Event: WISER Webinars August 2020

When dynamic women come together great things follow. This women’s month is no different. There will be a series of webinars held all in aid of charity. South Africa is in a state of crisis due to the Covid 19 pandemic and with the healthcare sector taking most of the strain. WISER is assisting with the National campaign of raising funds for oxygen concentrators for donation and has partnered with the Lockdown Medical SIM Team to raise awareness and help communities in desperate need. These oxygen concentrators will not only benefit multiple patients and provide hundreds of hours of oxygen, but also be donated AFTER the pandemic to other organisations for oxygen therapy for patients with lung disease. With our public and private health sectors struggling to meet infection demands, the webinar series was planned especially for this cause.


WISER is not a person, it is a collaborative platform with the sole vision of “giving back” to society. It was conceptualized to expose women to empowering workshops and webinars with the intention to equip & enable them to live their envisioned lives, whilst providing sponsorships & donations towards benefitting our under-privileged sisters with skills and tools for development. WISER was founded with the intention of rallying together diverse women in their professional capacities, influences and experiences to build the legacy of a sisterhood with the hope of having a ripple effect into the next generation of successful women.

In 2019, a successful workshop was hosted by the first collaboration of inspiring women, Candice Abrahams Former Mrs World 2016, Ayesha Rajah, somatologist and Owner of Urbanbliss Spa, Naseera Turkey CEO of Azzuri Capital and Shahista Thokan, Founder of Silver Lining Workshop Facilitation. This year will be slightly different using a virtual platform. Attendees can attend a webinar from the comfort of their own homes and interact with guest speakers.

WISER webinars will be hosted every Sunday morning in August. Tickets are on sale and funds will be donated directly to the identified charity for transparency purposes. The line-up for this 2020 event is nothing short of magnificent and includes Margaret Hirsch, CEO of Hirsch’s group, Unaiza Suliman Founder of  Uniq Brow franchise countywide, Tarina Patel an international actress, model and producer, Dr Sindi van Zyl medical practitioner and talk show host with Kaya Fm and Nafisa Grey, CEO of i4Group. The webinars will be facilitated by Silver Lining Workshop Facilitation. Topics will be vast and informative ranging from discussions on domestic abuse, health & recovery from the virus to business hacks for entrepreneurs. There will be amazing giveaways and opportunities for all women in the upcoming months.

For more information regarding the WISER workshop or donations, kindly email wisercollab@gmail.com or follow the instagram handle @w_i_s_e_r. To contribute  towards the initiative, simply deposit funds to SIM Team using the reference WISER to FNB Account no. 62670927676 Branch 250737.

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