PRODUCT ALERT : Optiphi Cleanser Review

Optiphi Facial cleanser

This cleanser has been on our beauty desk for a while – we are only getting around to reviewing it now because we were too busy loving it too much.

Optiphi Cleanser

Why do we love it so much, you ask?

This cleanser is a multi-functional cleanser, part of the Optiphi Active skincare range. It contains Salicylic acid to desensitize skin irritation and provide light exfoliation. This cleanser is also great to target skin pigmentation and acne.

It is a complete cleanser and it cleanses, mildly exfoliates AND tones the skin. All you need is a pea-sized amount with a bit of water. It lathers up and creates a bit of foam, but it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or tight after use, which is what we all want from a cleanser.

This product can also be used over the eye area and to remove makeup. So it is really a no-brainer as to why you need this cleanser too. It can also act as a 5 minute mini-mask AND as a spot treatment. It’s suitable for any skin type and any skin conditions too.

Optiphi Facial cleanser

SO, to sum this product up into a short, why YOU NEED THIS in your life :

It is a 6 in 1 product – what more could you want? It removes makeup, it cleanses, exfoliates, it tones the skin, you can use it as a spot treatment AND even shave with it if you have a beard. You can even use it as an exfoliating/peel treatment, WHAT? It really is an amazing multi-functional product with amazing benefits for something classified as just a cleanser. It is truly so much more than just that.

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