Q&A with Sorbet Hurlingham Owners Penny and Morgan

1.    You are a mother & daughter team who own the Sorbet Hurlingham salon and dry bar. Tell us a bit about what your average day entails.


I try to do as much paperwork as I can at home before going into my store around 11h00. Once in the store I touch base with my Front Desk Co-ordinators and do a general check on both the Salon and Drybar, I then go through the previous day’s sales and place any orders if needed. I like to spend as much time as possible in front of the store interacting with our guests and citizens.


I am not necessarily involved in the day to day runnings – But rather focus on any marketing or design needs throughout the month.


2.    What do you consider to be the personal strengths that have helped you achieve who and where you are today?


I am a very compassionate person and always try to see things from my citizens perspective. I believe people are the most important part of a business, therefore if you look after your people they, in turn, will look after your business.


I come from a design and marketing background and believe this is hugely beneficial in running your own business.


3.    What do you do in your spare time?


My husband and I love doing road trips and spending time with family


I’m a mom, so spending time with my baby.


4.    What inspired you to own a Sorbet, never mind two?


I wanted to own a Sorbet as I loved the business model but did not come from a beauty background and therefore a franchise with support and backing from head office was the perfect option. I went to the franchise talk at head office, it was inspirational and I loved everything about the brand and how they run their business.


I worked for Dermalogica and was introduced to the brand while there, I loved their fresh and professional approach to beauty.


5.    What is your greatest achievement outside of your business?


My family.


Being a mom.


6.    What new treatments can we look forward to seeing from your store?


I am really excited about the 365 skin scanner, it is a revolutionary product, designed for accurate skin analysis, quickly detecting UV damage, cellular activity, wrinkle depth, hydration levels and a whole lot more. We can’t wait!


The NEW dermalogica pro power peel is an incredible treatment that targets the signs of acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging for a completely customised experience. It is Dermalogica’s most powerful professional peel yet. I have had 2 and am loving what it has done to my skin.


7.    What would you say is the biggest challenge you have encountered about being a business owner?

Penny + Morgan:

The responsibility that comes with managing a large team of ladies.


8.    What do you feel has been the greatest satisfaction of being a business owner so far?


The underlying philosophy of the Sorbet Group is to make a difference in people’s lives and I can definitely say this is one of the best parts of the job ~ I work with the best team of ladies and seeing them grow personally and in their careers gives my job purpose.

Morgan: I would say the team we work with ~ we have a very special team of ladies, who we are constantly getting compliments about.


9.    Where do you see your business five years from now?

Penny + Morgan:

Growing our client base and hopefully adding a few more members to the sorbet Hurlingham Family. Taking Sorbet Hurlingham’s marketing to the next level through digital marketing.

10. What should we expect from you next?

Penny + Morgan:

Hopefully another store or two.

11. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Penny + Morgan:

Your business will only thrive if you are hands-on and in your store, therefore hard-work and commitment.

12. How best should people contact you if they want to make a booking with you?

Penny + Morgan


Whatsapp  072 924-8116

Phone: 011326 4795

email  nicol@sorbet.co.za


Whatsapp 072 055-4164

Phone: 011326-2798

Email: nicol@sorbetdrybar.co.za


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