Everything you need to know about fillers from Dr. Reza Mia

Beauty Warriors was lucky enough to meet up with Dr. Reza Mia from Anti-Aging Art, to ask him all our questions regarding lip fillers. These are the key takeouts from our one-on-one session.

What should you know before you have lip fillers:

Lip fillers require significant skill and practice to produce natural-looking, beautiful results. This is not an area to experiment with and could lead to ugly results or serious side effects if not correctly performed.


What questions should you ask your doctor ahead of your session?

  • How many lips have you filled?
  • Do you have any images of lips that you have filled?
  • Have you ever had any patients suffer from unwanted side effects?

How often should you go for touch-ups:

You should go for touch-ups between 6 months and one year, but we see patients every three to four months to work on various aspects of their faces to ensure that they have a holistic experience.

What could go wrong?

  • The worst-case scenario would be a vascular obstruction with tissue death.
  • Destruction of the lip border and loss of the delicate cupids bow.
  • Overinflated or grossly asymmetrical lips.
  • Ugly results.
  • These can all be mitigated and the risks almost completely removed through techniques that are acquired over years of practice and through innovative injection techniques.


What are the uncommon uses for botox and filler?

  • Sweating
  • Under-eye bags
  • Scars
  • Burn scars
  • Acne
  • Nasal fillers


What is Mira dry?

Mira Dry is a machine that uses thermal energy to permanently destroy targeted sweat glands, odour producing glands and hair.

Who should consider using this machine?

Anyone who suffers from excessive sweating, especially if they have sought treatment for sweat with botulinum toxin.

How many sessions would you need to go for, how long is the procedure, and is there any downtime?

You would only need to come for ONE session. The procedure takes one hour. You will experience one day of swelling and pain.

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