Influencer Spotlight: Ashleigh Frost

Ash Frost, founder of Ashletics is a South African fitness guru living in the USA.

Ash tells us her story. “My journey started about 13 years ago when I was struggling with disordered eating and self-harming. At school, I dealt with a lot of emotional bullying and had extremely low self-esteem. I did dancing and as many sports as possible, which is what I missed most after leaving school in 2006. I decided to join a gym to do the all the fitness and dance classes that I could. Long story short, I was pulled into doing some weight training and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m a bit of everything-in-one. I don’t like to define or confine myself to the title of just “fitness model”. It’s part of what I do and has been my main focus for the past 6 years.”


Ash began taking part in fitness shows between 2009 and 2010, launching a competitive career in 2012. To date she has completed 19 shows, including 8 that were international professional shows. She has successfully taken 1st Place five time, twice for the WBFF North American Pro Bikini Champion title. Ashleigh has twice appeared as cover model for Fitness Magazine SA (2015) and Krunch Fitness India (2016). Throughout her career she has also featured in a number of other online and magazine publications.

After receiving an Honours Degree in Graphic Design through TUKS, Ash followed her passions to become a qualified personal trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association as well as received a diploma in Nutrition from Shaw Academy. Believing that one should always remain curious and teachable, Ash is currently completing a Nutrition Coach Course through NASM.



Four years ago, she founded an online coaching business, namely Ashletics. She specialises in women transformations and has spent the last year fully committed to growing her business towards her goals.

“I work with women from all walks of life and all ages to help them find balance and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle but still be able to eat their favourite treats and not have to spend hours in the gym.

“Break up with dieting” is my tag line. I do not only focus on the physical aspect of transformation but also the mental and emotional side of it, this is my favourite part of what I do”

I dive deep into my clients’ thought processes and find out why they are struggling to find balance for themselves, why they cannot create healthy habits and how they converse with themselves ABOUT themselves. ”


Having a history with eating disorders and self-harm, it is Ashleigh’s ultimate passion to help as many women fall in love with themselves and learn how to nourish and respect their bodies enough to take care of themselves. “My largest focus is on mindset and self-love – conquer the mind and the body will follow”, she says. “Being strong, fit & healthy is one of the highest forms of self-love in my opinion.”

As a person, Ash describes herself as a natural clown who is quiet and shy until you get to know her, but she can be easily swayed into becoming your friend through great coffee, chocolate chip cookies and all animals! She is an optimist with a ridiculous sense of humor, always looking for the funny side of things.

“I love the feeling of warm rays on my skin in the morning, beach sand between my toes and I really wish humans would love each other more”.

You can follow Ashleigh for workouts and fitness guidance on Facebook & Instagram.

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