Event: World Wellness Weekend (19-20 Sept 2020)

Since 2018, Wellness Weekend is an official partner of European Week Of Sports an initiative of the European Commission to encourage people to be more active more often. With half of humanity staying at home, the need to keep fit & flexible in our bodies and in our minds is essential.

“Social distancing” should be replaced by “Physical distancing AND Social proximity” said Susie Ellis.


Choose daily rituals to keep active at home with your family and/or #wellnessbuddies on Facetime, Whatsapp, Messenger, Zoom, Skype. Practice yoga, Pilates, fitness, together for 20 or 30 minutes a day. As we move and have fun together, we can change the chemistry in our bodies: instead of enduring FEAR & STRESS (increasing adrenaline, cortisol and thrombine), release PLEASURE hormones (endorphin, serotonin, ocytocin). Keeping your body and your mind active will strengthen your immune system, boost your morale and help you be more creative & resilient to prepare what comes next as we RESET & RESTART.

Everyone is invited to become their best version: #WellnessForAll #WellnessAtHome #BeActiveAtHome.

Since 2017, World Wellness Weekend has served to raise the global well-being index.

In 2019, 2,356 venues participated in 98 countries, generating 430 stories on TV, radio, print publications & internet, reaching an estimated audience of 224 million people.

19th & 20th September 2020 is an even bigger opportunity to reach even more people in the world, and change lives at the 4th Annual World Wellness Weekend. WWW invites people to enjoy how GREAT it feels to be WELL through fun, educational events in the 5 Pillars of Wellness: SLEEP, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, MINDFULNESS and SENSE of PURPOSE.


We believe in #WellnessForAll. In association with IHRSA and inspired by the UNESCO Chair, we are reaching out to people with disabilities and special needs. We encourage fitness & spa professionals to use this unprecedented time of confinement to find ways to make their business more accessible to people with disabilities and special needs.

HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: We believe in #wellnessfornurses #wellnessfordoctors. Doctors & nurses are the first responders waging a war against the virus by testing tens of thousands of people and caring for those already infected.

Healthcare practitioners are notoriously over-worked, on the verge of exhaustion or burn-out. Once the threat of virus propagation diminishes, social distancing is lifted and businesses re-open, Spas, Salons, Fitness clubs, Yoga/Pilates studios are asked to invite nurses & doctors for a special fitness or mindfulness event, or organize a 60-minute wellness workshop in their local hospital or clinic.


  1. Get involved as a WWW Supporter. Promote WWW and register quality providers in your city to get on the Wellness Map and host an event during the WWW.
  2. Become a WWW city Ambassador. Gain the support of public officials & tourism bureaus to encourage citizens and tourists to enjoy how great it feels to be well in cities that wish to become Wellness destinations
  3. Organize a Wellness Collective. Align with other service providers to create a wellness lifestyle series or become a wellness street with Spas, beauty salons, yoga studios, holistic providers, wellness cafés, etc


Commit to a personal wellness objective (e.g. Better mental health, reach an ideal weight, exercise more often, be more flexible to increase range of movement and prevent back pain…)

Engage a friend or colleague to become their Wellness Buddy, to join regular fitness or yoga classes, shop at a farmers’ market then cook together.

Resist unhealthy temptations and each week, put money in a « wellness jar » or a piggy bank of the equivalent value of sugary snacks they wanted to buy & eat (but did not) or cigarettes they managed not to buy & smoke. When WWW comes on 19-20 Sept, they will celebrate the achievement of their personal goal, see how much money they have put aside, and will decide to donate it to a local charity or a NGO.

With each WWW Wellness Pledge, not only will two people be able to reach their personal wellness objectives with the help of their respective wellness buddy, but also the money they will save will be donated to people who lack everything: health, clean water, food, education… Each of us can, not only upgrade one’s personal lifestyle and become a better version of themselves, but also touch positively many lives. For instance, R50 may buy a pack of sugary snacks or a pack of cigarettes, or it can feed & school a child in Calcutta for 2 weeks!

Let’s all make a meaningful contribution to improve our lives and someone else’s.

For more information visit their website or contact South African Ambassador, Taryn Lilley at taryn@spadynamics.co.za

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