Q&A With Almarie Venter On The Power Of Touch

You would be surprized at what an important role touch plays in our lives. We have sent Almarie Venter a few questions to inform us all on the power of touch and other alternatives healing therapies that you can use during your journey to wellness.

1. Give us a short background on how you found yourself practicing Kinesiology and healing therapies :

I started my career in Skincare and massage therapist and loved working with people. Kinesiology and the healing therapies found me when I explored with alternative treatments for myself and my son. These modalities assisted me in my wellness journey of emotional trauma and physical health and so my passion and purpose became just that. Helping others on their wellness journey and creating awareness and shining a light on all the beautiful alternative therapies out there. Integrating healing therapies with spa experiences and treatments empowering not only the guests but the therapist as well is very close to my heart.

2. Why is touch therapy so essential in our lives today?

We are living in times of profound digitization, the 4th Industrial revelation.
Fast paced and digitally connected on a global scale with Facetime, Skype, Zoom to name a few.
And this is not going to slow down.
Statistically so many more people live alone.
Single people out number married people.
More people work remotely.
Face to face true connection is so limited and yet the most detrimental for us to build true relationships and community and to thrive and experience life we need touch.

3. How does our body respond to the power of touch (please include some of the research you mentioned)?

It is said that a touch can convey more than a thousand words.
Touch is 10 times stronger than any emotional and verbal contact.
Through touch we create loving bonds with our friends, family and co-workers.
A touch on the forearm for a 40th of a second makes you feel better.
We experience life through our 5 Senses.
The only sense we can’t live without is touch.
Touch develops in a human embryo at about 6-8 weeks.
Dr Fields at the Touch research institute looked at children who was massaged daily by their parents and found that after 1 month the white blood cells for the children increased and the depressed moods of the parents decreased.
She also found that massage therapy increased the natural killer cells in cancer and HIV patients.
Whether you are the giver or the receiver of touch it will greatly benefit you.
Through massage and touch therapies oxytocin the hormone that lowers our stress hormone cortisol is released.
Massage therapy increases serotonin and regulates dopamine which has an anti-depressant effect.
Nathan Fox one off many studied the orphans of Romania, where they were born into a situation where touch was denied due to lack of caregivers.
These children developed psychological issues and was physically underdeveloped.
If these issues were not addressed before the age of two, the issues would persist through their life.
This resulted in aggression, depression, injury and more.
The Touch Research Institute found that preterm babies who received touch therapy 3 times a day of 15 min sessions each for 5-10 days gained 47% more weight than those who don’t.
Touch is critical for our mental and physical and social health.

4. Please elaborate on some of the self-relaxation techniques we could do at home :

Destress at home or at work with :

Shoulder and neck tension release
Bring one hand to the opposite shoulder and squeeze your fingers into your shoulder.
Drag your hand across your torso from the shoulder to the opposite hip.
Bring your other hand to the opposite shoulder and follow the same sequence.
Do these three to five times on each side, sweeping with pressure each time.
Breathe deeply and do this technique as often as you feel called to each day.

Neuro-lymphatic Massage with a friend, family member to destress and grow strong bonds at home.

Strengthen your immune system
Reduce built up stress
Release toxins,
Moves lymph
Calms the nervous system
The receiver stand facing the wall and push into the wall with palms of hands.
Start at the base of the skull and move your way down to the sacrum.
Apply deep pressure with your fingers on both sides of the spine.
Circle each point.
Move down until you reach the sacrum.
Take your time.
Do it with love and kindness.
Once you are done, sweep with the palms of your hands down from the shoulders to the hips.
Swop around.

5. What is crystal healing and vibration therapy?

Vibrational sound therapy
Sound healing is one of the oldest and most natural forms of healing known to man.
It uses the power of sound to restore one’s mind, body and spirit back to a state of balance. The harmonic vibrations from the instruments have a deep penetrating effect on the receiver, promoting healing and well-being.
This is not just an auditory experience—it’s like receiving a full body sound massage!
Most people fall into a state of deep relaxation, it’s a pathway to meditation, without knowing how to meditate. The sounds act as the focal point, reducing and eliminating mind chatter, leading to a release of deep-rooted tensions and emotional blocks.

Crystal singing bowls are made of 99% pure quartz crystal.
Resonant pure-tone frequencies from crystal bowls entrain the brain to move into deeper Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave states. With the innate properties of crystal that amplify, transmit and store energy, these exquisite instruments are powerful tools which can be used to enhance meditation and support healing.

As human beings, we are comprised mainly of liquid, these vibrations deeply penetrate our bodies, moving through our tissues and organs. The sound resonates directly into our cellular memory releasing blockages and create a profound sense of peace and relaxation.
During this deeply immersive and meditative sound experience, participants lie down with a blanket, pillow, to relax while listening to the soothing sounds of crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, and various other instruments.

Many people emerge from the experience feeling lighter, more in balance, refreshed, and rejuvenated.
No previous meditation experience is needed.

6. Why would we need crystal therapy?

Benefits of Vibrational sound therapy is:

Affects all cells in your body.
Balances both hemispheres of the brain.
Changes our old patterns of behaviour, habits and way of thinking that no longer serve us and are harmful to our health.
Cleanses negative energy and emotions.
Connecting with your higher self.
Deep relaxation.
Helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments.
Helps to cope with life’s challenges.
Improves sleep.
Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation.
Makes positive changes to our whole being.
Removes blockages and toxins.
Soothes, purify and harmonise your emotions and feelings.
Stimulates circulation.
Stimulates endocrine glands and regulates hormonal functioning.
Strengthens immune system.
Stress reduction.

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