Relieving Migraines Through Touch?…. WHAT??

Body Stress Release…
What is it?
How can it help my stress levels?

One of our Beauty Warriors went on a mission to uncover some truths about what Body Stress Release is all about with professional practitioner Stuart Garvie….

Misconception number 1…Isn’t it just like massaging?

No, although some of it might feel like a massage, BSR’s focus is to activate the body’s healing abilities through a precise technique, not to stretch out tight muscles, since these tight muscles are often a reaction to the stress built up in your body in the first place.

The next thing most people want to know is what is it and how can it help me?

We have put together some FAQ to help with the process of understanding and delving into the truths of this awesome treatment.

Does BSR really work?

I first found BSR after a car accident, this left me with anxiety about driving I suffered with neck problems, and nothing worked to fix it. The frustration of not being healthy and not being able to live my daily life to the fullest got to me and I eventually gave in to family requests for me to try BSR. It worked and it has worked for me ever since. It worked so well and it changed my life so much that I decided that I would study it further and be able to change people’s lives like I had my life changed.

Don’t believe me yet? Here is a direct quote from one of my clients about her 9 year old grandson, who now comes for sessions once every month; “Thank you Stuart for helping my Grandson who was being bullied at school. His confidence is on the mend, and with a few more sessions I am confident that this bad experience will be healed.”
There are dozens of testimonies just like this, and for so many more problems that people face daily and for more unique problems out there. We are here to help as many people as we can, and would love to help you.

Stuart Garvie, answered some of the more FAQ
Who can benefit from Body Stress Release (BSR)?

Anyone, from people sitting behind a desk all day and feeling the stress build up in their back and shoulders to people who are active at every moment but have always had that knee that gives them trouble. BSR is for everyone!

Is there an age limit to BSR?
No, none at all. BSR is extremely gentle and adaptive to any age and body, from newborn babies to the elderly.

How does it differ from other health practices?
We do not diagnose or treat any specific condition or disease, and do not focus on one body part either. Its primary focus is to locate and release tension stored in the muscles so that the body, as a whole, can start its’ own healing process.

How many sessions will I need?
It varies greatly from person to person but, we recommend that every client come for at least 3 initial sessions and at the end of the 3rd session we convene on the results and work from there.

I have had a lot of operations though, can you still work on me?
Yes, most definitely! Although we do not work directly on replacements we do release stored tension surrounding the areas that will help with mobility and function.

Do I need to undress or wear any special clothes?
No, clients remain fully clothed with their shoes on during the session.

To find out more information or to book your first session with Stuart and BSR contact him today,

Stuart Garvie

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Just the near mention of a Deep Cleanse Facial sends most people running for the hills, in anticipation of extractions. So the question Begs……to Cleanse or not to Cleanse, is it really necessary?

While there are many ways to look at this I would like to break it down on an Anatomical and Physiological level, no complicated science jargon, promise.

As we know the skin is the largest organ providing protection from bacteria, microbes and harsh chemicals. Is also responsible for temperature control, prevents large amounts of moisture loss and reacts to sensation.

Skin also plays an important role aesthetically. People can often make assumptions as to your internal health and wellbeing by just looking at your skin. It’s called the mirror effect; whereby internal body conditions such as stress and illness reflects in some way on the skin. The right care helps to preserve the skin’s health and beauty. So yes, deep cleansing facials assist in maintaining good skin health.

Let’s take it a step further, the skin is made up of 3 layers- Hypodermis bottom layer which is the fatty cushioning layer , Dermis being the functional middle layer, mainly responsible for skin structure and the Epidermis being the top layer.

The epidermis is the visible protective layer, holds hydration but also shows all the skins tell tales such as blackheads (comedones), white heads (milia), breakouts, sebum production (oiliness) and all associated dry and ageing skin symptoms.

Regular cell turnover every 28 days is imperative in the epidermis; it does however change with age and certain skin conditions. This process is extremely important as it regulates the re-birth of new cells and sloughing of dead skin build up on the outer epidermis (stratum corneum). The continuous process maintains the skin’s strength, helping wear and tear. Through, thorough exfoliation deep cleanse facials assist in sloughing the extra dead skin build up bringing new healthy skin to the surface.

A very common problem that arises is when cells from the lining of pores (keratinocytes) being to shed they can mix with sebum and clog the pore. This is the precursor to acne. Pores may also appear larger, if oil builds up inside pores, or if tissue surrounding the pore becomes agitated. I must admit that together with a good exfoliation, extraction wins the gold medal for combating these skin issues.

So the verdict is in deep Cleansing Facials do assist with a more radiant, healthy looking skin.

I would suggest having them every 3-4 weeks especially if there are visible changes in the skin. For very pustular acne I would consult a dermatologist.

Expect to pay anything from R350 up.

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