September is Oral Health Awareness Month!


We all want beautiful, white teeth but we don’t always look after our teeth as well as we should. Here are three easy steps to keep your smile beautiful, healthy and fresh. It’s as easy as brushing, flossing and rinsing. Sounds easy enough right? Which do you do first though? The Sunstar GUM #HealthySmiles123 poll is asking South Africans for their opinion. Cast your vote on – you could win a Sunstar GUM oral care kit worth over R800.

  1. Brush: Brush correctly twice a day for two minutes each time.
  • Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic Toothbrush – This sonic toothbrush comes in black or white. It is sleek, stylish and comfortable to use. The ultra-tapered bristles are scientifically proven to remove up to 50% more plaque from between the teeth than a manual toothbrush and it reaches deeper below the gumline. You can purchase this toothbrush from Dis-Chem, selected dentists and pharmacies. Replacement heads cost R86 for a 2-pack.
  • GUM Original White toothpaste –This toothpaste helps to remove stains and prevent their reappearance without damaging the tooth enamel. It contains fluoride to reinforce tooth enamel, as well as vitamins for healthier gums. It contains low-abrasive micro-silica to gently remove surface stains and a unique StainClear agent to help dissolve stains in hard-to-reach areas.


  1. Clean In-Between: Floss in-between your teeth every day with whatever interdental tool suits you best. Personally, I prefer to floss.
  • GUM Original White floss– This floss contains fluoride and special micronized high cleaning silica in the outer wax that makes it about four times more effective than regular floss at removing stains between the teeth and below the gum line.
  • GUM Soft-Picks Advanced – These soft-picks are the latest disposable dental picks with soft rubber bristles that remove plaque and debris whilst gently massaging and stimulating the gums.


  1. Rinse: For an extra-clean mouth rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash.
  • GUM Original White mouth rinse – This mouth rinse is alcohol-free andcontains StainClear to help remove stains from in-between the teeth and the tiny crevices in tooth enamel. Made with a patented combination of fluoride, Isomalt, and vitamins, Original White Rinse delivers advanced mineralisation for stronger and shinier teeth, helping prevent further staining while strengthening gums and teeth.

Happy brushing, flossing and rinsing Beauties.

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