Make Your Spa Treatment Menu Pop

Make your spa menu pop

If you want clients to come to your spa, and to keep coming back to your spa, you need to offer something that is striking, appealing, inspiring and irresistible. The position and design of your spa are vitally important, as are soothing music, low lighting, gentle therapists, beautiful treatments and a cup of herbal tea offered on arrival or departure. We spoke to Dr Nadine de Freitas – Managing Editor at Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa, South Africa for her take on how to design the best spa treatment menu.

Consider asking yourself the following questions:

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Does your menu reflect your brand?

Not every Spa is going to be a world-class luxurious spa, and they don’t all have to be. What you need to know, when you open your spa, is that you are in the right area for your target market. You, therefore, need to know who your target market is. Are they tourists, business people, ladies who lunch, young up-and-coming professionals or the student market? Your spa branding must reflect your client and your product.

If you are branding your spa towards ladies who lunch, your spa menu should be aimed at them. The people who walk into your spa are walking in because something in your spa has appealed to them. Your spa treatment menu needs to hold that appeal and reflect your brand, and your brand must be consistent.

The importance of your spa treatment menu

Is your spa menu clear and simple?

Make things easy for your customer. You need to have your menu written in such a way that your client understands what they are getting and at what cost. No client should have to ask questions about a treatment.

Keep things simple. Less is more. Minimise your menu. Do market research so you understand in advance what treatments are going to be popular.

Does your spa menu include essential information?

You may be rolling your eyes but you have no idea how many spas have left the essential information off their spa menus.

Opening Hours
Spa amenities that the guest can enjoy
Information on complimentary amenities
Contact details for bookings, perhaps including an emergency number.
The cancellation policy.

We suggest the cancellation policy is in one or two short sentences, right at the bottom of the menu. Focus on the positive, the beauty, the health and wellness. And then focus on the nitty-gritty. Don’t ever hide the cancellation policy though, it must be visible.

Is your spa treatment menu accessible and visible?

When a guest walks in to your spa, the menus should be easily accessible. Don’t limit your spa treatment menus to the reception area only. Have them in the locker rooms, at the spa cafe if you have one, and in the relaxation or waiting rooms. If you are situated in a hotel, the spa menus should be in each and every hotel room, as well as with the hotel concierge.

If your spa is an area where you think handing out pamphlets is a good idea, then your pamphlets with a brief spa treatment menu should be easy to hand out, price-competitive and still gorgeous and appealing!

design the perfect spa treatment menu

Is your spa menu online?

More and more people are checking spa menus online, as well as booking their appointments online. Your spa needs a website, one that is simple, clear and as beautiful and appealing as your spa itself. And then, a digital version of your spa menu is vital, with the same branding as your actual spa.

Your online digital version must be smartphone compatible, which is something that people forget about too. Many women will use their phones while waiting for the kids at school and will book online. They must be able to read your spa menu clearly and easily.

Does your spa menu have categories?

Before you open your spa, you will have done research into spa offerings. If you are offering massages, facials, anti-ageing treatments, waxes, pedicures or manicures, make sure your menu is well categorised. You do not want to lump all treatments together, but rather create various categories so your client’s eyes go straight to the treatment they are seeking out.

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Prices and accuracy

Be upfront with pricing. People are looking at your spa menu not only for the available treatments but because they want to know the costs. It doesn’t matter if you are catering to Hollywood stars or catering to students. Be upfront about costs and always keep your costs and your services accurate.

Never photocopy a price list! Ever. You have standards to maintain. Maintain them!

Lastly, there is something very important about the psychology behind your spa menu design. Only work with professionals, also known as menu engineers, to design your menu. They know what a client’s eye will be drawn too. They understand the importance of fonts, images and wording. They know what people find attractive and appealing. They know what makes something unique.

Make your spa treatment menu absolutely irresistible and this in return will result in great sales.

This article was contributed by Dr Nadine de Freitas – Managing Editor Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa, South Africa.

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques, now published on 26 countries, with head office in Paris, France, has been an international leader in providing up-to-date beauty and spa information for the past 68 years through their international network of magazines, conference and exhibitions. The South African magazine edition of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine launched in October 2002 and the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Conference and Spa Award in 2005 and has grown from strength to strength, as we focus on providing the industry with important information on new trends and up to date knowledge in the world of spas, encompassing all aspects of professional skincare, bodycare and spa therapies, spa design, spa management and spa lifestyle. They can be followed on Facebook & Twitter.

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