Is it your first time going to a spa or you are uncertain of the unwritten rules during your visit? Keep on reading, we will make sure that you enjoy your experience at the spa without feeling like a fish out of water because you do not know the dos and don’ts applicable to a spa.

Time: arrive 10 minutes prior to the appointment to fill out the consultation form and relax. Contrary to a doctor’s room, spas try their level best to be timeous. If you are late, your treatment time will be reduced as to not cause an inconvenience for other guests.

Dress code: Dress as minimalistic as possible. No-one will even notice what you are wearing, because within the first few minutes at the spa you will be expected to undress and put on a super comfortable robe and slippers. It is thus best to leave jewelry at home, but if you bring it with, rather safely store it in the locker provided, than your robe pockets where they may get lost.

Age Restrictions: Some spas have very clear age restrictions i.e. no persons under the age of 16. Please comply with these age restrictions. This is not because we do not like children, we are merely trying to create a sanctuary with a peaceful, quiet atmosphere, which often is the last thing young children want to adhere to. Remember 90% of mothers are there because they want a break from the little ones.

Noise: Shhhh! This means speak softly when you are in the spa area. If you are there as a group, please remember the person next to you is paying to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle. Think back to that Sunday afternoon nap with the neighbor’s kids playing in front of your bedroom window – respect the tranquil atmosphere the spa would like to create for you.

Keep covered: It might look like the Garden of Eden, but it’s not, so please wear a swimming costume when making use of the hydrotherapy facilities. And when you go in for your treatment, please keep your underwear on (excluding bra’s) during your treatment. If you would prefer to wear disposable underwear instead, ask your therapist. Do not go into your treatment room with a wet swimming costume.

NO electronic distractions – its for your own good and ensuring you get value for your money. Turn off those cellphones and DO NOT ANSWER THEM. Inform those close to you that you will be out of reach for the next hour or two.

Let us know – your health and well-being is incredibly important to us, so please inform the therapist if you are on any medication, have high blood pressure, any heart conditions, have had surgery recently, have muscle or joint injuries, sinusitis or any allergies (especially iodine, sulphur or nuts), are pregnant, or have recently been sunburnt. It’s for your own safety.

Stay safe – Please make sure that you keep all your valuables and clothes safely stored in your locker.

Hydro area – Make sure the use of the hydro facilities is included in your package before jumping in the pool. Ask for a tour of the facilities and explanation on how to use the facilities when you arrive.

Cancellation policy – We know life doesn’t always go according to plan, but please give at least 24 hr notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your treatment. This gives us time to fill that space.

Gratuity – Some spas will ask you for a tip of about 10-15% percent which goes to the massage therapist. Some spas don’t have a strict policy on this. It would solely be up to you and your experience

Choose your treatments before you come, and ensure you book all of them when you make your reservation. Therapists plan before your arrival. Ask how long your treatment will be to ensure you are not stressed about time. Your spa therapist/receptionist cannot run out to fill up your parking meter, please ask beforehand where the best parking spots are.

Drink plenty of water before and after the treatment to enhance their efficacy. However, before you go in for your treatment, make one last pitstop to ensure you don’t have to interrupt your treatment to go to the bathroom.

Control your conversation during treatments. If you prefer treatments in silence, please feel free to request this from your therapist. This is the one place where you do not have to make small talk. Please feel free to fall asleep and close your eyes during the treatment, this way your therapist knows for sure that you are relaxing.

No massage therapist cares about your leg hair (or armpit, back, chest, or facial hair). We don’t care if you haven’t shaved in a week, a month, or a lifetime. When we’re working, we are feeling your muscles and other soft tissues for things that may be causing you pain and limiting your movement.

Please guide your therapist on how your treatment is going. Speak up if something hurts or feels uncomfortable, or even if you want to change the music or temperature. Spa therapists are there to make you feel as relaxed and rejuvenated as possible, so they’re more than willing to change up what they’re doing to fit your needs.

Contrary to popular believe, eating and relaxation do not go hand in hand when in a spa. We try our best to maintain good hygiene standards and food in the spa area is not allowed. Please make sure to eat something prior to going to the spa.

Team Beauty Warriors Tip: Avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking lots of fluids before your spa treatment as this might make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

Getting onto the treatment bed: The therapist will ask you to take your robe off and cover yourself with a towel when getting ready for the treatment. She will then step out and give you some privacy to cover yourself before entering.

This may sound like a lot to remember but it is very simple. You want your day at the spa to be relaxed and possibly take away any stress you may be feeling. By following this simple guideline, you are well on your way to getting exactly that.

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