Everything you need to know about oil cleansers and balms

For those who struggle with acne and problematic skin, the instinct is to do everything possible to dry out those pesky pimples. From “oil control” cleansers to those at home recipes that your mom swears by, and the aim of the game is to reduce the amount of oil your skin produces in order to reach that goal of clear, healthy glowing skin. 


Over-cleansing with products that promise to reduce oil production in the skin can often be quite harsh and drying on the skin. This results in stripping your natural skin barrier which will cause more problems than it will solve. Your skin is meant to act as a natural barrier that keeps out the nasty stuff such as free radicals and dirt while maintaining the lipid layer of the skin as well as the good bacteria that lives there . By using these stripping products the natural balance of your skin is disrupted which results in aggravating your already existing acne.

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But, we’re here to tell you that the one skincare product that you need to add to your routine is… cleansing oil! Yes, you heard that right. Using a cleansing oil might sound really counterproductive to anyone looking for a sensible skincare routine but never fear, we’re here to give you all the information you need to change your mind. 


Just think about it, like attracts like. Therefore, cleansing oils are currently being researched and results show that  they are extremely effective in breaking down make-up and free radicals from environment pollution than most water-based cleansers. Not only that, an oil based cleanser also hydrates your skin and helps calm skin that is prone to acne.


Introducing oil cleansers to your skincare routine



  • lift excess sebum, the oily substance produced by glands on your skin
  • clean out clogged pores like blackheads and whiteheads
  • remove dead skin, pollutants, and makeup

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Introducing a cleansing oil gives you a much more gentle first cleanse that always leaves you with really soft, hydrated skin. If you’re concerned about leaving behind an oily residue you can follow with a gentle foam or gel cleanser afterwards especially if you adhere to a Korean Beauty routine. 




The difference between an oil cleanser and a cleansing balm is essentially texture. An oil cleanser is often found in a simple pump bottle and can be used as an ordinary cleanser. Some oil cleansers lather up really well as you massage it into the skin while a cleansing balm tends to be a little richer and has the texture of Vaseline. After scooping a little bit between your palms it quickly melts into a silky, luxurious liquid that emulsifies the more you work it into your skin. When you’re done simply wipe off with a warm damp cloth and follow up with your favourite moisturiser.

Mix your own cleansing oilCHOOSE THE RIGHT OIL CLEANSER/BALM


Because of the rising popularity of using oil cleansers, many brands are starting to include them in their products line so you have the option to either buy a formulated product or mix one for yourself. 


If you choose to buy a premixed formula then remember to always look for non comedogenic products that will not clog your pores. Make sure to read on to the end for our pick of great oil cleansers that have been tried and tested by our very own Beauty Warriors beauty team.


Alternatively, try mixing your very own DIY recipe right from the comfort of your own bathroom. A good beginner option would be a 1:1 ratio of olive oil and castor oil blend. Over time you can vary the combination based on the needs of your skin.


Olive oil is a great antioxidant for your skin and increases hydration while castor oil is antibacterial and effective as an astringent cleanser. You could also use jojoba oil if you have acne-prone skin as it has been shown to help reduce oil production in the skin.





The information on this website has been compiled from published sources and is provided only as a guide. Although every effort has been taken to ensure that information published on this site is correct and up to date, Beauty Warriors cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information presented, and accepts no liability in respect of any omission or error.  The customer should always satisfy themselves as to the ultimate suitability of a product for an intended application. Beauty Warriors accepts no liability in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring when using  products.

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