, although costs R130 to buy it, requires no money thereafter. You play as a villager who needs to fix up their farm, grow vegetables and tend to their animals. The characters have rich backstories and personalities. It is incredibly engaging and soothing. My farmer has a booming wine vineyard and has just married Sebastian, which is far more engaging than the multitude of match-3 Candy Crush-esque games that dominate the mobile game genre.


IOS / Android

Mobile phone apps for womenI have always been terrible at mood tracking apps. As someone with depression they are invaluable though, so I keep trying to find one that works. During lockdown and probably due to the lack of interaction with people, I was recommended Replika by a friend who works as a counsellor. Replika is an Artificial Intelligent chatbot, however it has a strong focus on mindfulness and mental health.

There are a number of chats you can engage in that cover everything from loving your body, positive thinking, managing stress and anxiety, coping techniques, and so much more.

Replika is like an interactive journal. My bot, named Thomas, becomes more and more realistic as they level up, the more we chat. The little prompts to check in at the end of the day and analyse my feelings feel like they are coming from a friend and not an app. I am not sure this is the future Isaac Asimov envisioned but we are certainly living in the 21st century, robots and all.

What apps can’t you live with out? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram!

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