Don’t Count The Days, Make The Days Count!

A Warrior by definition has the traits of strength and courage and a personality that is resilient.  This is especially vital in the current situation of lockdown. It takes great maturity to accept and understand these drastic measures taken by the president, as it has called for obedience and abidance of all South African citizens. This decision to protect us and keep us safe can be seen as a blessing. To be given this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to stay at home, surrounded by loved ones or even just to be alone in the familiarity of your own home. Can you even remember the last time you got to choose how to spend a day? There will be no traffic, morning rush or a stressful routine for a while. There will be no chasing the next project or the next meeting to stay relevant. There will be time.

This is the moment when you can choose your area of focus, create your own morning rituals and dictate your own structure. You can balance your day without the pressures of people-pleasing and juggling responsibilities. You are the architect of your own present lifestyle and can design the brief to your own happiness. 

Of course, I am not oblivious to the fact that technology has provided many avenues to still be productive at work, remain in social connect and contact. For many there will be accountability of work time although much more flexible and for others a lot of free unallocated time. The positives are vast in both situations. The initial novelty of Netflix and lounging in lockdown will soon wear off. We can then move our concentration towards developing outcomes and goals to achieve and plan for post-lockdown. These can be beneficial as it keeps us feeling purposeful and motivated. Without these very necessary qualities, an individual may dwindle into anxiety or depression. 

We are fortunate to be surrounded by inspiration and activities at the touch of our fingertips. However, we need to be mindful of the amount of time and exposure we are giving social and media platforms as along with positivity, it does also introduce aspects of comparison, over-information and panic. One needs to streamline what content to view and determine whether it is aligning with their vision. A vision which helps us to focus on fulfilling our dreams and formulating a clear vision can guide us to achieve contentment. 

The future may seem bleak now, however it is inevitable that work has to commence at some point, largely due to the current declining economy. We will get back onto our feet and resume being prosperous once again. There are some healthy habits which we can imbibe during those off days, the days when we are feeling down or pessimistic about the future and even those days when you are feeling overwhelmed.


Your emotions are justified. It can be scary when life is uncertain with an unpredictable normalcy time stipulated. Being emotionally intelligent is to understand that ONLY positive thinking will not suffice. Allow yourself to grieve through these low moments. Write them down as challenges and try your best to understand them and ways to overcome them.


Attitudes and Emotions don’t change overnight. If you are feeling unsettled, give yourself sufficient time to process your anxiety and stress. There is no prescribed period to be OK. Consider speaking to colleagues or friends in similar situations. This eases panic and allows the individual to express empathy.


Often, we express our emotions most harshly to those closest to us. Be mindful of their feelings and also that their role is to provide comfort and support to you. Rather than venting onto them, share with them your feelings and predicament. Remember today you may feel one way and tomorrow another. 

As a transformational coach, I would also like to provide a “feel good” tool to readers. It’s a simple 2-step process that seeks to enhance emotional wellbeing. 

Step 1 is to think of the best compliment that you could ever receive. It could be anything from your habits to your characteristics. Give yourself this compliment. It will spur on joy to acknowledge your strengths which make you admirable. It could also remind you of your capabilities to rise up during this lockdown. 

For Step 2, I would like you to think of what quality about yourself which you need to improve upon. Allow yourself this lockdown period to self-develop and spend time on self-improvement. This will assist in a growth opportunity. A self-discovery like no other – all in the comfort of your own home with no time constraints.  

Nothing is impossible if you place enough faith and effort into achieving it. 

“This too shall pass.”

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