The Massage You Desperately NEED

CBD is all the rage at the moment and in times these, it’s no wonder. So you have heard about CBD oil and you may have heard about the vapes and the skincare benefits, but did you know you could have a CBD massage?

Team Beauty Warriors was invited to have one just before corona lockdown, lucky me, it was much needed and well-timed. If you are a bit hesitant after hearing all sorts of information – not sure if CBD is brain-altering and you just want to try a milder version of it, or if you are in desperate need to reduce anxiety or chronic pain, here is our insider take on the CBD massage.

Prior to the massage we spoke to head trainer and CBD expert from Goodleaf Amy Paterson, and asked her why we should try a massage incorporating CBD oil.

“For those with chronic pain and muscle soreness, CBD will change the way you manage daily living.” When asked how, Amy went on to say, “As an anti-inflammatory, CBD helps to manage neuropathic pain and provides relief of muscle tension without adverse side effects.”

The massage was booked at Urban Bliss Wellness Spa. Massage specialist Gugulethu began the treatment with myrrh and CBD roller on the temples to ease head tension and headaches, then she asked me to inhale the scent three times. Six drops of CBD oil were mixed with grapeseed carrier oil and another 4-6 drops were used neat on areas of concern either for pain or inflammation.

The massage was conducted with long flowing strokes aimed to ease tension. Specific focus was paid on sore and tight muscles, pain or injuries, and the pressure was adjusted to work out muscle tension. It felt like a stress release massage that was deeply relaxing. For days thereafter, I was left with a sense of calm and ease and would highly recommend it if you are coping with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, tension, emotional strain or are unable to calm an overactive mind. For those who have suffered from burn-out or heading that way, regular CBD massages are a must.

Beauty Warriors Tip: book the massage for a late afternoon session or on a weekend as I had a desire to go to bed after the treatment and give my body the downtime it needed after the massage. Also and this one is vital, if you are taking CBD drops internally half the dosage the day you have the massage.

Urban Bliss Wellness Spa informed me that they have also treated clients who suffer from Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, and their clients have had great benefit from regular treatments.

It all sounds wonderful I know, but I did have a few questions as to how effective the CBD massage is on its own? Also if I have been using the drops daily and whether I should combine the two? I sat down with Director and head of marketing of Elixir Africa, Zaheera Bham Ismail to shed some light on the above, and here is what she had to say.

“CBD is known to aid with anxiety and have a calming effect. It assists with pain relief and also works as an anti-inflammatory. CBD can be absorbed into the body sublingually (placed under the tongue), ingestion, topically, or via inhalation. When CBD is applied to the skin, it doesn’t reach the bloodstream but can be absorbed through the skin’s surface to interact with the nearby cannabinoid receptors. CBD is also permeable to the skin through the pores when applied liberally during the massages. Research published in the European Journal of Pain (2015) found that “topical CBD application has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviors and inflammation without evident side-effects.” I think it’s imperative to be aware of the quality of the CBD products being used. When purchasing any products, always look for the following: is it a reputable brand or company? Do they have associated COAS (independent lab tests)? And are they SAHPRA compliant? Companies like Elixir thrive on providing premium grade products to its consumers by ensuring all these boxes are ticked.”

On the question about combining both the drops and massage, Zaheera went on to explain, “The SA legislation allows for a maximum dosage of 20mg per day. It’s imperative that you monitor the dosage. In addition to premium-grade CBD, Elixir also offers effect-based oils that can be matched with the massage oils and we have calculated this to ensure that you don’t exceed the daily recommended allowances. Numerous studies suggest that CBD interacts with receptors throughout the body to create balancing and healing effects. Combining both, the topical and the oral ingestion will provide a more enhanced effect for the client.”

So there you have it, we give CBD massage a huge thumbs up!

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