Can We Really Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite?

Cellulite – the unsightly dimpled appearance of the skin, often referred to as “cottage cheese”, but before you panic, this is something that 98% of women battle with, whether it be on their hips, thighs or bums. Many people dislike the appearance of having cellulite and prefer to have skin as smooth as they possibly can, but is there really an effective way to get rid of this “cottage cheese” like appearance?

It is imperative to know that having cellulite is normal. If you think that cellulite is indicative of being overweight and unhealthy, you are wrong – you can be thin, active or an athlete and still battle with cellulite.

Let us first understand what cellulite is. Underneath your skin, you will find fibrous connective tissue and below that fat molecules and it is here where the cellulite problem starts. Due to fluctuations in feminine oestrogen hormones, there is a disruption in microcirculation, connective tissue and enlarged fat cells. Accumulation of these fat cells pushes up against the skin and the connective tissues tethered to muscles pull down, creating an uneven surface.


Elancyl Cellu Slim (R395): A French company with more than 45 years of creating beauty products for women, with the aim of enhancing health and appearance. Cellu Slim is a night care treatment. Containing cecropia and caffeine, it is said to have a cooling sensation, relaxing your veins and improving blood flow.

Cellumend Cellulite Cream: Being the most advanced cellulite cream, the formula of this product is based on superior natural ingredients as well as a hi-tech patented ingredient called Liporedectyl. Cellumend is proven to not only prevent cellulite but to also remove it within 6 weeks.

Clarins Body Fit (R650): Clarins Body Fit is a refreshing anti-cellulite control lotion that targets 3 types of Adipocytes that store energy as fat. Applied in the morning and/or at night, this lotion minimizes the appearance of bumpy skin.


Cellulite Brushes: A cellulite brush is made with firm bristles; they are intended to be used directly on the skin. The purpose of this brush is to stimulate circulation and reduce visibility. Although this brush is used on dry skin, it is recommended that a few drops of oil can be applied to the skin prior to the brushing.

Lastly, if creams and brushes are not for you, there are a number of aesthetic treatments that have proven efficiency and are readily available in South Africa.

Although there are multiple methods to help combat the appearance of cellulite, there is no scientific proof that any desired treatments are effective enough to eliminate cellulite completely. If you are looking for a good anti-cellulite solution, then these products listed above are perfect for you but you should also consider including a good anti-cellulite workout and a good anti-cellulite diet to your anti-cellulite arsenal.

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