SA Spa Association 2021 – Restructured, including FREE Membership

The South African Spa Association is the ambassador for the Spa Industry, with representation in all aspects related to spas, such as health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training.


In addition to Member Spa Certification, the list of FREE Benefits and Additional PAID Benefits for each member of the SA Spa Association is extensive, with new benefits being constantly added, we therefore encourage members to visit the website on a regular basis.


  1. Spa Association Logo and Digital Certificate: All Spa Association members receive and are allowed to use the logo and certificate during active membership status on their website, collateral marketing material, promotions and client communication. Credibility with the client is established, as each spa is site inspected and conforms to the code of conduct and passes the Site Inspection.
    2. Regular Newsletters and Updates through the Website and Social Media Page
    3.  Free listing only on the SA Spa Association Website: includes name of spa, category, area, website (not linked) and Tel number.
    4.  Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Conference, endorsed by the SA Spa Association: A discount for all spa association members attending the annual 2 day spa conference. South Africa’s leading educational event for spa, wellness and hospitality professionals.


The SA Spa Association is based on a Project System, allowing spas to build their own spa membership puzzle and us as an Association to introduce more quality endorsed options to our members. In the case of all course, workshops and conferences attended, certificates will be issued to the attendees.

For more information on membership, membership categories, sponsorships or how your spa can participate in this important industry initiative, please contact us.

All spas need to complete an application form. Download here.

Contact South African Spa Association on 083 267 2773 or e-mail:

How To Open Your Own Spa

The word “spa” has Latin origin meaning health through water thereby making the core of your spa business water treatments otherwise rather focus on opening or starting a skin and body salon.  So whilst water treatments or hydro therapy are the starting point in terms of treatment offering for spas there are a wide variety of services that the spa business can offer.

The Spa business is still a GROWING INDUSTRY so make sure that when you embark on this exciting journey of starting a spa business that you ensure you are positioning yourself where the consumer needs are currently and take into account any industry trends that are emerging.

Two factors that determine the success of your business are:  Cash flow and planning.  Having set up many spas in and around South Africa, our experience is that you should double the budget from the start.  This does not mean spend more on the actual development of the spa but it means have access to double the cash to run the business for a full 12 months without relying on turnover to break even.  When it comes to planning, my suggestion here is to allow an additional 2 – 3 months just to plan and make changes and research etc. You get ONE chance to set this business up so take your time.

Below is a simple step by step process to starting your own Spa

  1. Funding requirements.  Start by knowing where your funding is coming from and how promptly you will have access to the money.  Only once your funding is in place and you have access to the cash then move on with the project.  It is absolutely pointless to do all the work and research that follows if you don’t have guaranteed access to cash.
  2.  Location.  This is probably one of your biggest challenges so I would get this sorted as quickly as possible.  Once again I don’t recommend going to the next steps of the project if you don’t have a secured location.  When looking for a location take into consideration a few very important factors:  easy to find when giving directions, i.e., not tricky to find.  Easy access from main roads and main highways, signage opportunities, proximity to businesses where you can draw clientele, parking space (ensure plenty as this is always an afterthought and could affect your business negatively if not sufficient safe parking).  Then of course once you have a secure location you need to have a clear understanding of the costs that come with the location i.e., rent, lease period, escalation, parking, etc
  3. Spa Consultant.  A must in your journey of developing your spa!  An experienced and efficient spa consultant can save you money and time in the process.
  4. Concept.  A unique selling point is really what you are after here.  Since there are so many spas now this is more of a challenge but still very possible and once again don’t even go down the path of spending money until you have a solid concept that is unique.
  5. Research competition.  This means know exactly how many spas and salons are in a 10km radius and also visit them and have treatments and get to know exactly what their point of difference is.  Take note of what you did not like during your treatment and ensure to make a point of improving on that in your project.  Take special note of the things that blew you away and develop that further in your spa
  6. Business plan.  Once you have researched the competition thoroughly and are still convinced that your concept is sound and will be unique, then begin a business plan.  Whether you have funding available that does not require a business plan or not, I highly recommend that you still draw up a precise and detailed business plan so you have an outline by which to run your business.  I recommend that spas re-do their business plan every second year as the industry is changing and evolving so much that in order to keep current you need to re look at your plan and strategy.
  7. Determine services to be offered.  Since is it spa that you are opening, at least 2 to 3 water treatments should be offered in your business to be a true spa otherwise rather call  yourself a beauty salon or skincare centre.  With these water services, make sure that they will be used on a daily basis and don’t just have them there for the sake of being able to say that you have water treatments.  For example, don’t build a Vichy shower if you are not going to be able to book guests on it every single day.  So be clever in your plan and choice of water treatments as they can be such a powerful tool in your business.  Decide and be clear on what additional services you will offer and please don’t try and be all things to everyone as this will be a costly mistake.
  8. Choosing a name.  Your choice of name must be easy to repeat, easy to read, clear and concise.  Research the meaning of your name of choice and be comfortable to convey this meaning in your marketing efforts.
  9. Registering the business.  You will need to register the name of your business and set up a company in which to run this business.  Now is also a good time to choose an accountant and attorney to walk the road with you on your venture.
  10. Interior Design.  See 2 or 3 different designers and let them pitch for the business.  Have a look at any previous work they have done and ask to speak to one or two clients.  Give them a clear and precise interior budget so there are no surprises later.
  11. Equipment requirements.  An equipment schedule per room and space in your spa should be drawn up and together with your spa consultant research and get different quotes.
  12. Product requirements. Be open to hearing about all products and set up product house presentations with your spa consultant so that you are able to see at least 10 or 12 suppliers and only after you have seen them begin to narrow your decision on which product houses to partner with.  Make sure that you research all different aspects of the product such as delivery lead times, training policy, will you have a sales representative call on you, promotions, profitability and so many others to consider.

The above 12 points are really just a starting point.  Welcome to the most amazing industry in the world, an Industry where you get to make people feel and look better.

The above article was compiled by The Spa Consultants on behalf of the South African Spa Association.

Nano: Hyper-Intelligent Appointment Scheduling

Hyper Intelligent Appointment Scheduling for Clients and Staff

 ESP Nano Cloud is an easy and efficient scheduling system for you and your team: for a rent-a-chair, mobile practitioner or a salon owner for your intelligently rostered staff. ESP Nano allows your clients and staff to make online bookings via a browser from any internet connected device 24/7, 365.  Then track your progress through the month with daily score-keeping to keep you or your staff on target for prosperity.

But there is more – in Nano you can:

  • Manage price lists
  • Manage staff records,  staff rosters and client lists
  • Setup staff booking item rules
  • Do sales transactions and day end cash up
  • Get reporting and a daily scorecard to track your sales target

Nano Cloud is brought to you by ESP Connected Salon and Spa Computing, the undisputed market leader since 1994.

Watch The Nano Journey here.

ESP Nano launch

For those of you that don’t have an online booking solution, ESP is making the Nano Practitioner system available at no charge to Collective Corporation members at this time to get you up and trading ASAP!

From sign up to getting your details loaded, it takes just 20 minutes to go live.

Call 086 099 4163 or email

Dermalogica: Back in Touch

Dermalogica revolutionised the skin care industry when it emerged into the marketplace in 1986 with innovative formulations, which excluded common irritants, including SD alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil and artificial colours and fragrances. Jane Wurwand developed the products to better support the advanced curriculum she had developed a few years earlier for The International Dermal Institute, which she also founded. Wurwand led the company’s growth from an idea to the world’s most-requested professional skin care brand. 

Dermalogica today is sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. 


More than six weeks after the Coronavirus forced business shutdowns around the world, the professional skin care industry in South Africa has reopened, but has followed government Level 4 lockdown restrictions and therefore cannot yet perform skin care treatments. Dermalogica, which advanced the industry in 1983 by providing postgraduate education to licensed Skin Therapists, has taken the lead today, boldly announcing new measures to help salon owners and professional Skin Therapists reopen their businesses with retail sales in line with government legislation where possible, since 1 May 2020. 

Developed in accordance with Dermalogica’s professional-grade standards, and with the safety of staff and consumers as top priority, the new measures include the following steps once government allows skin centers to open for treatments:

  1. Dermalogica Principles for Enhanced Service Safety, a set of directives such as maintaining physical distancing by staggering appointments and limiting entrance; wearing masks in common areas and masks and face shields during treatments; hand sanitization, handwashing, and sterilization; as well as requirements for laundering and retail testers.
  2. Detailed safety protocols that address specific touch-points such as pre-appointment screening; client arrival and departure; retail and common area floor services; treatment room sanitation; protective wear, and more.
  3. Clean Touch Certification, awarded to Skin Therapists who complete free online training on the key principles and enhanced protocols. Upon completion, Skin Therapists will earn a certificate recognising them as Clean Touch Certified, which they can display in their skin center, treatment room, or website. These certificates will also be displayed in Dermalogica concept stores.

 “As science progresses, we will surely need to loosen or tighten the safety precautions,” states Dermalogica Global CEO Aurelian Lis. “What counts is that we have defined the most appropriate steps now so that the industry can embark on the changes necessary to make facial skin care services a reality. With big business focused on digital or sitting it out, Skin Therapists are not willing to give up on the important industry of human touch and connection.” 

 To become Clean Touch Certified, visit:

Dermalogica products are available in select skin treatment centers on the recommendation of a qualified professional Skin Therapist, in addition to the brand’s concept stores located around the world and online at Dermalogica is made in the USA, with its global operations based in Carson, just south of Los Angeles. 

Post-COVID Business Facelift: A Guide to Reopening

Whether you have opened fully, are open for only a few hours a day, or are preparing to open, I have consulted with various operators around the globe and I’m ready to assist you in the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis with some insight and experiences from industry colleagues. One thing is for sure, whilst you might be relieved to get back to work, and excited to start generating revenue again, your new workplace will bring a lot of unforeseen concerns and a whole new set of challenges.

The New Normal?

A barber in Spain, where my father lives, told me that he is not sure what was more traumatic: going into lockdown or coming out of it. I found this explanation of his experience returning to work very interesting. Let’s look at some important tips to help you get ready to return to your own business.

  • Have a VIP list. This is a list of clients and the services they would like to receive when you re-open. You cannot give clients a date or time until you know when you are opening, but this list will prevent total chaos when opening approaches. Once it arrives, you can simply work your way down your VIP list to book clients the services they requested. A lucrative by-product of initiating this conversation with your clients is that you may uncover a need for retail sales as clients navigate self-care at home.
  • Guide clients to book all their services at the same time if possible. This reduces the amount of sanitization needed between clients, as they should be receiving all their services in one room
  • SOP training starts before you open and continues daily after opening until the system becomes a habit. It’s important to remember that you and your staff are collectively going into an entirely new way of operating, and it may be easy to forget these new protocols and systems put in place. I can’t stress it enough, start training early and keep the training up daily.
  • Ease into your opening. Don’t be in a rush, and do not open until you are fully ready. Key to this is preparation. The sooner you begin preparing by purchasing appropriate PPE, creating signage, cleaning and sanitation, as well as client communication regarding the changes; the better. I suggest that you reduce the number of bookings per therapist on day one of reopening to 3/4 their usual limit to allow them time to acclimate. Your clients first impressions on day one will be remembered, so focus a lot of time and energy on making this a wonderful experience that they will talk about, and feel safe to return to. This can only happen if you are prepared and ease into your opening.
  • PIVOT! This is definitely the TOP BUSINESS WORD for 2020! If you have not found your pivot yet, best you hunt for it, embrace it and become obsessed with it. Understand that we will never go back to normal, you are going to create a new normal. How great and profitable your new normal will be, depends entirely on your pivot strategy. Beyond the pivot it is critical to propel that new strategy into effect. One idea of an industry pivot is to offer clients virtual consultations as well as product deliveries. Remember, not all clients will feel comfortable returning to the salon just yet.
  • Take responsibility for your team’s wellness. First and foremost, take the time to assess the state of mind of your team members, and look for practical ways to assist them. Manage their ‘return to work anxieties’ and keep communication at an all time maximum. Some ideas to implement include check-in work on arrival and check-out work on departure; saying a team prayer at the start of each day and having a gratitude book wherein everyone writes what they are grateful for on a daily basis. You may even include clients in this book. Refer to our Employee Wellness Guide for many practical ideas.
  • Find collaboration opportunities. It’s time for businesses to work together to grow and scale. Get creative and don’t disregard any suggestion as trivial – explore everything and brainstorm a plethora of different ideas. Consider cross-brand-promoting on social media, shared promotions and in-store activities to highlight new services and products, to name but a few.
  • Re-evaluate your brand partners. “Through thick and thin, through good and bad”, if your brand partners have not been present or in contact and have not supported you during this traumatic time, you should seriously reconsider and seek to partner with like-minded suppliers. Your staff and suppliers are the lifeline of your business so now is a good time to make new partnerships that are more meaningful and profitable.
  • Communicate and communicate MORE! In fact, don’t stop talking. Speak to clients, speak to staff, speak to suppliers, and landlords if you have them. Now, more than ever before, you must be keeping the lines of communication open. Leave nothing to assumption. Things are changing rapidly so be sure to communicate any and all changes/developments.
  • RE-LAUNCH! Change your mindset from re-opening to RE-LAUNCHING! Why not look at going back to work as if you are about to open a new business, and tackle it that way. You will look at everything quite differently, but most importantly you’ll be open to the changes you see.

Beauty Warriors Tip: I have one last word to leave you with. Become OBSESSED with your business and by doing so, you will not only embrace the new marketplace but you’ll also find new opportunities.

Please join our community of like-minded professionals to ensure you keep learning and growing. Find The Spa Professionals Guild on Facebook and Instagram. We have many business resources to ensure your smooth transition back into the work space, as well as coaching to ensure you keep growing.

Good News For Beauty Consumers! Beauty Salons and Hairdressers Now Tradiing!

Beauty Warriors

Its been a long lockdown for those in the Beauty Industry

We are excited to announce that you can start purchasing your skincare, body,  hand and foot care and of course hair care products from your go-to beauty salon or hairdresser as of 1 May 2020

No, you cannot have treatments just yet, we know; the struggle is real with grey hairs popping out by the dozen and your leg hair resembling bigfoot.  We know that you, as clients, are very keen to get back in touch with us.

In Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s briefing, particular mention was made to the Hairdressing, Beauty and Skincare industry with regards to the high level of consumer requests for hair and nail treatments. This is a positive step for the industry as the government is aware of the necessary service it provides, not only from a grooming perspective but also from a necessary healing and touch element. However, providing services to clients is strictly prohibited during level 4.

The risk-adjusted strategy, 29 April 2020 labeled the following – personal care toiletries, including hair care, body, face, hand and foot products, roll-on deodorants, and dental care products – as ‘Wholesale and Retail Covering Stores, Spaza Shops, E-commerce and Informal Traders’ and gives industry permission to begin retail trade.

This is great news for consumers at large, you can now get some of that much-needed glow back.

Here is how it works:

Purchase retail products via e-commerce, social media or directly from the spa, hairdresser, nail bar or beauty salon sell in store should they open in order to do so and have the required CIPC permit


  • Attempt to first purchase on-line as this is the safer option
  • Should you need to go into the business to purchase products adhere to regulations and exceptions of that business e.g. cloth masks are compulsory for everyone in public, no waiting areas allowed, social distancing and a limited number of people in a salon at a time
  • We suggest that you do an EFT prior to going in, this will limit the time sent in the space and exposure to credit card machines and surfaces
  • We suggest that you arrange a collection time with the business to limit contact with many people
  • Ensure that you use sanitizer when entering and leaving the business
  • respect all-new social distancing requirements

We are part of an industry forum working behind the scenes to get the beauty industry fully trading to perform vital services under strict hygiene and health protocols. This submission includes a request for industry funding to help keep our valued salons in business.

We know it’s been a challenging time for us all and in particular for breadwinners that can’t earn an income. Our industry is made up largely of women entrepreneurs who have a passion for their professional craft. This industry has heart and a voice and We would appreciate your help, if you agree, with getting the word out as we are all #InThisTogether, please sign and share this petition through your social media platforms

Again, we remind you that you cannot have beauty, hair, and nail services at the moment, as it is illegal, this could spread the epidemic, and furthermore it could jeopardize collective efforts to get the industry trading earlier than level 1.

We are here to support you in any way we can, please reach out should you have any quires

Stay Safe and Be Well.  

Q&A with founder of The Laser Beautique, Tzvia Hermann

We interviewed the powerhouse behind Laser Beautique, Tzvia Hermann. Below are her answers to our questions, ranging from how she got into the industry and what her favourite treatments at The Laser Beautique are.

1. Your fullname: Tzvia Hermann

2. Tell us a bit about yourself : 

From a young age I had entrepreneurship in my veins showing a keen interest in business. At age 6 I brought my father a purse full of change and when asked where I got the money from I explained how I sold left over balloons from one of my birthday parties.

I was inspired by my own mother Chana, a single mother of three girls, who managed to put herself through beauty school education and start her own beauty salon from a bedroom in their family home, which Chana later moved to a shopping centre. My mom, Chana would serve as a great role model in business as her passion for beauty and her nurturing personality left loyal customers refusing treatment from any other therapist but her. I was always amazed at how everything that my mom taught me was true in its essence. “If you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, you are more confident and can face the world and reach your goals. If my clients trust that I can help them look and feel amazing inside and out, they won’t want to go anywhere else.” said Chana.

3. Please give us a quick overview of what you do for a living, how long you’ve been doing it and why you do what you do?

I founded The Beautique Group in 2009. Launched with The Laser Beautique which is a group of aesthetic clinics. We focus of hair removal and skin (antiaging, correcting and hydrating). I founded The Laser Beautique when I discovered the first pain free permanent laser hair removal technology existed. We then started specialising in skin. I’m passionate about making others feel comfortable in their own skin. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you are generally a better person and project positvity and attract positivity.

Organically, we moved into aesthetic training due to the lack thereof in South Africa. We launched The Laser Beautique group in 2009. We then again naturally moved into importing and distributing technologies that were not available in South Africa. Neil (my husband) and I launched the first Laser Beautique in Morningside Shopping Centre. Today, The Laser Beautique is a national aesthetic destination.

Beautique Brands now distributes 5 amazing brands. CooLifting from Spain, Apilus from Canada, Snob Milano and SunsGood from Italy and Otentik from Israel. We have recently launched BeauLasers. This is a series of our very own lasers. We launched with the revolutionary BeauLase Remove. This is a state of the art device that allows our aestheticians to treat using all 3 wavelengths in one handpiece. We are in the process of launching Beauceuticals which is our very own skincare product.

4. How did you first get into the beauty industry?

My mother is a beauty therapist, my sister is a therapist. I studied law and as a hobby took up design and fell in love with marketing. I grew up in my moms salon, playing with all her equipment, gadgets, potions and lotions. So beauty is in my blood.

5. What is one of the biggest beauty or skincare myths, in your opinion?

I think there are many, many, myths and even more gimmicks. Conventional, old school facials are not a myth exactly, but they a thing of the past. I dont understand why anyone has a regular facial these days or why anyone would use anything else but a cosmeceutical on their skin. We live in the age of technology, everyone should be keeping their finger on the pulse or have a trusted aesthetician who brings the latest in result driven tech to their clients. Anyone serious about their skin should be having tech facials as well as using the correct homecare products to maintain the results. We see a dentist and an orthodontist regularly and we still go home and brush our teeth twice a day. Your skin should also be looked after twice a day!

6. Please talk us through your daily beauty routine?

I’m all about the results…and I have zero patients. I think that’s why Laser beautique is such a success. We only offer result driven treatments and products that I have tried and am satisfied with. I was on regima for a long time, I love the products. Very rich and hydrating. I switched to Nimue when we started thinking of stocking the brand. I was so pleasantly surprised! Nimue is a breath of fresh air. What beautiful and luxurious product. I am now using Optiphi which we recently launched in Laser Beautique. This product has blown me away. The amount of thought and effort that has been put into each product is incredible. From the ingredients to the bottling and packaging. I love that we have the DNA analysis so we can now match product to what our clients DNA requires we have taken the guessing out of consultations. I always swop my regime. As soon as I’m done I’ll rotate and go back to Regima and then again the Nimue or another product if it promises results and intrigues me.

I cleanse, use my serums, eye cream, neck and decolette cream twice a day, morning and night and while I watch the telly or relaxing I use my BeauRejuve, home held device. I love it! It’s such a nifty little gadget. Really helps me keep up with my skin regime especially if I can’t make it in for a facial when I need it.

7. What’s your favourite beauty treatment that The Laser Beautique offers, and why?

Oooo…difficult question. I love my Beaulase Remove! Itd is the best laser hair removal treatment I have experienced to date. There are all 3 wavelengths in one device. ND Yag, Diode and Alexandrite wavelengths in one hand piece. Usually salons only have one wavelength so it’s super effective

As for facials, my favourite is having a pen needling treatment followed by CooLift. It’s feels like iv been photoshopped in 45min

8. Your top 3 skincare must-haves/ must-dos?

Pain free permanent laser hair removal. It’s a no brainer. Why suffer, why wax or shave when you can get rid of unsightly hair permanently and painlessly.

Face Fit workouts are a must have! If you serious about slowing down the hands of time and looking after your skin, Face Fit is for you! Its not a facial. It’s a work out! We have over 50 muscles in our face and neck. If going to the gym to exercise our body muscles is a priority then why do we not exercise our facial muscles? Skincare starts way beneath the skin. Its starts in our muscles. So work em.

Hydration is key. People dont realise that most fine lines is due to lack of moisture in the skin. Lots of hylaronic acid. Check ingredients in the products you using. Hylaronic acid is a moisture magnet. We produce hylaronic acid naturally in our bodies but as we age it decreases. So keep pumping moisture back into your skin. With homecare products and in salon treatments like CooLifting

9. People often think The Laser Beautique only offers LASER, tell us what else there is available at TLB?

We offer the very best, result driven technology facials for example, needling, peels, CooLift. We offer Apilus electrolysis for pain free permanent hair removal of light hair and Face Fit work outs. We also offer medical massage, antiaging injectables and fillers, a couple branches offer mani’s and pedis, lashes, microblading…our website has a full list of our offering, do check it out

Below you can find the links to all the brands mentioned above :

The Laser Beautique

Website :

The Laser Lady


Website :


Snob Milano

Sun’s good

Website for Sun’s good & Snob Milano : 


Website :

Q&A with Sorbet Hurlingham Owners Penny and Morgan

1.    You are a mother & daughter team who own the Sorbet Hurlingham salon and dry bar. Tell us a bit about what your average day entails.


I try to do as much paperwork as I can at home before going into my store around 11h00. Once in the store I touch base with my Front Desk Co-ordinators and do a general check on both the Salon and Drybar, I then go through the previous day’s sales and place any orders if needed. I like to spend as much time as possible in front of the store interacting with our guests and citizens.


I am not necessarily involved in the day to day runnings – But rather focus on any marketing or design needs throughout the month.


2.    What do you consider to be the personal strengths that have helped you achieve who and where you are today?


I am a very compassionate person and always try to see things from my citizens perspective. I believe people are the most important part of a business, therefore if you look after your people they, in turn, will look after your business.


I come from a design and marketing background and believe this is hugely beneficial in running your own business.


3.    What do you do in your spare time?


My husband and I love doing road trips and spending time with family


I’m a mom, so spending time with my baby.


4.    What inspired you to own a Sorbet, never mind two?


I wanted to own a Sorbet as I loved the business model but did not come from a beauty background and therefore a franchise with support and backing from head office was the perfect option. I went to the franchise talk at head office, it was inspirational and I loved everything about the brand and how they run their business.


I worked for Dermalogica and was introduced to the brand while there, I loved their fresh and professional approach to beauty.


5.    What is your greatest achievement outside of your business?


My family.


Being a mom.


6.    What new treatments can we look forward to seeing from your store?


I am really excited about the 365 skin scanner, it is a revolutionary product, designed for accurate skin analysis, quickly detecting UV damage, cellular activity, wrinkle depth, hydration levels and a whole lot more. We can’t wait!


The NEW dermalogica pro power peel is an incredible treatment that targets the signs of acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging for a completely customised experience. It is Dermalogica’s most powerful professional peel yet. I have had 2 and am loving what it has done to my skin.


7.    What would you say is the biggest challenge you have encountered about being a business owner?

Penny + Morgan:

The responsibility that comes with managing a large team of ladies.


8.    What do you feel has been the greatest satisfaction of being a business owner so far?


The underlying philosophy of the Sorbet Group is to make a difference in people’s lives and I can definitely say this is one of the best parts of the job ~ I work with the best team of ladies and seeing them grow personally and in their careers gives my job purpose.

Morgan: I would say the team we work with ~ we have a very special team of ladies, who we are constantly getting compliments about.


9.    Where do you see your business five years from now?

Penny + Morgan:

Growing our client base and hopefully adding a few more members to the sorbet Hurlingham Family. Taking Sorbet Hurlingham’s marketing to the next level through digital marketing.

10. What should we expect from you next?

Penny + Morgan:

Hopefully another store or two.

11. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Penny + Morgan:

Your business will only thrive if you are hands-on and in your store, therefore hard-work and commitment.

12. How best should people contact you if they want to make a booking with you?

Penny + Morgan


Whatsapp  072 924-8116

Phone: 011326 4795



Whatsapp 072 055-4164

Phone: 011326-2798



Q&A with Boss Lady Marisa Dimitriadis

We all love a boss lady! Today’s post is a Q&A with the beautiful Marisa Dimitriadis, spa consultant, CEO and business coach.

1. Your fullname:

MARISA DIMITRIADIS. Facebook: Marisa Cachero Dimitriadis, Instagram: Marisa Cachero, Linked In: Marisa Cachero Dimitriadis

2. Your occupation:


3. Links to your brand’s website/ social media accounts/ Youtube account, etc.

Facebook: Spalicious, Six sensational skincare, The Spa Consultants

Instagram: @spaliciousbody, @sixskincare, @thespaconsultants6

4. Please give us a quick overview of what you do for a living.

Where do I start? I have a few businesses. The Spa Consultants is the spa design, building and operations company. At any given time we are building 2 or 3 spas either in SA or neighbouring countries and we operate or run around 3 to 4 spas per month for a 2 to 3 year period at a time. Six Skincare and Spalicious are two professional brands that I started in 2010 which are the fastest growing professional brands in SA and we are looking to export in the coming year. Grumer is an Uber for Beauty Service app that is going live in the next few weeks where you can book on location services at your preferred time. And lastly my new project about to launch too is an online business coaching platform for Spa Professionals to get effective and results driven advice on any aspect of the spa and salon business from making effective bookings to how to structure and write up an SOP manual. This is going to change how professionals can grow their business and access tried and tested information with over 20 years experience in Industry knowledge

5. How did you first get into the beauty industry?

By mistake really. I needed money to pay off my car whilst studying and landed up as a receptionist for a cosmetic company. I was bitten then by the Industry and grew very quickly within the business.

6. What is one of the biggest beauty or skincare myths, in your opinion?

Definitely that you don’t need sunscreen if your moisturiser or make up contains an SPF. First of all, moisturiser is supposed to nourish and feed your skin whilst SPF is supposed to be a layer of protection. That alone contradicts using a moisturiser with a combined SPF plus sunscreen should be UVA and UVB resistant or Broad Spectrum so be sure to apply it as its own layer to fully accomplish its purpose.

7. Please talk us through your daily beauty routine?

Morning: cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, moisturiser, SPF and make up. Evening: Double cleanse, once with an oil then with a wash, make up removal with Micellar water as I wear eye lash extensions, exfoliate with rice enzyme powder every second night, tone, serum, moisturise, eye cream. I mask twice a week.

8. What’s your favourite beauty treatment, and why?

Right now it’s a treatment called a Hydrafacial with AHA, BHA and hyaluric acid.

9. What is your favourite professional beauty product, and why? (By professional beauty, we mean a product that is available via spas and salons only).

I would need to be totally biased and say its my own range for the reason that I develop products by benchmarking off the best and then improving that formula to create a perfect product. We also use a very percentage of active ingredients in our serums and moisturisers which give instant results on the skin.

10. Your top 3 skincare must-haves/ must-dos?

SPF – not negotiable ever. Serum – more important than moisturiser as it goes much deeper in the skin and has the ability to correct and lastly a very good and efficient cleanser.

A brand-new look for QMS Medicosmetics

QMS has always looked good on any bathroom shelf, but now, the acclaimed skincare brand has revealed a modern, premium look to ensure that the packaging reflects the amazing formulations they contain.

The packaging is still recognisable and fans will be relieved to know that the actual ingredients and products within the packaging still contain the same amazing formulations that QMS is renowned for. The new look products will be phased in slowly from June 2019, and the products are identical: old look, new look, old name, new name – you’re still getting the same great product.

Victoria Wade, Senior Vice President & Director of Sales & Education for QMS Medicosmetics says the following about the re-staging of the brand:

“We are keen to reduce the environmental effect of our materials’ usage and processes. With this in mind as part of the redesign, we are significantly reducing the amount of packaging that we use. An example of this: we are moving from large plastic jars to smaller jars or tubes, with the same fill as currently (or more in a couple of cases).”

QMS are actively improving the sustainability of the materials they use to ensure it comes from responsibly managed forests as well as removing polystyrene from their packaging design.  Wherever possible, they seek to simplify and reduce resources used throughout the supply chain. QMS’ aim is thus to have a beautifully packaged skin care range that promotes a greener environmental footprint.

QMS Medicosmetics’ brand-new look is complemented by the same great formulations that truly deliver and promise noticeable results. In fact, QMS recently conducted independent clinical testing on the Classic Collagen Regime – a 3-step exfoliate, day collagen and night collagen regime. The results speak for themselves: After 12 weeks it was proven that the visible signs of aging are reduced by 42%, firmness and elasticity is improved by 28% and hydration by 264%.

With results like these, you can rely on the fact that you truly are getting the very best when investing in QMS Medicosmetics. For more information or to place your order, click here.