Q&A with Boss Babe Jenna from La Tete Hair & Beauty

la tete hair and beauty

Jenna not only looks the part, she is a proper, born and bred boss babe. She has a HUGE passion for hair and beauty, and is living the dream.

la tete hair and beauty

Full name : Jenna Gene Durocher-Yvon

Occupation : Hair Stylist & salon Owner

3. How did you get into the beauty industry and why?

It runs in my blood. My mom and my moms twin where stylists and I love working with woman.

4. What is one of the biggest hair myths in your opinion?

My goodness, there are so many. Here are 3 that came to mind first.
MYTH : Cutting your hair makes it grow. HFACT : Honestly???? No, taking off a bit of ratty ends definitely makes it feel fuller and healthier, but there is no  scientific evidence that proves that cutting ends has anything to do with stimulating your root area and promoting growth. MYTH : Coconut oil. FACT : Why? If it was so easy why would there be products with scientific technology to make a molecule smaller to penetrate into the hair. Coconut oils can’t do this, the molecules are huge and it sits on the hair. MYTH : Kim Kardashian’s 24 hours hair transformation. FACT : It’s a wig people.

5. Tell us about your daily skincare routine

My daily skin care routine consists of only Intraceuticals products, which is an athstetic range. I fell in love so hard that I’m a stockiest of the oxygen facials and retail at my salon.

6. Your favourite beauty/hair treatment & why?

My favorite treatment is definitely the oxygen facial, as you see an instant transformation on lines and appearance and the bonus you can apply makeup immediately after the treatment.

7. Your FAV PROFESSIONAL beauty product? And why?

Hair treatment is definitely liquid hair by wella , it’s basically filler for damaged hair.

8. Top 3 skincare must haves :

Top 3 skin care products. The 3 step hyaluronic layering system from intraceuticals. Making sure my face is hydrated and flawless throughout the day

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