Multi-tasking with your makeup brushes

Who says you need 37 makeup brushes? We know the thought of which makeup brush you should be using for what can be daunting. We here to let you know one brush can serve multiple purposes.

The Powder Brush

Automatically we think, this should only be used for setting your face with your setting powder. No, no. you can use it for your blush & bronzer too. Already, one brush, 3 different applications.

The Blending Brush

Typically this is used for blending your eyeshadow, but this brush is a really good size to contour your nose and even apply your highlight too.

Above featured, from left to right, is a multi-purpose buffing brush that can be used for foundation, powder products and cream products. Next to it is a highlight brush, but this brush can also be used for contouring. Then we have a large concealer brush, that you can even use to apply your face masks and lastly, the small concealer brush which is great for spot concealing, cutting your crease & concealer small areas, like the inner corners of your eyes. 

The Concealer Brush

This one is obvious, it is for concealer. But we don’t only conceal under our eyes. You can use this same brush to apply on spot you want to conceal, concealing your eyelids for your eyeshadow to pop and also to apply your foundation to your face before you blend it out with a bigger brush.

The Dense Powder Brush

These are usually firmer, the bristles are put closer together so the brush feels a little ‘harder’. I love using the brushes for liquid or cream products too. It blends product out beautifully. These brushes can also be used for powder products.

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