Must-Haves for Spring 2020

Spring is upon us!

With lockdown having moved to level 2 and feeling like I have a bit more freedom, there are some new must-have products that we think are essential for Covid living.


Although pandemic restrictions are slowly easing up, we are still not in the clear. The Whale Key, made by a South African woman, helps minimize contact. The Whale Key has a multi-tool concept that acts as an alternative way to interact with the world. Use it to avoid touching lifts, ATMs, flushing toilets directly. This should be as essential as wearing a mask. In fact if you order a Whale Key now, they will include a free mask with your order.

Beauty Warriors Tip: Pop it on your key chain, handbag loop or simply latch it on your pants loop.


Maskne is real and is not going away anytime soon! So step up your routine and get your skin glow back with the PMD Clean Pro. It breaks down dirt and oil from within the pores at 7000 vibration per minute while operating at a perfect frequency to lift firm and tone the skin. Patent-pending ActiveWarmth facial massager allows your skincare to activate by assisting with deeper absorption and effectiveness from the combination of SonicGlow and heat. The rose stone quartz consists of elements including magnesium, iron and oxygen, aiding in reducing inflammation and tension.


We all love full lashes but let’s be honest glue on lashes can be messy and lash extensions can be too pricey for most people. We have the answer- magnetic lashes. Affordable, quick and easy to apply. Additionally they are weatherproof and safer than glue on lashes. They also come in a variety of styles so you can find what works for you.

Beauty Warriors Tip: always ensure that your lids and lashes are clean before applying. Always store back in its original container to get them to last longer. Rubbing your eyes is a no-no as these lashes will go flying.


We had to share this it can change your life, yes your own digital personal assistant. As a tech junkie, I have an app for everything. Finding one by South African developers is even better. Hey Jude promises to be “world’s first human-powered digital assistance service.” After testing it out, I am highly impressed. They could book a dentist appointment on my behalf. I asked them to find a new waterproof dog bed in my area and they responded with shops and prices. In a busy life, this app completely streamlines my planning. So impressive is this app that Nedbank and CellC are both clients of theirs. Available on both IOS and Android, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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