Own Your Style in 2020

New Year, new look, new you! It sounds all a bit clichéd but hey, it’s the 20’s and style trends change so quickly. Does that mean with the new decade you need to shop a new wardrobe? I sat down with Janine Starkey who is a style and image strategist and owner of Tweak and Style and asked her how you could get you to own your look in 2020.

The first thing I notice about Janine is her exuberant confidence and her killer animal print stilettos. Getting to know her a little I learned Janine has dressed royalty, moguls and everyone in between. She had just spoke at a corporate event the day before for a blue chip company, one of the questions she asked the group which I thought was really intriguing “How do you want people to perceive you when you walk into a room, use 3 adjectives?” I asked if this was in terms of style or personality and she said that it about your overall presence as it relates to how she would build our personal style. Try it and see what answers you come up with, for me it was dynamic, confidant and approachable.

What should we look for in 2020 in terms of style, was on the top of my list to ask. “Originality – finding your own style, your own look and make that work for you. I believe there is no such thing as fashion anymore” Janine goes on to say “Every woman is the epitome of fashion when she dresses for her body shape and in her colour palette.”

So how do you find your personal style or originality? Starkey says, “You need to know who you are and what you want to project. What you want people to see when they meet you for the first time.” This leads back to those adjectives you put down, it also goes a little deeper, as you need to dive into a holistic overview of yourself. She elaborates “ In a consultation we unpack that and develop a look for you based on personality, perception, lifestyle, colour, body assets and flaws, and so much more – all that and we shop accordingly.”

What are the 5 Essentials you need in your wardrobe?

Janine says “There is no such thing really but if I were to choose:

  1. A print – we call them connectors which are a clothing item that can be worn multiple ways. Beauty Warriors Tip: if prints scare you, start off with a fabulous scarf, headband or shoes.
  2. An expensive pair of go to black trousers that make you feel amazing when you are in them. We say it’s worth the investment and you can wear them with almost anything.
  3. A brilliant bra that actually fits, yes you will be surprised how many of us are not fitted properly.
  4. Pair of shoes that make your ass look amazing and you feel sexy in them.
  5. Chocolate eyeshadow – that can create a smokey eye, fill in your eyebrows or give your eye a soft eyeliner.

If I were to take a risk in my style where should I start?

Janine immediately said, Shoes for sure – it’s a way to play, you can wear a navy suit with a white camisole and a flaming yellow shoe and look like you stepped out of Vogue.”

And to end off, I wanted to ask a question that has often come up in conversation over the last few years. To match or not to match, what is the verdict? And I loved Janine’s answer “NEVER match, always connect pieces.”

What echoed throughout our chat, was that you need to feel confident in what you wear and bear in mind the image you would like to project to the world.

Should you wish to book a consultation with Janine, mail her on janine@tweaknstyle.co.za or check out http://tweaknstyle.co.za/ 

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