We often get asked about the behind the scene workings of Beauty Warriors, we never reveal that much as we like to be somewhat mysterious. But with a New Decade on the horizon we think it’s about time that you got introduced to our kick ass team!

Upholding our authoritative view point in all things professional beauty we have chosen a team with experience, credentials, quirkiness and personality, second to none. First up and in no particular order we would like to introduce Entrepreneur, Celebrity Make-up artist, Vlogger, Content creator, Fashion stylist, Beauty business marketing expert, and all round boss babe Storm Stocker.

Post graduating with a BA Degree in Fashion Business at LISOF School of Fashion in 2015, Storm was head hunted by MAC Cosmetics where she worked for 3 years.

While studying she developed and created her very own creative business that specializes in makeup artistry, beauty blogging and various beauty marketing services, Instagram became the platform to catapult her career gaining attention from global brands which have all transpired into various collaborations and partnerships.

“Be Driven, and Go For It!” is one of Beauty Warriors moto’s and Storm epitomizes this.

Storm’s main mission is to empower women with courage and knowledge so that they can take charge and exude confidence through the power of fashion and beauty.

She also founded a hugely successful cosmetic brand and accessory company, Thunder Cosmetics, selling out the Make-up brush range within a year of launching. Her Eye Lash range graced all models on the runway at Africa Fashion Week 2019.

“How to create a lasting impression” is one of the topics Storm presents on at various conferences. She includes conversation on how women in fashion and make up can leave a lasting impression in not only their existing work environment but also in their personal growth and self-development. .

Recognizing Storm’s talent LISOF School has scouted Storm as a Make-up lecturer and Workshop Course Developer. Through this Storm assisted many young entrepreneurs in developing their brand, grow within an ever-changing industry and create a solid foundation for their future career which is her passion.

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Instagram: @takenbystormbeauty_

Web:  http://takenbystorm.co.za/

Facebook: @MakeUpLooksByStorm