Glow During Quarantine – Editor’s Choice

I don’t know about you guys but as a social media influencer and online editor, I am feeling super overwhelmed by all the varying “self-care” skincare routines going around social media during the lockdown. We all love a good sheet mask selfie-and feeling our best for popping onto the couch to watch Netflix seems to be the global trend. I love the idea of using this time to focus on outward skin beauty and As a skincare enthusiast myself I believe it’s so much more than that, Your skin is an investment and it should be treated with the utmost love especially when we are under these high-stress situations.

During this lockdown period, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the impact that certain products have on my health but also the overall environment and world we live in. I went on a mission before lockdown to explore products with a message and a mission. I tried and tested a few Earth-friendly and 100% cruelty-free products that have allowed us to indulge in this your time completely guilt-free.

Close your bathroom door shut out the world for a little while and indulge in YOU time with these incredible product recommendations and reviews from products that I have been trying out over the last 21 days…

Brightening wipes from Derma Fix

These high potency wipes are equipped with a high potency of Vitamin A to assist with photodamaged skin, In less technical terms these wipes help with overall brightening for those of us with a few extra unwanted dark marks and freckles on the skin. This unique product can help improve the appearance of dark rings too- SIGN ME UP? Who doesn’t have these with the stress we are all currently under.

These little wipes can be used as part of your current skincare routine to add a brightening element, It can also be used on the hands, neck, and any other areas where sunspots may be a concern for you.

R 630 for a 30-day supply its not a lot for the price of great looking even toned skin.

Retinol+ From Derma Fix

I have always been a big believer in a multiple-step skincare routines, in recent years I came across serums and I have absolutely grown to love them however Retinol was not a product I was accustomed to using as I knew very little about it. I have added it to my routine and so far I think the results are amazing however I needed to know more so I dug a little deeper

In short, retinol is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A that helps to overtime stop the clock on aging. When you get to 30 this is a product that should be included in your routine to ensure you are preserving your skin for future years by assisting the skin to self renew and enhance the natural collagen production resulting in an improved texture of aging skin. The more I read up on it the more I want to indulge in it.

However, there are multiple side effects when using Retinol. Due to its high potency and the strength of the ingredients many people may experience sensitivity and redness, peeling, and extreme dehydration.

Due to these side effects, it is recommended by skincare professionals that these products should be added very slowly into one nighttime routine. Retinol products can tend to pack quite a punch when it comes to price and that is why we love the one from Derma Fix as you have the option of a 15ml (R420) or a 100ml (R1000). Another plus Derma Fix is 100% South African now more then ever we need to support local.

Sun Sheild SPF50 from Doctor Eckstein

Talking about retinols one thing that kept coming up in all my research was the need for a really strong high-quality sun care product, as skin has become more venerable due to the use of these products. I know what you thinking… I am stuck at home in isolation why would I need sunscreen? Well believe it or not the 30 minutes you spend in the sun doing your yoga videos or light homework outside in your garden you can burn and cause sun damage to your exposed skin.

My recommendation would be the Sun Sheild from Doctor Eckstein – R595 This German skincare range is one of my favorites ranges available in the market and this product is particularly impressive. This sunscreen is none greasy, goes on like a serum, and doesn’t leave my pores clogged and my eye stinging as most sun protection products do. It also has as SPF of 50 that is bound to ensure I have the effective protection for everyday use. Sun Sheild also helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its also VEGAN and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Skin Derm-pure exfoliating glo pads

Queue the glow!! So many people are under the impression that skin GLOW comes from the use of multiple expensive oils but sometimes that glow can be achieved by simply removing the other surface of the skin by illiminating and removing dead skin cells. I love a good exfoliation but I recently discovered this awesome little product from Skinderm (R395) – These pure exfoliating glow pads make it easy to exfoliate without all the mess. These little pads help to remove dry dull-looking skin with the addition of mulberry to help improve the skin tone and promote a radiant complexion. These have become my once a week cheek treat. They are suitable for all skin types too so the majority of people will reap the benefits of this product.

And this, in a nutshell, is how I will be taking care of my skin during the next few months, there are a ton of other products I use and this can be viewed on my Instagram but this month these are the products worth highlighting.

Stay Safe, Stay Hydrated and look after that beautiful skin of yours.


Storm Stocker– @takenbystormbeauty_

Beauty Blogger and Head Editor for Beauty Warriors.

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