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Would you believe that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size! It shouldn’t surprise me, my friends have often complained about their bra strap cutting into them or their underwire poking into bits it shouldn’t. You can relate, right? There are days you can’t wait to get home just to take your bra off! But there is absolutely no reason it should be like this.

Our February Beauty Warriors event was held at The Bra Guru’s flagship store in Craighall and theme was all around ‘Owning your feminine’. We had managing director and expert bra fitter, Taryn Palacios gave us first-hand information on what NO ONE ever told you about bras. The first misconception she broke was the difference between a bra measurement and a bra fitting.

Everyone has been into department store at some stage to have a bra measurement, but trust me – it is no comparison to a bra fitting. What Taryn said made absolute sense:

“A measurement is simply a guideline, I would be very wary of someone giving you your size based on a measurement alone. Your true size is determined by the style of bra that suits you and that is why we recommend a bra fitting service over a measurement.”

She was 100% right: I had my first ever bra fitting with her at the event, a service that they offer complimentary.

Confession first: I am one of those women who were fixated with bra size. Hear me out, I started off with a perfect B cup, took the pill and sized up, breast fed my daughter for half a second and sized up again. As she grew, so did my breast size, but thankfully my size 34 band size stayed stable. I honestly thought, I would have a nervous breakdown if I had needed anything larger than a D cup.

To my horror and shock, Taryn fitted me into a size 32” E-G cup, depending on the style. Once I got over myself, which took a while, and questioning her a hundred times over about the cup size, I am absolutely in-love with the fit of the styles we decided on. They give a beautiful silhouette in my clothes and great coverage, which is what I always wanted. I was definitely part of the clueless 80%.

Bra Guru caters for people of all shapes and sizes with band sizes from 28”-58” and sizes A-K cup.

Taryn went on to talk about what are the most common misconceptions about bras/bra fittings, here they are:

  • That all bras fit the same
  • Your size is the same throughout your life,
  • Bras are uncomfortable
  • Wire bras are more supportive than no-wire bras.

What can you expect during the fitting? Firstly, you don’t stand there starkers; neither does she fondle your breasts. It is all very discreet, in a beautifully appointed room. Taryn stands behind you and whisks in and out with different bra styles, all the time, monitoring fit and comfort.

Our bra expert tip: when fitting, bend forward slightly once you have tried on a bra and gently scoop your breast inwards, to see how the bra would fit once it has shifted in the day for the best fit.

“90% of the support of a bra comes from the back band and only 10% should come from the shoulder band, not the other way around. It is important to know that you shouldn’t be wearing the same bra for years, as they stretch. Bras do have an expiration date, but a good quality one can last you longer. When your bra starts to become uncomfortable it is a sign that you need a new style or size.” says Taryn are some of the essentials you should be aware of, she goes on to say, “If your bra band is riding up your back that is a true sign that your bra is now too big and offering you NO support. “When it comes to bra shopping look for style that a versatile and one you can wear with most clothing items, we highly recommend our Perfect T-shirt Bra.

I asked Taryn, how would I tell the different bra styles or different styles for different sizes? “It can be very tricky because so many times we will wear a style that is not doing what it needs to do out of desperation. If your breasts are not fully covered and the band around your body does not feel a little bit firm then I would say the style is not for you. We also have to consider bra style vs breast shape, the shape of your breasts will also determine what may and may not work for you.”

She finished the session off by talking about aftercare advice to make your underwear last, “All intimate wear benefits from hand-washing, this is more of a quick rinse in mild soapy water. Garments should be left to dry away from harsh direct sunlight. Bras with thicker foam cups must be stored differently to avoid damaging the foam.”

When I asked Taryn, what makes the Bra Guru so unique; her answer was “Our professional one-on-one service sets us apart. When it comes to finding the perfect size and style, private and professional service is paramount. We offer comfortable fitting rooms where all the bras are brought in for you and are fitted to make sure the size and style is correct. Bra shopping must be quick, discreet and painless, and we can guarantee this at any of our studios! We are also home to The Perfect Bra.”

Team Beauty Warriors have secured a 10% discount until the end of February on selected ranges at the Bra Guru. Hurry and contact them today to get the right fit:

+2711 8860871 | |

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