GoBeauty – Revolutionising How You Book Your Next Beauty Appointment

We love innovation within the beauty industry and so we were very excited to chat to Tatjana from GoBeauty site, a South African platform that allows users to book appointments with ease from their pockets.

What is GoBeauty?

Tatjana: “GoBeauty is designed for all those who like to have beauty treatments and love professional beauty products, and who live in the 21st century. 

We have established a platform (formerly an app, however due to limited functionality we had to expand) with all reviews, photos and basically all the information one needs to get beautified. 

Customers could make bookings online at any listed salon or spa on GoBeauty.co.za from 2013, and from 2017 even order your products from the salons and spas directly and have them delivered for free to your home or office. And we kept growing from there, to make it easier, faster and more convenient for customers to book their beauty and spa treatments. 

Needless to say, this has revolutionised the industry at the time, but not as much as the coronavirus crisis did – overnight everyone wants to sell their products online, and everyone is looking to buy everything online now.”

GoBeauty: Why It Matters To You

Tatjana: “If you are anything like most Millennials, you want to always look on trend, beautiful and all sorted with the latest treatments (yes, the brows!) and products (for that glowy, dewy skin), not forgetting the nails, and occasional spa pampering with the girls. 

To cover everything, you may need an array of salons for your hair, nails, wax, facials, and that delicious full-body massage. 

But life is so very busy, and there is never enough time to do it all. The thought of having a facial only occurs in the evening when taking your makeup off, but then no salon is open to take your booking. Oh, and your moisturiser is almost finished. What do you do? 

Tomorrow is another day, another busy time and you forget to book your appointments again. 

Of course most people would prefer to book online. In fact, most people nowadays would prefer buying products online and letting the products be delivered to them rather than taking time out of their busy schedules to collect products from the salon. 

But in South Africa, beauty salons and spas, as a whole, are just not there yet with the ease of using online technology. Salons and spa are professionally skilled at what they do – at serving the clients with all the fabulous pampering and amazing treatments that make you feel like a million dollars, but using ‘online technology’ is often ‘not their thing’, because it’s not something salon owners necessarily have time or focus for. 

Also, everyone likes loyalty programs for supporting their favourite businesses. And why not, the whole world is already on that. And so is GoBeauty.co.za”

Who Is This Platform Created For?

Tatjana:Salon and spas owners can enlist on the platform and have all their treatments and products listed and sold to customers with courier deliveries the same day. 

Customers can now use the platform to find and order all of the professional products from salons or spas who stock them in their immediate area and receive them delivery free. All appointments can also be booked from a central site.”

You have recently been recognized for your innovation in the beauty industry – tell us about that.

Tatjana:This truly innovative approach has led to the concept being embraced by the UK and Australian beauty market, so much so that we were entered into the Innovation Awards in the UK in May 2020.

So, if you like going for your beauty or spa treatments but hate calling for appointments, you can find salons and spas in your area, see their reviews, prices and photos and book directly on gobeauty.co.za. 

If you need products such as RegimA, Environ – we obtained special permissions from brands due to the specialist algorithm we developed for skincare – but you don’t want to drive to the salon just to pick up your moisturiser, you can order them all on gobeauty.co.za 

We also offer specials, vouchers and more.

To top it all off, there are loyalty rewards like no other, for every time you use GoBeauty – this includes a surprise gift box of goodies that comes to your door unexpectedly, just because you use GoBeauty for all your beauty needs. 

Our journey of many years of development now culminates in serving our clients and customers in the best, most innovative and efficient way – whether they are salons or spas or their customers.”

Visit GoBeauty.

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