Are you a salon owner or therapist who’s interested in offering your clients something completely new and fresh? Step up your spa treatments with VOESH New York’s gorgeous products, which include their beautifully-packaged pedicure in a box treatments, collagen socks, and modeling masks – to name just a few!

VOESH was established with just two words in mind: clean and hygienic. Their innovative, single-use spa products are convenient, simple to use, and are and loved by spa professionals around the world. Established in New York, VOESH’s clean, fuss-free, and on-trend spa solutions are finally available in South Africa, with thanks to leading beauty supplier, Maskscara.

Voesh collagen socks

But why should you add VOESH’s products to you spa offering?

VOESH’s single-use products ensure cleanliness and hygiene at all times, as well as offering products that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan friendly. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are a few other things we love about the brand:

1. SINGLE SERVE – their single-use products means that treatments are always fresh, as well as being hygienic and preventing unnecessary wastage.

2. EASY TO USE – each item within a kit is numbered and comes with clear, simple instructions for ease of use.

3. LOW START-UP COST – VOESH offers premium products at a low investment.

4. EASY COST MANAGEMENT – further to that, the single-use kits and products ensure that you always know the exact cost per service.

5. EASY INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – with VOESH, it’s easy to manage your stock and know your salon or spa’s exact product needs.

6. PERFECTLY PORTIONED – Each kit or sachet comes with just the right amount of product, ensuring that there’s no over usage or wastage of products.

7. BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAN DISPLAY – VOESH’s beautifully packaged products mean that you can now display your treatment products the same way you would your nail polishes!

8. SAFE AND POWERFUL SKINCARE – most importantly, VOESH’s products are safe and highly effective, which means that clients will return for repeat services time and time again! All VOESH’s products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and boast exceptional vegan formulations.

Some of our top picks from VOESH


VOESh unicorn

Your clients will love this all-in-one foot treatment that not only delivers the ultimate foot treatment, but also tones and contours legs at the same time. It’s perfect for special occasions and the festive season, and is beloved by many a party girl! We love the UNICORN GLIMMER pedi in a box, which contains peach extract and offers hydrating and softening benefits along with an iridescent glow. Each kit comes with a perfectly portioned soak, 100% sugar scrub, a mud masque, a cooling gel, and a sweet-smelling massage butter. Feet are left happy, healthy, and sparkly!


VOESH pedi in a box

For those clients who aren’t quite into sparkle, there’s VOESH’s deluxe 4-step pedi in a box. This luxurious offering allows your client to experience all the benefits of an aromatherapy treatment in the most convenient, hygienic, and thoughtful delivery system in spa services. Each box contains a sea salt soak to detoxify and deodorise feet, a 100% sugar scrub to exfoliate and soften feet, a luxe mud masque to cleanse pores, and finally, a decadent massage cream to soften, smooth, and hydrate feet.

VOESH also offers a variety of modeling gel masks (including an on-trend 24-Karat Gold option), collagen gloves and socks (with both removable finger tips and toe tips), and a 3-step waterless mani and pedi in a box treatments (ideal for water scarce areas).

To find out more about VOESH or to stock these innovative spa solutions in your own spa or salon, contact Maskscara on (021) 201 6910, email, or visit their website, here.