Q&A with Boss Lady Marisa Dimitriadis

We all love a boss lady! Today’s post is a Q&A with the beautiful Marisa Dimitriadis, spa consultant, CEO and business coach.

1. Your fullname:

MARISA DIMITRIADIS. Facebook: Marisa Cachero Dimitriadis, Instagram: Marisa Cachero, Linked In: Marisa Cachero Dimitriadis

2. Your occupation:


3. Links to your brand’s website/ social media accounts/ Youtube account, etc.




Facebook: Spalicious, Six sensational skincare, The Spa Consultants

Instagram: @spaliciousbody, @sixskincare, @thespaconsultants6

4. Please give us a quick overview of what you do for a living.

Where do I start? I have a few businesses. The Spa Consultants is the spa design, building and operations company. At any given time we are building 2 or 3 spas either in SA or neighbouring countries and we operate or run around 3 to 4 spas per month for a 2 to 3 year period at a time. Six Skincare and Spalicious are two professional brands that I started in 2010 which are the fastest growing professional brands in SA and we are looking to export in the coming year. Grumer is an Uber for Beauty Service app that is going live in the next few weeks where you can book on location services at your preferred time. And lastly my new project about to launch too is an online business coaching platform for Spa Professionals to get effective and results driven advice on any aspect of the spa and salon business from making effective bookings to how to structure and write up an SOP manual. This is going to change how professionals can grow their business and access tried and tested information with over 20 years experience in Industry knowledge

5. How did you first get into the beauty industry?

By mistake really. I needed money to pay off my car whilst studying and landed up as a receptionist for a cosmetic company. I was bitten then by the Industry and grew very quickly within the business.

6. What is one of the biggest beauty or skincare myths, in your opinion?

Definitely that you don’t need sunscreen if your moisturiser or make up contains an SPF. First of all, moisturiser is supposed to nourish and feed your skin whilst SPF is supposed to be a layer of protection. That alone contradicts using a moisturiser with a combined SPF plus sunscreen should be UVA and UVB resistant or Broad Spectrum so be sure to apply it as its own layer to fully accomplish its purpose.

7. Please talk us through your daily beauty routine?

Morning: cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, moisturiser, SPF and make up. Evening: Double cleanse, once with an oil then with a wash, make up removal with Micellar water as I wear eye lash extensions, exfoliate with rice enzyme powder every second night, tone, serum, moisturise, eye cream. I mask twice a week.

8. What’s your favourite beauty treatment, and why?

Right now it’s a treatment called a Hydrafacial with AHA, BHA and hyaluric acid.

9. What is your favourite professional beauty product, and why? (By professional beauty, we mean a product that is available via spas and salons only).

I would need to be totally biased and say its my own range for the reason that I develop products by benchmarking off the best and then improving that formula to create a perfect product. We also use a very percentage of active ingredients in our serums and moisturisers which give instant results on the skin.

10. Your top 3 skincare must-haves/ must-dos?

SPF – not negotiable ever. Serum – more important than moisturiser as it goes much deeper in the skin and has the ability to correct and lastly a very good and efficient cleanser.

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