Why is Tata Harper’s natural products taking South Africa by a storm

Looking for that exclusive 100 % natural anti-ageing skincare product, well look no further, cause its here. Tata Harper hit South African shores and you can find it at the most exciting spa’s within the country.

Tata Harper is now available in four local, 5 star rated spas. The Oyster Box, The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Bushmans Kloof Wilderness and Xigera

Skincare product

What Makes Tata Harper, ‘Tata Harper’

The products speak for itself. Tata Harper completely relies on providing sustainable products, taking every ounce of natural ingredient and capitalising on the benefits. Therefore, one could say Tata harper completed revolutionised the ‘farm to face’ trend.

Tata Harper is a member of a number of organisations that preach everything natural. they have made great strides in cementing themself as a cruelty free power house.

Trusting the process

The company founded a new market. The aim; to source 100 % organic products, but struggled to find the right specific ingredients that met her standards.

Upon scouring the earth, and after many attempts, she finally found the right recipe combining quality, efficiency and purity. Sourcing 100% natural and organic ingredients from vendors that are certified for their use of organic agriculture.

Each Tata Harper’s products contain biodegradable ingredients that meet Cosmos and Ecocert standards, and are packaged with fully recyclable and sustainable materials. Apart from those, Tata is also certified by the American Vegetarian Association

As a result, the brand is an avid believer of uncompromising beauty. Combining hundreds of products to achieve a unique goal, limiting the amount of harmful chemicals, and rather opting to pack it with hundreds of natural ingredients.

Its all natural

What to expect

These treatments are surely something you do not want to miss out on. Treatments are designed to focus on hydration and nourishment.

These various treatments will encompass face, body and massage rituals. Restoration and remodelling techniques are at the heart of the treatments.

In summary you can expect a mind-fulfilling experiment that you will not regret.

Avoid disapointment and head over to one of the 4 recommended spas, where you can experience Tata harper at its finest.

Click on the links: The Oyster Box, The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Bushmans Kloof Wilderness, Xigera

Beauty and Wellness Trends to Look Out For In 2021

With the new year already in full swing, there are a few words that are shining strong in what is the new normal, world such as prevention, immune-boosting as well as mental and physical wellness. With this in mind, we spoke to Marisa Dimitriadis, Managing Director at The Spa Consultants and Chief Business Coach of Spa Professionals Guild for all the trends expected this year in the beauty and wellness industry.


Wellness is set to take on a different, more dynamic and all-encompassing shape going into 2021. The consumer will be focused on all types of self-help and ways to prevent illness rather than cure it. It will not just be about mindfulness and treatments that promote wellness and holistic interventions but will include far more such as fashion and science looking at what fashion styles, fabrics and colours can do for wellness as well as how science is evolving artificial intelligence, modern medicine and the digital space to offer solutions for all to be healthy and well.

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Relaxing baths re a beauty and wellness trend for 2021Whilst visits to spas and salons will still happen we predict that the consumer will continue to look for more at-home solutions. Some examples to look out for are: spiritual cleansing baths, bath teas for different outcomes such as detoxifying, sleep-enhancing, skin smoothing, remineralising and more. At-home skin peeling solutions, a wider variety of masks, special eye treatments to assist the reduction of swollen or red eyes and any blue light protection products as the consumers spend more time in front of their computers and devices.


Set to be the biggest growing trend in beauty and wellness for 2021 is the online space as consumers spend more time looking online instead of in-store or face to face. Set to show a big boom is virtual online skincare or body care consultations where your qualified aesthetician will help you achieve your skincare or body care goals in the virtual space. The professional skin and body brands you are used to buying at your salon will be available for home delivery at the prescription of your qualified therapist. More online events such as wellness workshops and webinars to improve physical and mental wellness will be on the rise this year.


Meditative beauty and wellness trend 2021We will definitely see a rise in local travel which are renaming “responsible travel” where the aim is to support our local economy to get back on track whilst still recharging and regenerating. With overseas travel taking a back seat completely in 2021 the sustainability focus for the coming year is supporting the local economy.

Prescriptions will change shape in 2021 with nature as the main remedy. This year will see a rise in nature-based anything from hotels, treatments in the outdoors, guided nature meditation sessions and so many more offerings.


Quality of sleep has deteriorated and it’s becoming more a question of quality over quantity. Beauty/spa services will have a focus to enhance better sleep even perhaps including treatment that works at it’s best at night. Silk sleepwear, sleep yoga, satin pillowcases are all set to be a growing trend in the coming year in the beauty and wellness industry.

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Anything you can do to support the immune system will be the name of the game in immune-boosting ingredients as well as techniques will be seen in massage, in body wraps and exfoliations, in skin treatments and even energy healing concepts.


With increased time on zoom calls and online meetings where the focus is the face and neck well there, you have it. Treatments to enhance natural glowing skin and flawless complexion is a top priority for the workforce going into 2021. A focus on natural makeup is also a huge 2021 beauty trend with makeup for online meetings lessons being a top of the list.


Quality of Air was already a focus from 2019 but will see a new shift in 2021 with much more than air purifiers and specific plants that improve the air quality. Have a look at something very interesting that will start to make some way this coming year especially in the workplace where people have to come to a public place to work and also, the hospitality industry that services the business traveller.

Beauty Bargains: New Online Beauty Store

After the financial strain of living in a pandemic, being able to get beauty products as at bargain prices is a life saver!

Beauty Bargains SA is a platform that brings you your favourite, high quality products at the best possible prices. Prices are discounted by at least 20% off of all listed recommended selling prices.

Linked to the store is an affiliate program which can be joined by anyone, and it is completely free. As an affiliate you have the opportunity to earn 10% back in cash on all purchases made through your affiliate link. Your affiliate link can be shared with your friends, family and colleagues.

The bigger purpose behind Beauty Bargains SA is to create a ‘pay it forward’ platform where everyone has the opportunity to make a little extra money by being supported by their friends, who in return are supported by their respective friends and networks.

The platform is still growing but in the future will feature products ranging from skin, body, nails, perfume, accessories, jewellery etc.

Looking great has never felt this good.

Find them on Facebook & Instagram

Professional Beauty to host live event in November

The Professional Beauty Buyers Forum & Conference will take place on 1 and 2 November at Gallagher Convention Centre, with all COVID-19 safety protocols and social distancing regulations in place.

Not only will this exciting networking event be jam-packed with informative seminars presented by top speakers in all things beauty, nails, spa and medical aesthetics, there will also be a table top sales forum, where delegates will be able to interact with top brands.

The event comprises the Medical Aesthetics Conference, which takes place on 1 November, while the Professional Beauty Conference will run on 2 November.

Says Phil Woods, commercial director of Professional Beauty SA: ‘The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown prohibited us from holding our annual trade shows in Durban and Cape Town, as well as our flagship Johannesburg event in September. After months of hosting free online industry seminars, it’s now time for us to connect with industry stakeholders in person.

“Obviously, safety is a primary concern, so all delegates, speakers and exhibitors will be required to wear a face mask. Social distancing is strictly controlled at Gallagher Convention Centre, which has 60 automatic hand sanitsers. We will register each and every single attendee. Visiting this event will be safer than visiting a shopping mall as all delegates’ details are recorded just as if visiting a salon or spa.”

A nominal fee of R550 per day will be charged per delegate for access to the seminars and the Buyers Forum, as well for lunch and refreshments. Due to social distancing regulations, numbers are limited.

Avoid disappointment and book your seat by clicking here.

Event: World Wellness Weekend (19-20 Sept 2020)

Since 2018, Wellness Weekend is an official partner of European Week Of Sports an initiative of the European Commission to encourage people to be more active more often. With half of humanity staying at home, the need to keep fit & flexible in our bodies and in our minds is essential.

“Social distancing” should be replaced by “Physical distancing AND Social proximity” said Susie Ellis.


Choose daily rituals to keep active at home with your family and/or #wellnessbuddies on Facetime, Whatsapp, Messenger, Zoom, Skype. Practice yoga, Pilates, fitness, together for 20 or 30 minutes a day. As we move and have fun together, we can change the chemistry in our bodies: instead of enduring FEAR & STRESS (increasing adrenaline, cortisol and thrombine), release PLEASURE hormones (endorphin, serotonin, ocytocin). Keeping your body and your mind active will strengthen your immune system, boost your morale and help you be more creative & resilient to prepare what comes next as we RESET & RESTART.

Everyone is invited to become their best version: #WellnessForAll #WellnessAtHome #BeActiveAtHome.

Since 2017, World Wellness Weekend has served to raise the global well-being index.

In 2019, 2,356 venues participated in 98 countries, generating 430 stories on TV, radio, print publications & internet, reaching an estimated audience of 224 million people.

19th & 20th September 2020 is an even bigger opportunity to reach even more people in the world, and change lives at the 4th Annual World Wellness Weekend. WWW invites people to enjoy how GREAT it feels to be WELL through fun, educational events in the 5 Pillars of Wellness: SLEEP, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, MINDFULNESS and SENSE of PURPOSE.


We believe in #WellnessForAll. In association with IHRSA and inspired by the UNESCO Chair, we are reaching out to people with disabilities and special needs. We encourage fitness & spa professionals to use this unprecedented time of confinement to find ways to make their business more accessible to people with disabilities and special needs.

HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: We believe in #wellnessfornurses #wellnessfordoctors. Doctors & nurses are the first responders waging a war against the virus by testing tens of thousands of people and caring for those already infected.

Healthcare practitioners are notoriously over-worked, on the verge of exhaustion or burn-out. Once the threat of virus propagation diminishes, social distancing is lifted and businesses re-open, Spas, Salons, Fitness clubs, Yoga/Pilates studios are asked to invite nurses & doctors for a special fitness or mindfulness event, or organize a 60-minute wellness workshop in their local hospital or clinic.


  1. Get involved as a WWW Supporter. Promote WWW and register quality providers in your city to get on the Wellness Map and host an event during the WWW.
  2. Become a WWW city Ambassador. Gain the support of public officials & tourism bureaus to encourage citizens and tourists to enjoy how great it feels to be well in cities that wish to become Wellness destinations
  3. Organize a Wellness Collective. Align with other service providers to create a wellness lifestyle series or become a wellness street with Spas, beauty salons, yoga studios, holistic providers, wellness cafés, etc


Commit to a personal wellness objective (e.g. Better mental health, reach an ideal weight, exercise more often, be more flexible to increase range of movement and prevent back pain…)

Engage a friend or colleague to become their Wellness Buddy, to join regular fitness or yoga classes, shop at a farmers’ market then cook together.

Resist unhealthy temptations and each week, put money in a « wellness jar » or a piggy bank of the equivalent value of sugary snacks they wanted to buy & eat (but did not) or cigarettes they managed not to buy & smoke. When WWW comes on 19-20 Sept, they will celebrate the achievement of their personal goal, see how much money they have put aside, and will decide to donate it to a local charity or a NGO.

With each WWW Wellness Pledge, not only will two people be able to reach their personal wellness objectives with the help of their respective wellness buddy, but also the money they will save will be donated to people who lack everything: health, clean water, food, education… Each of us can, not only upgrade one’s personal lifestyle and become a better version of themselves, but also touch positively many lives. For instance, R50 may buy a pack of sugary snacks or a pack of cigarettes, or it can feed & school a child in Calcutta for 2 weeks!

Let’s all make a meaningful contribution to improve our lives and someone else’s.

For more information visit their website or contact South African Ambassador, Taryn Lilley at taryn@spadynamics.co.za

Nano: Hyper-Intelligent Appointment Scheduling

Hyper Intelligent Appointment Scheduling for Clients and Staff

 ESP Nano Cloud is an easy and efficient scheduling system for you and your team: for a rent-a-chair, mobile practitioner or a salon owner for your intelligently rostered staff. ESP Nano allows your clients and staff to make online bookings via a browser from any internet connected device 24/7, 365.  Then track your progress through the month with daily score-keeping to keep you or your staff on target for prosperity.

But there is more – in Nano you can:

  • Manage price lists
  • Manage staff records,  staff rosters and client lists
  • Setup staff booking item rules
  • Do sales transactions and day end cash up
  • Get reporting and a daily scorecard to track your sales target

Nano Cloud is brought to you by ESP Connected Salon and Spa Computing, the undisputed market leader since 1994.

Watch The Nano Journey here.

ESP Nano launch

For those of you that don’t have an online booking solution, ESP is making the Nano Practitioner system available at no charge to Collective Corporation members at this time to get you up and trading ASAP!

From sign up to getting your details loaded, it takes just 20 minutes to go live.

Call 086 099 4163 or email info@espconnect.africa

Event: WISER Webinars August 2020

When dynamic women come together great things follow. This women’s month is no different. There will be a series of webinars held all in aid of charity. South Africa is in a state of crisis due to the Covid 19 pandemic and with the healthcare sector taking most of the strain. WISER is assisting with the National campaign of raising funds for oxygen concentrators for donation and has partnered with the Lockdown Medical SIM Team to raise awareness and help communities in desperate need. These oxygen concentrators will not only benefit multiple patients and provide hundreds of hours of oxygen, but also be donated AFTER the pandemic to other organisations for oxygen therapy for patients with lung disease. With our public and private health sectors struggling to meet infection demands, the webinar series was planned especially for this cause.


WISER is not a person, it is a collaborative platform with the sole vision of “giving back” to society. It was conceptualized to expose women to empowering workshops and webinars with the intention to equip & enable them to live their envisioned lives, whilst providing sponsorships & donations towards benefitting our under-privileged sisters with skills and tools for development. WISER was founded with the intention of rallying together diverse women in their professional capacities, influences and experiences to build the legacy of a sisterhood with the hope of having a ripple effect into the next generation of successful women.

In 2019, a successful workshop was hosted by the first collaboration of inspiring women, Candice Abrahams Former Mrs World 2016, Ayesha Rajah, somatologist and Owner of Urbanbliss Spa, Naseera Turkey CEO of Azzuri Capital and Shahista Thokan, Founder of Silver Lining Workshop Facilitation. This year will be slightly different using a virtual platform. Attendees can attend a webinar from the comfort of their own homes and interact with guest speakers.

WISER webinars will be hosted every Sunday morning in August. Tickets are on sale and funds will be donated directly to the identified charity for transparency purposes. The line-up for this 2020 event is nothing short of magnificent and includes Margaret Hirsch, CEO of Hirsch’s group, Unaiza Suliman Founder of  Uniq Brow franchise countywide, Tarina Patel an international actress, model and producer, Dr Sindi van Zyl medical practitioner and talk show host with Kaya Fm and Nafisa Grey, CEO of i4Group. The webinars will be facilitated by Silver Lining Workshop Facilitation. Topics will be vast and informative ranging from discussions on domestic abuse, health & recovery from the virus to business hacks for entrepreneurs. There will be amazing giveaways and opportunities for all women in the upcoming months.

For more information regarding the WISER workshop or donations, kindly email wisercollab@gmail.com or follow the instagram handle @w_i_s_e_r. To contribute  towards the initiative, simply deposit funds to SIM Team using the reference WISER to FNB Account no. 62670927676 Branch 250737.

Dermalogica: Back in Touch

Dermalogica revolutionised the skin care industry when it emerged into the marketplace in 1986 with innovative formulations, which excluded common irritants, including SD alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil and artificial colours and fragrances. Jane Wurwand developed the products to better support the advanced curriculum she had developed a few years earlier for The International Dermal Institute, which she also founded. Wurwand led the company’s growth from an idea to the world’s most-requested professional skin care brand. 

Dermalogica today is sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. 


More than six weeks after the Coronavirus forced business shutdowns around the world, the professional skin care industry in South Africa has reopened, but has followed government Level 4 lockdown restrictions and therefore cannot yet perform skin care treatments. Dermalogica, which advanced the industry in 1983 by providing postgraduate education to licensed Skin Therapists, has taken the lead today, boldly announcing new measures to help salon owners and professional Skin Therapists reopen their businesses with retail sales in line with government legislation where possible, since 1 May 2020. 

Developed in accordance with Dermalogica’s professional-grade standards, and with the safety of staff and consumers as top priority, the new measures include the following steps once government allows skin centers to open for treatments:

  1. Dermalogica Principles for Enhanced Service Safety, a set of directives such as maintaining physical distancing by staggering appointments and limiting entrance; wearing masks in common areas and masks and face shields during treatments; hand sanitization, handwashing, and sterilization; as well as requirements for laundering and retail testers.
  2. Detailed safety protocols that address specific touch-points such as pre-appointment screening; client arrival and departure; retail and common area floor services; treatment room sanitation; protective wear, and more.
  3. Clean Touch Certification, awarded to Skin Therapists who complete free online training on the key principles and enhanced protocols. Upon completion, Skin Therapists will earn a certificate recognising them as Clean Touch Certified, which they can display in their skin center, treatment room, or website. These certificates will also be displayed in Dermalogica concept stores.

 “As science progresses, we will surely need to loosen or tighten the safety precautions,” states Dermalogica Global CEO Aurelian Lis. “What counts is that we have defined the most appropriate steps now so that the industry can embark on the changes necessary to make facial skin care services a reality. With big business focused on digital or sitting it out, Skin Therapists are not willing to give up on the important industry of human touch and connection.” 

 To become Clean Touch Certified, visit: https://www.dermalogica.co.za/safety

Dermalogica products are available in select skin treatment centers on the recommendation of a qualified professional Skin Therapist, in addition to the brand’s concept stores located around the world and online at dermalogica.co.za. Dermalogica is made in the USA, with its global operations based in Carson, just south of Los Angeles. 

Good News For Beauty Consumers! Beauty Salons and Hairdressers Now Tradiing!

Beauty Warriors

Its been a long lockdown for those in the Beauty Industry

We are excited to announce that you can start purchasing your skincare, body,  hand and foot care and of course hair care products from your go-to beauty salon or hairdresser as of 1 May 2020

No, you cannot have treatments just yet, we know; the struggle is real with grey hairs popping out by the dozen and your leg hair resembling bigfoot.  We know that you, as clients, are very keen to get back in touch with us.

In Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s briefing, particular mention was made to the Hairdressing, Beauty and Skincare industry with regards to the high level of consumer requests for hair and nail treatments. This is a positive step for the industry as the government is aware of the necessary service it provides, not only from a grooming perspective but also from a necessary healing and touch element. However, providing services to clients is strictly prohibited during level 4.

The risk-adjusted strategy, 29 April 2020 labeled the following – personal care toiletries, including hair care, body, face, hand and foot products, roll-on deodorants, and dental care products – as ‘Wholesale and Retail Covering Stores, Spaza Shops, E-commerce and Informal Traders’ and gives industry permission to begin retail trade.

This is great news for consumers at large, you can now get some of that much-needed glow back.

Here is how it works:

Purchase retail products via e-commerce, social media or directly from the spa, hairdresser, nail bar or beauty salon sell in store should they open in order to do so and have the required CIPC permit


  • Attempt to first purchase on-line as this is the safer option
  • Should you need to go into the business to purchase products adhere to regulations and exceptions of that business e.g. cloth masks are compulsory for everyone in public, no waiting areas allowed, social distancing and a limited number of people in a salon at a time
  • We suggest that you do an EFT prior to going in, this will limit the time sent in the space and exposure to credit card machines and surfaces
  • We suggest that you arrange a collection time with the business to limit contact with many people
  • Ensure that you use sanitizer when entering and leaving the business
  • respect all-new social distancing requirements

We are part of an industry forum working behind the scenes to get the beauty industry fully trading to perform vital services under strict hygiene and health protocols. This submission includes a request for industry funding to help keep our valued salons in business.

We know it’s been a challenging time for us all and in particular for breadwinners that can’t earn an income. Our industry is made up largely of women entrepreneurs who have a passion for their professional craft. This industry has heart and a voice and We would appreciate your help, if you agree, with getting the word out as we are all #InThisTogether, please sign and share this petition through your social media platforms

Again, we remind you that you cannot have beauty, hair, and nail services at the moment, as it is illegal, this could spread the epidemic, and furthermore it could jeopardize collective efforts to get the industry trading earlier than level 1.

We are here to support you in any way we can, please reach out should you have any quires

Stay Safe and Be Well.  

Professional Beauty Awards Gala Dinner

Professional Beauty Awards 15th of March 2020.

A prestigious gathering of the best beauty professionals in South Africa, all gathered under one roof and joined together in celebration.

Ticket price of R495 includes a welcome drink, 3-course dinner, fantastic entertainment and opportunity to laugh and dance until the early hours, don’t miss out!

We are also pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Business Conference, on the 16th March, aimed at improving your business, the way you operate and ultimately your bottom line.

Top business leaders and experts will be sharing their knowledge to help YOU grow.

We are running a special offer, whereby you book a conference ticket and a prestigious Gala Awards ticket plus a full day conference ticket and save 30%!

Click here to take advantage of this limited combined special offer and only pay R625 for both tickets!