Q&A: I’ve noticed little bumps and ingrown hairs on my bikini line after waxing. What can I do to prevent and treat these?

If you’ve ever been for a bikini wax, you may be familiar with those pesky ingrown hairs and other painful bumps and spots that crop up after hair removal. We spoke to Adrienne Cohen, the founder of FINO Cosmetics, to explain why these occur, and what can be done to help treat and prevent them. Adrienne’s top tip? If you’re waxing, it’s best to go to a professional spa or salon for your wax, as opposed to using commercially available strips to wax your own bikini line. Although convenient, these strips can cause bruising and irritation. “If you prefer shaving, do so after a bath or while in the shower as the hot water and steam will help to open up the pores,” she explains. “Remember to shave in the direction of the hair growth, and be careful not too apply too much pressure.” Another tip? Try to shave over the same area only once – going over the same area more often will only lead to irritation. You can also try applying FINO Soothe WOMAN to affected areas straight after shaving or waxing. This will help to calm the redness and tenderness, and will also protect against infection from any bacteria that may have entered the pores. For best results, apply to affected areas on a daily basis. The synergistic, hygienic blend of Vitamin A palmitate and a fruit enzyme will help to gently exfoliate the skin and protect against inflammation, ingrowns and bumps. Continue using FINO Soothe once the new hair growth comes through and the skin starts becoming prickly and itchy, as it also protects against the itchiness. If you do get a bad ingrown, it’s best to have it professionally removed rather than trying to pull it out yourself. If you can’t resist or if it’s close enough to the surface of the skin make sure to disinfect well.

FINO Soothe WOMAN (R69,95) is sold at selected spas and salons, as well as Clicks, Dis-Chem, and selected pharmacies. Click here to find out more about FINO Soothe, and for your nearest stockist.

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