Piercings: An Artful Expression

Getting a new piercing? Not sure how many to get? Not a clue on how to care for them?

Love them or hate them, they have become a valid form of artistic expression of the individual in the 21st century.


As early as 10-15 years ago, having any piercing beyond the single piercing through the lobe was still seen as risqué. Treating piercings as an art form has led to the rise of a trend known as “Ear Curation”.

We chatted to Gavin Middleton, a body piercing at Parkhurt’s Black Betty Designs.

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Are Facials Safe In COVID-19?

Would you feel safe chancing a facial with COVID-19 being at its all-time high?

We did some deep diving to see if it really is possible to be safe while visiting a spa. You can only delay your regular skincare treatments for so long before it becomes an urgent necessity. Believe me, I have tried!

Face masks have become a permanent feature, activing all sorts of unnecessary complications for our skin. We developed new COVID-19 term for skin ‘Maskne’ – breakouts caused by wearing a mask for extended periods of time. Taking care of our skin is a bigger concern than before.

are facials safe in covid-19THE RISKS

  • Proximity of close human contact
  • Lying down without a mask
  • Being in a high-traffic space
  • Unsure is correct sanitization protocols are in place

“Salons must be fully compliant to the highest standards of excellence in order re-open their doors”, says Esna Colyn, CEO of Imbalie Beauty, which comprises of Placecol Skincare Clinics, Dream Nails salons and Perfect 10 Studios.



Let’s be honest, this is a self-regulatory industry. How do we really know that protocols are being upheld consistently without compromise? We asked some of the industry’s largest spa and salon groups to weigh in, and also visited establishments to investigate for ourselves.

John Lambrou, Managing Partner of Life Day Spa, Cape Town assured us.

“Before any staff members are allowed to start doing treatments, everyone had to pass a COVID exam. This included frontline staff, managers and attendants. This takes place after they have attended a half day training session on COVID protocols”.

Sorbet have also implemented an examination prior to staff commencing work. Linda Sinclair, Sorbet CEO said, “We have provided online and in-store training. We are also educating them about COVID-19 and sharing updates with them weekly.”

Regardless of the current pandemic, there have always been high hygiene standards in the personal care. That’s just nature of the industry. Exams are great in instilling and reinforcing safety precautions, but in practise how will this translate to clients’ safety?


Sinclair adds, “We have implemented a list in excess of 20 additional hygiene and social distancing protocols.”

Upon investigation, all three of the spa & salon groups mentioned above use shoe spray as you enter, disposable bedcovers, and therapists wear masks, face shields and disposable aprons over their uniforms. There is also a lead time between clients for complete sanitization of the treatment room.

“We ask clients to bring own pillow and blanket to feel completely at ease while they have their facials”, says Lisa Leibov, Principal Educator of the Imbalie Beauty Training Academy. “Each client receives a sterile and sealed facial kit with her own sponges, tissues and cotton wool. Nothing is reused.”

are facials safe in covid-19Team Beauty Warriors visited a local Durban beauty salon to witness how these safety standards played out. Skin Tone Beauty & Laser Studio sent us their safety protocols and guidelines upon confirmation of our facial booking. They encouraged us to leave all belongings in the car, and wait in the car until our appointment time.

We completed a screening form, had our temperature checked and shoe spray applied. A therapist wiped down surface while they ushered us into the room.

It was a little scary when they removed our mask just before facial cleansing. The beauty therapist, however, was fully kitted-out with gloves, mask and facial shield and was very relaxed and confident, which eased the situation.

My next question was to steam or not to steam? Having researched it, it seems that steam is actually encouraged. It keeps the nasal cavity and throat moist which mitigates some of the chance of infection.

The facial went very smoothly and the care to minimize chances of infection was a constant, present factor throughout.


With all these safety protocols in place and the ever-present odor of sanitizing cleaning products, masked therapists and screens between staff and clients, would the relaxing, tranquil nurturing experience feel sterile and cold. Colyn stated that it was a concern of the Imbali group too.

“Our purpose as a group is to connect to the hearts of all of our customers. Just because our environment has become so sterile, does not mean our hearts have. The power of touch is so important to human life and once such stringent protocols are in place, our therapists can truly connect to their customers with love and empathy and care. Renewing not only body, but mind and soul.”

are facials safe in covid-19Ferzana Moosa, owner of Skin Tone Beauty and Laser Studio stressed that, “Our bond with our clients makes it difficult for our warm personalities. We have implemented a ‘no touch’ policy, but safety comes first. We are still here to nurture and care for every one of our clients”.

She added, “For clients, especially those that are high risk, we offer free online consultations to help them stay safe while still maintaining self-care.”

In terms of client feedback, Sinclair says, “We have received positive feedback from our guests, in-store and on social media. Clients say that they are satisfied with the safety measures in place, praising Sorbet for keeping their guests safe.”

Lambrou adds, “Every client gets a ‘rating survey’ after every visit, and we have included a section on COVID safety. So far, not one client has felt unsafe at the spa and is really impressed with our COVID protocols.”

It does however come down to your comfort levels and personal risk factors. We can CONFIDENTLY say that we are most certainly impressed by the precautions, safety and hygiene standards put into place by the personal care industry.

To be honest, there is most likely a greater risk visiting a pharmacy or going grocery shopping.

Beard Grooming with Jack Black

During lockdown, a lot of men have embraced the beard – and why not? Beards are great and no one enjoys the process of shaving. Of course, while we are all working from home, it’s very easy for things to get wild, especially if you are unable to see a barber, so we spoke the folks at Jack Black on how you can best maintain your beard during this time.

Beards can include the classic, full, bushy, biker, Viking, short, faded hair cut with beard, curly hair with a beard, man bun and a beard, pompadour with a beard, messy hair with a beard, beard and moustaches and patchy beard styles of all ethnic groups and all ages and colours. Even if you have stubble-looking-almost-no-beard-growing type look, you will most likely need to shave, and you need to take care of the skin and the hair, no matter how short.


There are so many ways a man shaves – or doesn’t shave – and JACK BLACK stands apart from the competition in this category with unique product forms to provide the smoothest, closest shave he loves or that full, soft, silky beard she loves.


Beard Wash multi-functional formula that helps cleanse, condition, and soften facial hair by removing dirt and oil while conditioning the hairs and skin underneath. The gentle formula also breaks down build-up, softens, and leaves facial hair with a natural shine. While we are living through the pandemic, it is important to keep your beard clean more often, however you should take care not to use a product that is too harsh on the skin and may cause sensitivity.


A unique pre-shave oil, shave cream, and skin conditioner in one easy step. The see -through texture lets you see where you are shaving, to avoid nicks, cuts, and visibility when shaving around facial hair. This way you can groom your beard to look like you had it professionally done. All you need to so apply a small amount to wet hands, work it into lather, and massage into beard and rinse off with water.

For men who shave the entire beard area, Beard Lube uses the highest quality natural oils to create a protective cushion for a smooth, effortless glide and exceptional skin hydration. It is so easy to use. You simply work a small amount into your slightly damp beard every time you shave—in the shower, or immediately after showering. For areas with heavier, coarser whiskers, allow product to remain on skin for 120 seconds before shaving. Glide razor over face. Rinse with cold water. DONE!


A rich, luxurious shaving cream that provides three protective and hydrating layers for a close, irritation-free shave. Perfect for use with or without a shaving brush and this nourishing cream enhances skin’s moisture content leaving it soft and smooth.

Start with a slightly damp face. Apply an even layer of SUPREME CREAM over your face and neck with your fingertips or a shaving brush. Activate SUPREME CREAM by working it to a rich, creamy lather using circular motions. Shave with a sharp, clean blade, rinsing the razor frequently. Afterwards, rinse your face with cold water.

This luxurious shaving cream lifts hair up and away from the skin for a smooth, close shave that leaves your skin soft, hydrated, and refreshed. Three hydrating layers create a protective cushion between the skin and blade, helping reduce razor burn, irritation, and nicks for a pain-free shave. Now doesn’t that sound like something you would prefer rather than that razor burn afterwards?


To finish off, a soothing, fragrance-free, alcohol-free aftershave treatment. It soothes razor burn, irritation and redness due to shaving. Not that you are going to have this because you used either the SUPREME CREAM or the BEARD LUBE. The POST SHAVE COOLING GEL is lightweight and non-greasy, it will leave your skin feeling cooled and refreshed. Furthermore, it is fragrance-free, with light botanical aroma, it won’t compete with your cologne or fragrance.


Above we have covered shaving your beard, but what about the grooming involved of a full, bushy, classic beard. We need to tame and control that hair! BEARD OIL with Kalahari melon oil & vitamin E, is an exclusive blend of certified organic natural oils, potent antioxidants, and vitamins with a pleasant, light aroma and super sheer texture, not overly greasy and heavy.

It reduces beard itch and minimizes flakiness by hydrating and conditioning the sensitive skin under the beard. Remember the secret to a healthy looking beard is making sure the skin underneath is also healthy! Furthermore, it tames unruly beards and adds a natural condition and shine. It is specially formulated to moisturize skin and prevent irritation caused by dryness, ingrown hairs, and irritating bacteria.

You only need to pump 2-3 drops (1/2 pump) of Beard Oil into your palm. Rub your hands together and massage upward into facial hair, making contact with the skin underneath. To finish, groom your beard downward with your fingers or brush and style as usual. You can reapply it as many times as you need.


Living in a modern world that is forever changing, you need a brand that will take care of your beard and your skin that you can rely on to not change. When we say NOTHING COMPLICATED, NOTHING COSMETIC, JUST SUPERIOR SKIN CARE, you can count on that staying the same. What does that mean?

NOTHING COMPLICATED defines the fact that there is a product to suit your specific needs. Do you have a full face beard that has its own mind, we can take care of that. Do you get breakouts from shaving your beard, or suffer from razor burn, because you like a clean shave, again, we have the solution. Would you like to have one product for every area or do you like to change it up and use different products? Guess what, we have got you covered… literally!

NOTHING COSMETIC describes that JACK BLACK does not just smell great and sit on the surface of your skin, the carefully selected ingredients in every single product will work on all of the levels of your skin, and is developed specifically for testosterone-driven skin types. Yes, that means it is specifically designed for a male skin.

SUPERIOR SKINCARE indicates, and not subtly I might add, that YES, JACK BLACK is superior in every single way. From the ingredients, to the functioning of the products and even the results are superior.

You can find Jack Black on Facebook & Instagram.

GoBeauty – Revolutionising How You Book Your Next Beauty Appointment

We love innovation within the beauty industry and so we were very excited to chat to Tatjana from GoBeauty site, a South African platform that allows users to book appointments with ease from their pockets.

What is GoBeauty?

Tatjana: “GoBeauty is designed for all those who like to have beauty treatments and love professional beauty products, and who live in the 21st century. 

We have established a platform (formerly an app, however due to limited functionality we had to expand) with all reviews, photos and basically all the information one needs to get beautified. 

Customers could make bookings online at any listed salon or spa on GoBeauty.co.za from 2013, and from 2017 even order your products from the salons and spas directly and have them delivered for free to your home or office. And we kept growing from there, to make it easier, faster and more convenient for customers to book their beauty and spa treatments. 

Needless to say, this has revolutionised the industry at the time, but not as much as the coronavirus crisis did – overnight everyone wants to sell their products online, and everyone is looking to buy everything online now.”

GoBeauty: Why It Matters To You

Tatjana: “If you are anything like most Millennials, you want to always look on trend, beautiful and all sorted with the latest treatments (yes, the brows!) and products (for that glowy, dewy skin), not forgetting the nails, and occasional spa pampering with the girls. 

To cover everything, you may need an array of salons for your hair, nails, wax, facials, and that delicious full-body massage. 

But life is so very busy, and there is never enough time to do it all. The thought of having a facial only occurs in the evening when taking your makeup off, but then no salon is open to take your booking. Oh, and your moisturiser is almost finished. What do you do? 

Tomorrow is another day, another busy time and you forget to book your appointments again. 

Of course most people would prefer to book online. In fact, most people nowadays would prefer buying products online and letting the products be delivered to them rather than taking time out of their busy schedules to collect products from the salon. 

But in South Africa, beauty salons and spas, as a whole, are just not there yet with the ease of using online technology. Salons and spa are professionally skilled at what they do – at serving the clients with all the fabulous pampering and amazing treatments that make you feel like a million dollars, but using ‘online technology’ is often ‘not their thing’, because it’s not something salon owners necessarily have time or focus for. 

Also, everyone likes loyalty programs for supporting their favourite businesses. And why not, the whole world is already on that. And so is GoBeauty.co.za”

Who Is This Platform Created For?

Tatjana:Salon and spas owners can enlist on the platform and have all their treatments and products listed and sold to customers with courier deliveries the same day. 

Customers can now use the platform to find and order all of the professional products from salons or spas who stock them in their immediate area and receive them delivery free. All appointments can also be booked from a central site.”

You have recently been recognized for your innovation in the beauty industry – tell us about that.

Tatjana:This truly innovative approach has led to the concept being embraced by the UK and Australian beauty market, so much so that we were entered into the Innovation Awards in the UK in May 2020.

So, if you like going for your beauty or spa treatments but hate calling for appointments, you can find salons and spas in your area, see their reviews, prices and photos and book directly on gobeauty.co.za. 

If you need products such as RegimA, Environ – we obtained special permissions from brands due to the specialist algorithm we developed for skincare – but you don’t want to drive to the salon just to pick up your moisturiser, you can order them all on gobeauty.co.za 

We also offer specials, vouchers and more.

To top it all off, there are loyalty rewards like no other, for every time you use GoBeauty – this includes a surprise gift box of goodies that comes to your door unexpectedly, just because you use GoBeauty for all your beauty needs. 

Our journey of many years of development now culminates in serving our clients and customers in the best, most innovative and efficient way – whether they are salons or spas or their customers.”

Visit GoBeauty.

Facebook & Instagram.

Don’t Put Your Nails On Lockdown

Home care products for our natural nails have never been so important. For many people using nail polish itself and even any form of care products for their nails is a foreign concept. It has however been weeks since your last visit to a nail salon and a miracle if your artificial nails are still on. If so, they are at the point of being very top heavy and an accident waiting to happen. I believe that we should never have artificial nails applied at the expense of the natural nail but that it should enhance your natural nail and protect it.

Yes, this has a lot to do with the application from your nail technician and the product that she uses, however you have an important part to play as well. Although the lockdown has forced us to focus on home care products it should be part of our daily routine regardless. We need to ensure that our new natural nail that is being formed in our matrix area is of the best possible quality by using vitamin infused products to nourish and feed this area where the nail is being formed. With technology evolving all the time there are products that have active ingredients in that it will improve the structure of the new nail growing out and can even affect the quality of your existing nail that has already been formed.

The secret is regular application and you can visibly see the improvement day by day. Another very import fact to take into consideration is that the natural nail has been protected by a product and is now suddenly exposed to the elements when losing its protective layer. So, when the product is removed from the natural nail it takes a few days of exposure to the elements for this protective layer to return. Bottomline is that the natural nail will need lots of attention at first to restore itself and with the help of home care products and lots of patience this is possible.

We live in a time of instant solutions and instantly stunning nails and every day is one step closer to the new normal and your regular visit to your nail salon however we will need to take time and be patient with our natural nails till that day comes. Here are some helpful tips:

Your nails no longer have any product on and are breaking:

  • Using quality products will give best results – even if they cost a bit more.
  • Protecting your nails is very important at this point – your options are:
    • Keep nails short with several layers of nail polish and nail sealer on to strengthen and protect them.
    • Using a strip of fibreglass with nail glue on the free edge of the nail to help strengthen them especially if you have horizontal cracks in them.
  • Unfortunately keeping your nails shorter at this point will be helpful.

You still have product on, but they have grown out excessively:

  • Having the correct file is very important and remember not to cut the nails as the product will crack and damage your natural nails. They must be filed.
  • Shorten your nails a lot and file the product down so that it is level to your natural nail without having a ridge but leave a thin layer on your nail for strength. Be careful not to over file your natural nail.
  • Seal the product to the nail with a nail glue to help stabilize it.
  • Then use a sealing in polish over the whole nail before adding nail polish

Tips to help you apply your nail polish and have it last longer:

  • Always use a base coat – (e.g.) LCN ultimate base coat forms a ‘velcro’ like layer to secure the polish to it and have it last longer.
  • Always seal the front in by capping the polish along the free edge of the nail.
  • Apply the nail polish in thin layers and paint with light even strokes – seal in the free edge – two layers is advisable.
  • Use a good topcoat that will give the nails a gel like finish while assisting the polish to dry faster.

The most challenging part is then not to do anything that will cause it to smudge, be careful for at least 30-60 minutes to give the deep layers of your polish time to dry completely.

Like with anything new it will take a few tries to perfect the application. At the end of the day you will need to put time aside daily for home care which takes a few seconds at a time and the weekly or perhaps biweekly in the beginning to paint your nails in order not to smudge your nail polish. I promise that the effort will be worth it.

I sincerely hope that these tips will help you through the rest of the lockdown and I know your nail technicians cannot wait to get back to work and give you those stunning nails you have become accustomed to.

The Pursuit of Something Normal: DIY Lockdown Spa Treatment

Here we are: Day 582 of lockdown. I admit, I lost track of the days a while ago in the never-ending cycle of days upon days upon days of samey-ness. Time had become an abstract concept between trying to maintain some sort of work routine, binging Netflix and staring longingly at the street from my kitchen.

I decided I needed to do something to feel normal again. Despite all of this pandemic-imposed me-time, I realised that I had not done anything nice for myself in a while. Normally, my answer to this would be to visit a spa for a facial or massage, but of course this currently remains inaccessible. Not one to be defeated and always up for a challenge, I turned to my kitchen to see how I could DIY my own treatment, using natural ingredients from my food stores.

Open your pores with a nice facial steam

On the stove, bring water to the boil and add in slices of lemon. Additionally, my mint plant outside has been growing out of control, so for good measure, I added in a small handful of leaves. Let it stand to cool down a bit, and then place a towel over your head while letting the steam do it’s magic on your face. Make sure it is not too hot before you do this! 

Steam improves circulation, and will soften your pores, which will allow your facial ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin to maximise their benefits. It is also very soothing, which is exactly what I want when receiving a facial.

The Oil-Cleansing Method

The oil-cleansing method is something that has been on the rises in the past few years. It seems very counterintuitive to clean your skin with oil, especially if you have oily skin, however it has been proven that oil can be incredibly effective as a cleansing agent for the simple reason that oil dissolves oil. 

To cleanse, use a mix of extra-virgin olive oil and castor oil, mixed as a 1:1 ratio in the palm of your hand and then gently massage it into your skin. Leave it for a minute or two and then remove with a warm damp cloth. Not only will this remove impurities and dead skin, but it is a natural antioxidant that will simultaneously moisturise your skin.


As a coffee fanatic, I never pass up the opportunity for a hot-brew, and have a close relationship with my Breville espresso machine, but coffee has many benefits too, especially when used on the skin – from anti-aging properties, reduced inflammation, reduction in dark under-eye circles and even a source of Vitamin B3 which reduces the chance of skin cancer. 

To exfoliate my face, I whipped together a scrub consisting of half a cup of fresh grounds, half a cup of granulated brown sugar and about half a cup of coconut oil (be sure to melt it first – I had a terrible time trying to mix in solid pieces of coconut oil). Apply to your skin in circular motions to remove as much dead skin cells as possible without being rough with your skin. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off.

Beauty Warriors Tip: Coffee is proven to help the reduction and prevention of cellulite, therefore go wild and use this as a body scrub as well, taking care to massage areas where cellulite is a concern. 

Avocado Mask

Before lockdown began, a friend with an avo tree in her garden gifted me with an abundance of the delicious fruit. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to eat as many as possible, they were ripening at a rate that I could not keep up with, so it seemed natural to try and include them in my facial. Avo is a popular choice for DIY facials, and of course they are – they are a superfood filled with so many healthy fats which means they are the best natural moisturiser. Continue reading “The Pursuit of Something Normal: DIY Lockdown Spa Treatment”

Glow During Quarantine – Editor’s Choice

I don’t know about you guys but as a social media influencer and online editor, I am feeling super overwhelmed by all the varying “self-care” skincare routines going around social media during the lockdown. We all love a good sheet mask selfie-and feeling our best for popping onto the couch to watch Netflix seems to be the global trend. I love the idea of using this time to focus on outward skin beauty and As a skincare enthusiast myself I believe it’s so much more than that, Your skin is an investment and it should be treated with the utmost love especially when we are under these high-stress situations.

During this lockdown period, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the impact that certain products have on my health but also the overall environment and world we live in. I went on a mission before lockdown to explore products with a message and a mission. I tried and tested a few Earth-friendly and 100% cruelty-free products that have allowed us to indulge in this your time completely guilt-free.

Close your bathroom door shut out the world for a little while and indulge in YOU time with these incredible product recommendations and reviews from products that I have been trying out over the last 21 days…

Brightening wipes from Derma Fix

These high potency wipes are equipped with a high potency of Vitamin A to assist with photodamaged skin, In less technical terms these wipes help with overall brightening for those of us with a few extra unwanted dark marks and freckles on the skin. This unique product can help improve the appearance of dark rings too- SIGN ME UP? Who doesn’t have these with the stress we are all currently under.

These little wipes can be used as part of your current skincare routine to add a brightening element, It can also be used on the hands, neck, and any other areas where sunspots may be a concern for you.

R 630 for a 30-day supply its not a lot for the price of great looking even toned skin.

Retinol+ From Derma Fix

I have always been a big believer in a multiple-step skincare routines, in recent years I came across serums and I have absolutely grown to love them however Retinol was not a product I was accustomed to using as I knew very little about it. I have added it to my routine and so far I think the results are amazing however I needed to know more so I dug a little deeper

In short, retinol is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A that helps to overtime stop the clock on aging. When you get to 30 this is a product that should be included in your routine to ensure you are preserving your skin for future years by assisting the skin to self renew and enhance the natural collagen production resulting in an improved texture of aging skin. The more I read up on it the more I want to indulge in it.

However, there are multiple side effects when using Retinol. Due to its high potency and the strength of the ingredients many people may experience sensitivity and redness, peeling, and extreme dehydration.

Due to these side effects, it is recommended by skincare professionals that these products should be added very slowly into one nighttime routine. Retinol products can tend to pack quite a punch when it comes to price and that is why we love the one from Derma Fix as you have the option of a 15ml (R420) or a 100ml (R1000). Another plus Derma Fix is 100% South African now more then ever we need to support local.

Sun Sheild SPF50 from Doctor Eckstein

Talking about retinols one thing that kept coming up in all my research was the need for a really strong high-quality sun care product, as skin has become more venerable due to the use of these products. I know what you thinking… I am stuck at home in isolation why would I need sunscreen? Well believe it or not the 30 minutes you spend in the sun doing your yoga videos or light homework outside in your garden you can burn and cause sun damage to your exposed skin.

My recommendation would be the Sun Sheild from Doctor Eckstein – R595 This German skincare range is one of my favorites ranges available in the market and this product is particularly impressive. This sunscreen is none greasy, goes on like a serum, and doesn’t leave my pores clogged and my eye stinging as most sun protection products do. It also has as SPF of 50 that is bound to ensure I have the effective protection for everyday use. Sun Sheild also helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its also VEGAN and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Skin Derm-pure exfoliating glo pads

Queue the glow!! So many people are under the impression that skin GLOW comes from the use of multiple expensive oils but sometimes that glow can be achieved by simply Continue reading “Glow During Quarantine – Editor’s Choice”

Dangers of Microneedling at Home

In a technologically advanced, and not to mention, expensive world, we tend to seek ways to ‘do it yourself’. Whether it is finding home remedies for health issues, doing tasks for school for my 6-year old, or beautifying myself (because time is always an issue).

That is the truth of our modern, hasty life. But where do I draw the line?

“Oh, I saw someone on Youtube remove their appendix with a scalpel…maybe I should try that!”

One of the most popular aesthetic treatments that can be done in a salon, clinic or medical practice is microneedling. This treatment has been around since 1995 and has grown in its popularity and techniques ever since. It can be used in a broad spectrum of dermatological conditions such as acne scarring, scar revision and wound repair, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and the transdermal delivery of active ingredients. The possibilities of this treatment are endless. It is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) which offers clinical results without the surgical costs or inconvenience.

The theory behind microneedling is to make the skin believe that it has received a wound, therefor setting off a healing cascade to produce more collagen. Growth factors are released leading to the synthesis of Matrix Metalloproteinase and the deposition thereof in the dermis. In a study it was shown that 1 microneedling session every 4 weeks for 4 sessions, could improve collagen and elastin synthesis with 400%.

This treatment was nicknamed ‘the poor man’s laser’ as medical devices have become very expensive for practitioners to buy. When this treatment is combined with other treatment modalities such as chemical peels, the effect is magnified.

All this sounds too good to be true. I almost want to run and get my own device. But let’s look at the adverse side effects that can happen if this treatment is not done in a professional environment.

This video was published on Youtube about a lady who is doing her own microneedling at home.

Recognize the dangers of doing this treatment at home?

  • There are no sterilizing/sanitizing techniques before or after the treatment, therefore there is a high possibility of contamination or local infections
  • There is no consideration of medical history that may influence the treatment or products used.
  • A topical numbing solution is used without knowing the adverse side effects of these solutions and the toxicity to the body, being exposed to Lidocaine/Prilocaine/ Tetracaine, etc.
  • A 36-needle cartridge was used which is used for bodywork and scar repair because of the bigger configuration of needles
  • A needle depth that ranges between 1mm and 2.5mm was used during the procedure. Needle depth needs to be adjusted according to areas where skin thickness and sensitivity varies. Researchers described needle depth and penetration. 0.5mm-1mm for fine lines and wrinkles, 1-1.5mm for acne scarring, etc. This is worked way too deep into the deeper dermal layers, causing blood to run over the skin.
  • The ingredients of the product that is used are unknown as well as the benefits or adverse side effects that this may cause after penetration
  • Water was used to lubricate the area. There is a reason we have a waterproof barrier in our skins, so that water and other substances cannot penetrate the skin.

Possible Adverse side-effects:

  • PIH – Post inflammatory Hyper/ hypopigmentation (too much trauma)
  • Erythema – Inflammation! Inflammation causes Ageing!
  • Aggravation of acne
  • Reactivation of Herpes
  • Systemic hypersensitivity
  • Local infections
  • Bruising
  • Release of Interleukin 6&9 may cause scarring
  • Exposure to toxic or irritating substances causing allergic contact dermatitis
  • Numbing cream used – numbing cream gets absorbed into the blood stream, may lead to allergic reactions.

In the last few years, we have seen an explosion of these devices being sold online for anybody to obtain. Whether you are a trained professional or not.

Remember that there are Qualified Professionals that are trained on these devices to work in a safe manner, with the ethical protocol. They have the experience and they know how to deal with adverse side effects. They know how to combine different treatment modalities to give you the best possible results that you could hope for.

If you need any information on these treatments, phone a salon/clinic/medical practitioner near you and ask questions. Ask about the therapist’s qualifications, the type of treatments they offer, the active ingredients that they use. It is important to understand the aftercare after a procedure. Care about your skin and trust your therapist.

‘Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a Miracle’

-Erno Laszlo

Can We Really Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite?

Cellulite – the unsightly dimpled appearance of the skin, often referred to as “cottage cheese”, but before you panic, this is something that 98% of women battle with, whether it be on their hips, thighs or bums. Many people dislike the appearance of having cellulite and prefer to have skin as smooth as they possibly can, but is there really an effective way to get rid of this “cottage cheese” like appearance?

It is imperative to know that having cellulite is normal. If you think that cellulite is indicative of being overweight and unhealthy, you are wrong – you can be thin, active or an athlete and still battle with cellulite.

Let us first understand what cellulite is. Underneath your skin, you will find fibrous connective tissue and below that fat molecules and it is here where the cellulite problem starts. Due to fluctuations in feminine oestrogen hormones, there is a disruption in microcirculation, connective tissue and enlarged fat cells. Accumulation of these fat cells pushes up against the skin and the connective tissues tethered to muscles pull down, creating an uneven surface.


Elancyl Cellu Slim (R395): A French company with more than 45 years of creating beauty products for women, with the aim of enhancing health and appearance. Cellu Slim is a night care treatment. Containing cecropia and caffeine, it is said to have a cooling sensation, relaxing your veins and improving blood flow.

Cellumend Cellulite Cream: Being the most advanced cellulite cream, the formula of this product is based on superior natural ingredients as well as a hi-tech patented ingredient called Liporedectyl. Cellumend is proven to not only prevent cellulite but to also remove it within 6 weeks.

Clarins Body Fit (R650): Clarins Body Fit is a refreshing anti-cellulite control lotion that targets 3 types of Adipocytes that store energy as fat. Applied in the morning and/or at night, this lotion minimizes the appearance of bumpy skin.


Cellulite Brushes: A cellulite brush is made with firm bristles; they are intended to be used directly on the skin. The purpose of this brush is to stimulate circulation and reduce visibility. Although this brush is used on dry skin, it is recommended that a few drops of oil can be applied to the skin prior to the brushing.

Lastly, if creams and brushes are not for you, there are a number of aesthetic treatments that have proven efficiency and are readily available in South Africa.

Although there are multiple methods to help combat the appearance of cellulite, there is no scientific proof that any desired treatments are effective enough to eliminate cellulite completely. If you are looking for a good anti-cellulite solution, then these products listed above are perfect for you but you should also consider including a good anti-cellulite workout and a good anti-cellulite diet to your anti-cellulite arsenal.

Perfume shopping, DUTY FREE – An InSIDER’S GUIDE

No tax and me-time indulgence: No wonder international travellers are increasingly taking a moment to shop duty free perfume. 

You’ve bought your December break plane ticket, packed your bathing suit and booked your beachside cabana. Now all you have to do is write your duty free shopping list and make sure it includes a luxury fragrance or two.

“The number-one advantage to buying your perfume at the airport Duty Free store is the discounted prices; you’ll be able to avoid paying the taxes on these items,” explains Ruth Sutcliffe, the founder of The Scent Guru Group. It’s also a great opportunity to take some well-deserved me-time. There’s something special, convenient and maybe even a little decadent about wandering through the well-stocked fragrance displays.

So it just makes more sense to do it in an environment when you more relaxed and have the time to browse. See Duty Free as a destination point and enjoy the time to be introduced to new fragrances. “I love to feel refreshed by some fragrances and often spray others that make me feel more relaxed and comfortable before I get on flight for the next leg home” says Sutcliffe.

To be honest with you fragrance shopping gives me a headache and I am not talking about all the scents going to my head, I am talking about having to choose ONE! There was a time that you could list the 5 top fragrances of the past two years but try that now, its near impossible with hundreds of perfumes launched a year. With good reason, the global fragrance market size is expected to reach USD 91.17 billion by 2025.

Here are a few key tips to navigate these tax-free fragrant aisles:

Duty free shopping tip #1: Know what’s new

We have sifted through the endless lists of new launches to bring you what’s hot of the shelf this festive season.

Aerin (granddaughter of Estee lauder) has launched Wild Geranium, a new fragrance for women.

What it is: An eau de parfum that captures a field of blooming wildflowers.

Fragrance story: A fresh-cut geranium note and sparkling touches of pink pepper and winter lemon lead you through a maze of enchanting florals. Dewy narcissus mingles with orange flower petals, white peony, rose centifolia tuberose absolute and warm benzoin. (courtesy of nstperfume.com)

Gucci has launched Gucci Guilty Love Edition, new flankers to 2010’s Gucci Guilty and 2011’s Gucci Guilty Pour Homme.

Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme ~ “Just as lovers define their own connection, Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme’s surprising combination of notes shine bold and bright, instinctively melding together. A refreshed Oriental Floral Fruity Chypre scent, the new creation is a tribute to the vintage character of the Narcissus flower.

Opening with a transparent and green crystalline freshness composed of Bergamot, Grapefruit and a Watery Accord, a Narcissus Accord is elevated by the tangy notes of Raspberry. Violet and Jasmine Sambac complement the petal floral quality of the composition. The layered creation is enhanced by an airy Musks base, the divinely sophisticated Patchouli Prisma for its white softness, and finally, the intense wrapping sensation of a Mineral Amber. (courtesy of nstperfume.com)

Marc Jacobs has launched Daisy Daze, Daisy Love Daze, Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze and Daisy Dream Daze, a new quartet of limited edition flankers for women. (Last year’s model: Daisy Sunshine.)

Warm. Vibrant. Bright. An escape from the everyday. MARC JACOBS Daisy Daze limited editions include four feel-good fragrances for spring. The Daisy Daze limited editions are a fresh and fruity twist on the classic Daisy fragrances and offer an olfactive escape to an unexpected Daisy universe.

Daisy Daze ~ “With inviting bursts of mandarin and sweet mirabelle that sparkle against smooth creamy musks, Daisy Daze is a crisp, sumptuous scent.” In 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

Daisy Love Daze ~ “Daisy Love Daze opens with a bright osmanthus, wrapped in the golden softness of amber. The juiciness of apricot radiates a sweet and sparkling sensuality.” In 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze ~ “Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze Opens With Luscious White Peach And Orchard Blossoms, Mingling To Create A Sense Of Comforting Freshness.” In 75 ml Eau de Toilette.

Daisy Dream Daze ~ “Daisy Dream Daze Opens With The Sweet Floracly Of Silky Wisteria. The Juicy Longan Berries Excude A Dewy Freshness That Blend With Clean Musks For A Delicate And Warm Finish.” In 50 ml Eau de Toilette                           (courtesy of nstperfume.com)

Yves Saint Laurent will launch Black Opium Neon, a new spicy gourmand fragrance for women. Black Opium Neon is a flanker to 2014’s Black Opium, which was a flanker to 1977’s Opium.

Black Opium Neon is a new twist on the classic Eau de Parfum. With adrenaline-rich coffee, sparkling orange blossom, and mesmerizing dragon fruit accord, it is a vibrant and indulgent perfume that’s the perfect combination of seductive and sweet. (courtesy of nstperfume.com)


Duty free shopping tip #2: Make a list

Before you pack your bags and head to the airport, identify three to five scents you’d like to buy and take note of their retail store price tag. This will give you shopping options and a financial baseline when you’re perusing the Duty Free aisles looking for your best deal.

Insider tip – Spray the perfumes you wish to try before you start browsing and give it 10-15min to settle before you decide on what to purchase. I have made the grave mistake of just spritzing, whiffing and buying, then getting on to the plane and then had this repugnant smell to deal with for 8 hours. Lesson in spur of the moment shopping!

Duty free shopping tip #2: Opt for light, fresh hues for on board spritzing

If you have more than one flight and/or are travelling for more than six hours, you’re going to want a pick-me-up perfume to wear in-flight and afterwards. Look for clean and zesty citrus and floral scents, like Clinique Aromatics and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue that will make you feel good and won’t be obtrusive to the passenger sitting next to you.

Insider tip – Your carry on limit is 100 ml size bottle containing liquids, scout for this size as it won’t have it taken away by authorities at security.

Duty free shopping tip #3: Pick up a second bottle

This is the season to be bankrupt! So save big and grab that second or third bottle at a great saving for gifting over Christmas or for someone at your destination.

Happy shopping and wishing you a wonderful and blessed festive season,


The Beauty warriors Team