Glow During Quarantine – Editor’s Choice

I don’t know about you guys but as a social media influencer and online editor, I am feeling super overwhelmed by all the varying “self-care” skincare routines going around social media during the lockdown. We all love a good sheet mask selfie-and feeling our best for popping onto the couch to watch Netflix seems to be the global trend. I love the idea of using this time to focus on outward skin beauty and As a skincare enthusiast myself I believe it’s so much more than that, Your skin is an investment and it should be treated with the utmost love especially when we are under these high-stress situations.

During this lockdown period, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the impact that certain products have on my health but also the overall environment and world we live in. I went on a mission before lockdown to explore products with a message and a mission. I tried and tested a few Earth-friendly and 100% cruelty-free products that have allowed us to indulge in this your time completely guilt-free.

Close your bathroom door shut out the world for a little while and indulge in YOU time with these incredible product recommendations and reviews from products that I have been trying out over the last 21 days…

Brightening wipes from Derma Fix

These high potency wipes are equipped with a high potency of Vitamin A to assist with photodamaged skin, In less technical terms these wipes help with overall brightening for those of us with a few extra unwanted dark marks and freckles on the skin. This unique product can help improve the appearance of dark rings too- SIGN ME UP? Who doesn’t have these with the stress we are all currently under.

These little wipes can be used as part of your current skincare routine to add a brightening element, It can also be used on the hands, neck, and any other areas where sunspots may be a concern for you.

R 630 for a 30-day supply its not a lot for the price of great looking even toned skin.

Retinol+ From Derma Fix

I have always been a big believer in a multiple-step skincare routines, in recent years I came across serums and I have absolutely grown to love them however Retinol was not a product I was accustomed to using as I knew very little about it. I have added it to my routine and so far I think the results are amazing however I needed to know more so I dug a little deeper

In short, retinol is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A that helps to overtime stop the clock on aging. When you get to 30 this is a product that should be included in your routine to ensure you are preserving your skin for future years by assisting the skin to self renew and enhance the natural collagen production resulting in an improved texture of aging skin. The more I read up on it the more I want to indulge in it.

However, there are multiple side effects when using Retinol. Due to its high potency and the strength of the ingredients many people may experience sensitivity and redness, peeling, and extreme dehydration.

Due to these side effects, it is recommended by skincare professionals that these products should be added very slowly into one nighttime routine. Retinol products can tend to pack quite a punch when it comes to price and that is why we love the one from Derma Fix as you have the option of a 15ml (R420) or a 100ml (R1000). Another plus Derma Fix is 100% South African now more then ever we need to support local.

Sun Sheild SPF50 from Doctor Eckstein

Talking about retinols one thing that kept coming up in all my research was the need for a really strong high-quality sun care product, as skin has become more venerable due to the use of these products. I know what you thinking… I am stuck at home in isolation why would I need sunscreen? Well believe it or not the 30 minutes you spend in the sun doing your yoga videos or light homework outside in your garden you can burn and cause sun damage to your exposed skin.

My recommendation would be the Sun Sheild from Doctor Eckstein – R595 This German skincare range is one of my favorites ranges available in the market and this product is particularly impressive. This sunscreen is none greasy, goes on like a serum, and doesn’t leave my pores clogged and my eye stinging as most sun protection products do. It also has as SPF of 50 that is bound to ensure I have the effective protection for everyday use. Sun Sheild also helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its also VEGAN and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Skin Derm-pure exfoliating glo pads

Queue the glow!! So many people are under the impression that skin GLOW comes from the use of multiple expensive oils but sometimes that glow can be achieved by simply Continue reading “Glow During Quarantine – Editor’s Choice”

Can We Really Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite?

Cellulite Solutions –

But Do They Work?

Our Beauty Warriors Team Serve Up The truth and nothing but the truth…

Cellulite – the unsightly dimpled appearance of the skin, often referred to as “cottage cheese”, but before you panic, this is something that 98% of women battle with, whether it be on their hips, thighs or bums. Many people dislike the appearance of having cellulite and prefer to have skin as smooth as they possibly can, but is there really an effective way to get rid of this “cottage cheese” like appearance?

It is imperative to know that having cellulite is normal. If you think that cellulite is indicative of being overweight and unhealthy, you are wrong – you can be thin, active or an athlete and still battle with cellulite.

Let us first understand what cellulite is. Underneath your skin, you will find fibrous connective tissue and below that fat molecules and it is here where the cellulite problem starts. Due to fluctuations in feminine oestrogen hormones, there is a disruption in microcirculation, connective tissue and enlarged fat cells. Accumulation of these fat cells pushes up against the skin and the connective tissues tethered to muscles pull down, creating an uneven surface.

Luckily, there are products that will readily tackle cellulite. We recommend the following:

1.Elancyl Cellu Slim (R395): A French company with more than 45 years of creating beauty products for women, with the aim of enhancing health and appearance. Cellu Slim is a night care treatment. Containing cecropia and caffeine, it is said to have a cooling sensation, relaxing your veins and improving blood flow.


2. Cellumend Cellulite Cream: Being the most advanced cellulite cream, the formula of this product is based on superior natural ingredients as well as a hi-tech patented ingredient called Liporedectyl. Cellumend is proven to not only prevent cellulite but to also remove it within 6 weeks.


3.Clarins Body Fit (R650): Clarins Body Fit is a refreshing anti-cellulite control lotion that targets 3 types of Adipocytes that store energy as fat. Applied in the morning and/or at night, this lotion minimizes the appearance of bumpy skin.

If you are a bit skeptical about using anti-cellulite creams, there are other treatments we can explore that have also been proven beneficial:

  1. Cellulite Brushes: A cellulite brush is made with firm bristles; they are intended to be used directly on the skin. The purpose of this brush is to stimulate circulation and reduce visibility. Although this brush is used on dry skin, it is recommended that a few drops of oil can be applied to the skin prior to the brushing.




Lastly, if creams and brushes are not for you, there are a number of aesthetic treatments that have proven efficiency and are readily available in South Africa.

Although there are multiple methods to help combat the appearance of cellulite, there is no scientific proof that any desired treatments are effective enough to eliminate cellulite completely. If you are looking for a good anti-cellulite solution, then these products listed above are perfect for you but you should also consider including a good anti-cellulite workout and a good anti-cellulite diet to your anti-cellulite arsenal.

Blog post was written by Danielle Nagel 

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Perfume shopping, DUTY FREE – An InSIDER’S GUIDE

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No tax and me-time indulgence: No wonder international travellers are increasingly taking a moment to shop duty free perfume. 

You’ve bought your December break plane ticket, packed your bathing suit and booked your beachside cabana. Now all you have to do is write your duty free shopping list and make sure it includes a luxury fragrance or two.

“The number-one advantage to buying your perfume at the airport Duty Free store is the discounted prices; you’ll be able to avoid paying the taxes on these items,” explains Ruth Sutcliffe, the founder of The Scent Guru Group. It’s also a great opportunity to take some well-deserved me-time. There’s something special, convenient and maybe even a little decadent about wandering through the well-stocked fragrance displays.

So it just makes more sense to do it in an environment when you more relaxed and have the time to browse. See Duty Free as a destination point and enjoy the time to be introduced to new fragrances. “I love to feel refreshed by some fragrances and often spray others that make me feel more relaxed and comfortable before I get on flight for the next leg home” says Sutcliffe.

To be honest with you fragrance shopping gives me a headache and I am not talking about all the scents going to my head, I am talking about having to choose ONE! There was a time that you could list the 5 top fragrances of the past two years but try that now, its near impossible with hundreds of perfumes launched a year. With good reason, the global fragrance market size is expected to reach USD 91.17 billion by 2025.

Here are a few key tips to navigate these tax-free fragrant aisles:

Duty free shopping tip #1: Know what’s new

We have sifted through the endless lists of new launches to bring you what’s hot of the shelf this festive season.

Aerin (granddaughter of Estee lauder) has launched Wild Geranium, a new fragrance for women.

What it is: An eau de parfum that captures a field of blooming wildflowers.

Fragrance story: A fresh-cut geranium note and sparkling touches of pink pepper and winter lemon lead you through a maze of enchanting florals. Dewy narcissus mingles with orange flower petals, white peony, rose centifolia tuberose absolute and warm benzoin. (courtesy of


Gucci has launched Gucci Guilty Love Edition, new flankers to 2010’s Gucci Guilty and 2011’s Gucci Guilty Pour Homme.

Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme ~ “Just as lovers define their own connection, Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme’s surprising combination of notes shine bold and bright, instinctively melding together. A refreshed Oriental Floral Fruity Chypre scent, the new creation is a tribute to the vintage character of the Narcissus flower.

Opening with a transparent and green crystalline freshness composed of Bergamot, Grapefruit and a Watery Accord, a Narcissus Accord is elevated by the tangy notes of Raspberry. Violet and Jasmine Sambac complement the petal floral quality of the composition. The layered creation is enhanced by an airy Musks base, the divinely sophisticated Patchouli Prisma for its white softness, and finally, the intense wrapping sensation of a Mineral Amber. (courtesy of



Marc Jacobs has launched Daisy Daze, Daisy Love Daze, Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze and Daisy Dream Daze, a new quartet of limited edition flankers for women. (Last year’s model: Daisy Sunshine.)

Warm. Vibrant. Bright. An escape from the everyday. MARC JACOBS Daisy Daze limited editions include four feel-good fragrances for spring. The Daisy Daze limited editions are a fresh and fruity twist on the classic Daisy fragrances and offer an olfactive escape to an unexpected Daisy universe.

Daisy Daze ~ “With inviting bursts of mandarin and sweet mirabelle that sparkle against smooth creamy musks, Daisy Daze is a crisp, sumptuous scent.” In 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

Daisy Love Daze ~ “Daisy Love Daze opens with a bright osmanthus, wrapped in the golden softness of amber. The juiciness of apricot radiates a sweet and sparkling sensuality.” In 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze ~ “Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze Opens With Luscious White Peach And Orchard Blossoms, Mingling To Create A Sense Of Comforting Freshness.” In 75 ml Eau de Toilette.

Daisy Dream Daze ~ “Daisy Dream Daze Opens With The Sweet Floracly Of Silky Wisteria. The Juicy Longan Berries Excude A Dewy Freshness That Blend With Clean Musks For A Delicate And Warm Finish.” In 50 ml Eau de Toilette                           (courtesy of


Yves Saint Laurent will launch Black Opium Neon, a new spicy gourmand fragrance for women. Black Opium Neon is a flanker to 2014’s Black Opium, which was a flanker to 1977’s Opium.

Black Opium Neon is a new twist on the classic Eau de Parfum. With adrenaline-rich coffee, sparkling orange blossom, and mesmerizing dragon fruit accord, it is a vibrant and indulgent perfume that’s the perfect combination of seductive and sweet. (courtesy of


Duty free shopping tip #2: Make a list

Before you pack your bags and head to the airport, identify three to five scents you’d like to buy and take note of their retail store price tag. This will give you shopping options and a financial baseline when you’re perusing the Duty Free aisles looking for your best deal.

Insider tip – Spray the perfumes you wish to try before you start browsing and give it 10-15min to settle before you decide on what to purchase. I have made the grave mistake of just spritzing, whiffing and buying, then getting on to the plane and then had this repugnant smell to deal with for 8 hours. Lesson in spur of the moment shopping!

Duty free shopping tip #2: Opt for light, fresh hues for on board spritzing

If you have more than one flight and/or are travelling for more than six hours, you’re going to want a pick-me-up perfume to wear in-flight and afterwards. Look for clean and zesty citrus and floral scents, like Clinique Aromatics and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue that will make you feel good and won’t be obtrusive to the passenger sitting next to you.


Insider tip – Your carry on limit is 100 ml size bottle containing liquids, scout for this size as it won’t have it taken away by authorities at security.

Duty free shopping tip #3: Pick up a second bottle

This is the season to be bankrupt! So save big and grab that second or third bottle at a great saving for gifting over Christmas or for someone at your destination.

Happy shopping and wishing you a wonderful and blessed festive season,


The Beauty warriors Team


It is REVOLUTIONARY! The all new Moroccan Oil Colour Depositing Hair Masks.

It’s here, the product we have all been dying to get our hands on. The all new colour depositing hair masks by Moroccan Oil. Yes, you read it. So, obviously you want to know more. All the deets. So here we go.

What is a Color Depositing Mask?

These dual-benefit masks give you beautiful, temporary color, plus all the nourishing benefits of a deep conditioning treatment. Because they come in 7 shades—ranging from the tropical pink Hibiscus to the rich, velvety Cocoa—there’s something for just about everyone. Play with fun fashion shades (like Aquamarine, Hibiscus, Rose Gold, and Platinum), enhance your existing color with, say, golden-hued Champagne or crimson-brown Bordeaux, or apply as needed to maintain your salon color between visits.

How long will my color last, obviously we want to know this?

Color Depositing Masks add temporary color that’s designed to gradually fade out over time. How long your color lasts will depend on several factors—including your starting shade, how often you wash your hair, and your hair’s porosity. Which mask you choose also affects longevity. Hibiscus and Aquamarine are the most vibrant colors and may last longer than other shades.
Generally speaking, people with lighter or more porous hair will experience a brighter and longer-lasting result. That means that if you have dirty blonde hair that you’ve never colored, your best friend is a platinum blonde, and you both try Hibiscus, her hair will likely be to be a lot pinker for a lot longer than yours will be.

If I leave the mask on longer, will the color be more intense?

Yes, the longer the mask is left in the hair, the more intense your results will be. (Up to a point, at least—leaving the mask in for a few hours won’t yield results all that different from those achieved by leaving it in for, say, half an hour.)

However, you can play around with the amount of time you leave it in to achieve different color effects. For example, I am a bleach blonde and wanted a fairly pastel pink – I didn’t want INTENSE colour, so we mixed Hibiscus with a normal hydrating hair mask to ‘dilute’ the colour. We also only left it on for about 2 – 3 min, if that much.

Will the mask color my hair evenly?

Because some parts of your hair may be more porous than others, the shade and intensity of the color may vary. As a rule of thumb, assume the color will be more vibrant and longer-lasting on lighter strands of hair—or parts of your hair that have been previously colored. That means if you have highlights, ombre, or balayage, you can expect the color to show up most vividly on whichever strands have been pre-lightened. Makes sense?

Will these masks damage my hair?

No. In fact, they do the opposite. The masks are intensely nourishing treatments, and do not contain ammonia, peroxide, or bleach. They also contain a star-studded roster of ingredients, including our exclusive ArganID™ technology, which infuses argan oil deep into hair’s cortex and helps seal the cuticle. They also feature an amino acid blend to nourish, detangle, and boost shine, plus Apricot Kernel Oil to help soften hair and improve hydration with oleic acid, linoleic acid, and Vitamin E.

Will my hair go back to its original color?

Yes, the Color Depositing Masks add temporary color that’s only deposited on the outermost layer of the hair. With regular washing, the color will eventually fade out over time. To hit reset and speed up the color washout process, visit a Moroccanoil salon and consult with your stylist.

Will these masks stain my hands?

Minimal, temporary staining may occur and can easily be washed off with soap and water. But if you want to be extra careful (or have a brand-new manicure, for instance), you can also wear gloves while applying the mask for extra protection against staining.

The above info was all pulled directly from the Moroccan Oil site, and was also shared with us at the launch event yesterday. We were able to experiment with these masks at the event and have our hair coloured and treated with them, then and there. So here is some pointers from personal experience.

  • It really does depend on the colour and the condition of your hair.
  • Your hair feels NEW after the application of this product. Moroccan Oil truly is a DIVINE brand and well worth the investment
  • I would recommend asking someone who has worked with these masks before to advise if you want a particular outcome.

You can purchase these in 30ml sachets too, which I think is great if you don’t want a whole 200ml tube in ONE colour.

200ml retails for R620

30ml retails for R175

You can purchase them on

And check out for some before and afters.

The only beauty supplement you’ll ever need – Beauty Greens

Have you been looking for that all-in-one magic supplement to just do the most for your hair, skin and nails without having to take 9 different vitamins and minerals? We have found the solutions for you. Beauty Gen has created a 5-in-1 beauty booster called Beauty Greens that makes it super easy for you to take ALL the necessary ingredients to promote beautiful skin, hair and nails all at once, without the fuss.

Here’s the lowdown. Beauty Greens consists of 5 key ingredients. These ingredients are natural and haven’t been damaged by heat. Here are more on each of the 5 ingredients in Beauty Greens.

  1. Collagen

It promotes plump, wrinkle-free, supple skin, supports healthy aging, it strengthens your nails and builds long, thick hair. It supports all the connective tissues, promoting healthy joints and strong bones along with supporting lean muscle mass, strength and enhances muscle regeneration.

     2. Probiotics

Probiotics helps to balance out the good bacteria in your digestive system and alleviates digestive discomforts. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to help tackle skin issues and promoting a clearer complexion. Probiotics also hydrates the skin, builds collagen and strenghtens the skin’s barrier function. It supports the liver, help eliminate toxins and free radicals, contributing to a smoother, more youthful complexion. It supports the immune system, digestive system and general health, nourishing your body from within.

      3. Omega-3’s

Omega-3’s are powerful anti-inflammatories that helps to tackle skin issues such as psoriasis, allergies and acne. It strenghtens the skin barrier function, helping to hold moisture in and keep irritants out. It combats dry, brittle hair follicles, promotes stronger and shinier hair too. In the same way, it promotes stronger nails too. It helps preventing heart disease and strokes, it also assists in lowering the blood pressure and supporting a healthy immune system.

      4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis and speeds up the healing of wounds, brightens the skin and battles free radical damage with antioxidants. It figts bacteria on the scalp, thanks to it’s antiviral properties and may help to even combat hair loss and prevent premature greying. It also assists in supporting a healthy immune system.

      5. Superfoods

This helps your body reach its quota, giving it the tools it needs to run at and look it’s best. High in vitamins and minerals, superfood improve all processes in the body. A rainbow of phytonutrients means a rich supply of antiioxidants – one of your best anti-aging weapons. Once again supports a healthy immune system, containing 50 organic superfoods ranging from Kale and Wheat Grass to Beetroot, Berries and even 10 medicinal mushrooms.

With Beauty Greens you won’t ever have to question if there is a lack of anything in your system or not.

You can miz this in with your morning porridge, smoothies, yogurt, smoothie bowls and even have it just as it is mixed with a bit of milk or water.


5 Makeup Essentials For This Season

So much makeup, but you only have one face? We know the struggle and we got you. Here are the only 5 makeup essentials you’ll need this season.

A light-weight foundation or BB Cream

It’s warmer, we dressing cooler so of course we want something light-weight on our skin. A light-weight foundation or a BB or CC cream is perfect for the warmer months of the year.

We love…

Phytomer CC Cream
Garnier BB Cream
Revlon Candid
Loreal Infallible

A cream blush

We are specifically choosing a cream blush because of the power it has to make you look naturally flushed and glowy at the same time.

We love…

Benefit Benetint
LA Girl Cream Blush

Beauty Tip : Forgot to put on blush? Apply a bit of your cream lipstick or gloss onto your cheeks and blend. Sorted ?


Some of us light a more natural glow and some of us want to look like we have taken a bath in a tub of glow. It is all your choice, but a glow is necessary.

We love…

LA Girl cream highlight
GOSH Gaint Sun Bronzer – This product does just give you the most natural, beautiful glow but you also look sunkissed AF.
Wet ‘n Wild highlight

An easy brow product

We don’t want to take 20min carving out ONE brow, no, no. We don’t have time for that. We natural looking, fluffy full brows. Yes, yes. We want something we just pull through the brow and we good to go.

We love…

Maybelline Brow Artist waterproof gel
Maybelline brow gel
Loreal Brow Pencil
Essence Make me brow
Benefit Clear brow gel

A Bold lipstick & a nude gloss

Your bold lippy doesn’t have to be matte. We are loving glosses that are super pigmented too. We also loving all the nude. The more you glow, the more we love.

We love…

Wet ‘n Wild Glosses
Maybelline Liquid Lipsticks
Essence Shine Shine Shine Glosses


Editor’s Choice – Haircare Products

We have two beauty editors on the Beauty Warriors SA team and each week they give us a list of the best four beauty products that have landed on their desks. This week we are featuring haircare. Please let us know what you think of these ranges if you have tried them out before.



We love that this product is organic, vegan, cruelty-free and made from amber glass. It has a lovely citrus scent and leaves your hair feeling soft, clean and healthy, this range gives us all the feels knowing it’s good for the environment too. This product is great for everyday use and we love the essential oils in the range. We reviewed the frequent use range. This range makes your hair feel clean and lightweight after using it and who doesn’t want to smell like a little citrus fruit? We do.

We rate this product a 4/5 for everyday use.

This product retails for about R355 a bottle and can be purchased at any Sorbet Dry Bar.



We tried the Davines Renewing Shampoo. This is another cruelty-free, environmentally friendly range. We love the simple packaging this product comes in, which is also amber glass funny enough.  This range has a simple, clean scent, thick consistency and your hair feels soft and manageable after using it. The shampoo and conditioner do not lather when you use them, but your hair certainly feels like it had a treatment after use.

We rate this product a 4/5 for everyday use.

This range retails for about R350 a bottle and can be bought at any Carlton salon.



We tried the brightening blonde range and we enjoyed it for everyday use, it has a great look, consistency, and scent. Label.m has also been London Fashion Weeks Sponsors for over a decade now. Our hair felt clean and soft afterward. We enjoyed the ingredients in the range such as lemon, white pineapple and Mamaki Tea which help make the hair appear lighter. Our hair felt soft and moisturised afterward and styling was a little easier than usual.

We rate this product a 3/5 for everyday use.

This product retails for about R260 and can be purchased at any Sorbet Dry Bar.


Moroccan Oil:

This brand has just launched a colour complete range. This range has been designed to lock in the colour, so it doesn’t fade. This collection takes a 360-degree approach to colour care, combatting all sources of colour degradation with an easy-to-follow regimen. It begins in the salon with the ChromaTech in-salon service, a two-pronged attack; ChromaTech PRIME, infused with ArganID™ is applied before hair colour application to increase colour deposit, and ChromaTech POST for after, which uses COLORLINK™ technology to help rebuild crosslinks in the damaged hair structure and traps the colour within. Plus, it forms a protective shield to help prevent hair colour washout. Then it’s time for you to take the reins with a 3-step at-home routine to prolong your hair colour, including shampoo, conditioner and daily spray.

We rate this product a 5/5 for every-day use.

This range retails for about R350 or the travel size set, and can be bought at most salons, including Revive Wellness Spa in Highlands, which was a recent host of one of our Beauty Warriors events.

New Product Announcement

Cult-favorite organic British skincare brand, Skin & Tonic London, has landed in South Africa


Modern life can take its toll on all of us. Stress, work, traffic, environmental aggressors, juggling responsibilities. Sometimes we need to press the “restart” button.


It was this realisation that prompted the founder of Skin & Tonic London, Sarah Hancock to take the health of her skin into her own hands in 2015 when she started Skin & Tonic London with her partner Josh. She, like many other women, refused to risk her health for beauty. “I wanted to eliminate carcinogens and the hundreds of skin irritants that can be found in many conventional beauty products”. She studied skin care formulation and essential oil science and worked tirelessly to create formulations that were fresh, gentle, and effective.


Through developing the Skin & Tonic London range, Sarah says her skin started to look clear and calm again and the inflammation disappeared, “leaving me with healthy glowing, peachy soft skin!”


Skin & Tonic London fulfils the desire of the modern woman who is in search of a brand that satisfies her need for holistic living – mind, body and soul. It is an innovative and result-driven skin care brand, which uses only organically certified ingredients and is certified cruelty free.


Certified by the Organic Soil Association and registered with the Carbon Footprint Institution, Skin & Tonic London offers a range of 14 premium organic skincare products, each hand-made to achieve a natural, calm, healthy and hydrated looking skin. The products contain no harsh preservatives, no silicones, no drying alcohols, no endocrine disruptors, no synthetic fragrances, no SLS and no dyes often used in many other products.


Skin & Tonic London follows a strict “less is more” approach, not only in its formulations which aim to ensure efficacy in the gentlest way possible but also in using 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging that is developed with a conscious consumer in mind. Even the packaging seals are made from plant cellulose and can be used on grass compost.


In keeping with the “less is more” approach, each Skin & Tonic London product has a maximum of seven (7) or less natural ingredients. Certified organic ingredients are sourced from all over the world and included in the formulations for their efficacy. All products are oil-based and water-free and have been tested by individuals to combat breakouts, acne, rosacea, dermatitis, hyper-pigmentation, eczema & psoriasis, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy skin to name a few. They have proven to reduce sensitivities and support overall good health. All products are formulated to the ideal skin ph levels and work to gently get your skin back on track to being happy and healthy again!

Editor’s Choice: Skincare Edition

This week we’ve really enjoyed some skincare products for the skin, which we wanted to share with you. We would love to know your thoughts on these ranges if you have tried them before.


Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser.

This cleanser has a whipped clay look and texture. It’s strong enough to remove your makeup but gentle enough not to burn or irritate the eyes. Our beauty editors reviewed this product for a month and noticed fewer breakouts, and the pores on their faces appeared less visible. While there wasn’t a dramatic difference in how their skin looked in terms of brightness, but they noticed that their skin felt clean, soothed, soft and wasn’t stiff or dry after use. You use this product by applying it to the skin and leaving it to try for 60 seconds. You then apply warm water to the skin and the ‘mousse/clay’ will become soft, and foamy so you can lather it and remove your makeup. We liked that this product incorporates both pink and green clays, which act like magnets to unclog pores and remove impurities.

We would rate this cleanser a 4/5 for everyday use.

This product retails for about R455,00 and can be found at most Edgars stores.

Even-tone skin correction:

Anti-Aging Art Advanced Skin Tone Corrector

We hosted an intimate event at Anti-Aging Art in Houghton two months ago and our beauty editors have been reviewing one of the very many Products that were in their goodie bags. This product encompasses advanced Brazilian complex.  This product works wonders for people who suffer from blemishes or uneven skin tone. It puts that youthful radiance back in your skin, it must be that ABC advanced Brazilian complex working. One of our editors swears she looks younger after having used this range, oh and it smells sensational too! You apply this product after you’ve washed your face. In the morning. You can also apply it directly to your blemishes at night. Then apply your SPF and moisturiser as usual and live your best, youthful life, girl!

We would rate this product as a 5/5 for everyday use.

This product retails for about R650, pick one up when you pop into Anti-Aging Art for your next aesthetic, biohacking, physiotherapy, treatment or pixelated brows appointment.


Skin Doctors BeeLift

This is another product we received from a Beauty Warriors event. We loved the glass packaging that this range came in as that already made the product appear to be more premium. The moisturiser appears to be thick at first, but it was surprisingly lightweight and spreads like a dream. One of our beauty editors felt a little tingling sensation when she used the product, while the other didn’t experience anything at all. We were excited to try this award-winning moisturiser and we found out for ourselves what the hype was all about. This product uses bee venom, organic Manuka Honey, and a collagen treatment in the formulation. This product works by tricking the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung and this encourages the skin to lightly contract the facial muscles which make the skin look tighter, plumper and firmer. We loved how hydrating the moisturiser was and it acted as a great primer before applying your makeup and it has a great honey/vanilla scent. Both of our beauty editors felt this product made them look younger, their skin looked smoother and they had a great glow about them. This product boost collagen production in the skin by up to 300% within just 7 days. It’s important to note that no bees were harmed in the bee venom extraction process and this product is paraben-free. You use this product morning and evening after cleansing and toning your face as usual. Please do not use this product if you are allergic to bee stings.

We would rate this product a 5/5 for everyday use.

This product retails for about R1175 and can be bought from great salons like Urban Bliss in Emmerentia. Pick one up after your next beauty treatment there. We highly recommend their facials and back massages.

Face Mask:

Sorbet Diamond Peel-Off Mask

This mask illuminates and restores your skin to ensure its left feeling radiant and fresh. This product is dermatologically approved and it’s a great way to get a spa-like experience at home. The mask looks and smells great and your skin has a lovely smooth, glow for a few hours after using it. Even after you’ve applied your makeup your glowing skin shines through. There’s diamond and platinum powder in the product so you can feel super boogie from your own home, and you can get about 3 uses out of each mask. You use this product after you’ve washed your face, just apply the mask (don’t forget to cap the product after use so it doesn’t dry out), leave it on for about 30 mins and then peel off. It’s recommended to use this range twice a week.

We would rate this product a 3/5 for weekly use.

This product retails for about R69 and can be bought from any Sorbet Salon. Pick one up after your next facial, mani/pedi or eyelash extensions session.


PRODUCT ALERT : Optiphi Cleanser Review

Optiphi Facial cleanser

This cleanser has been on our beauty desk for a while – we are only getting around to reviewing it now because we were too busy loving it too much.

Optiphi Cleanser

Why do we love it so much, you ask?

This cleanser is a multi-functional cleanser, part of the Optiphi Active skincare range. It contains Salicylic acid to desensitize skin irritation and provide light exfoliation. This cleanser is also great to target skin pigmentation and acne.

It is a complete cleanser and it cleanses, mildly exfoliates AND tones the skin. All you need is a pea-sized amount with a bit of water. It lathers up and creates a bit of foam, but it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or tight after use, which is what we all want from a cleanser.

This product can also be used over the eye area and to remove makeup. So it is really a no-brainer as to why you need this cleanser too. It can also act as a 5 minute mini-mask AND as a spot treatment. It’s suitable for any skin type and any skin conditions too.

Optiphi Facial cleanser

SO, to sum this product up into a short, why YOU NEED THIS in your life :

It is a 6 in 1 product – what more could you want? It removes makeup, it cleanses, exfoliates, it tones the skin, you can use it as a spot treatment AND even shave with it if you have a beard. You can even use it as an exfoliating/peel treatment, WHAT? It really is an amazing multi-functional product with amazing benefits for something classified as just a cleanser. It is truly so much more than just that.