Bracing For The Rest of 2020

Never in our lifetime have we ever experienced such a novel virus and a global pandemic, and I think it’s forced every human being to delve deep within their own potential and seek a defense mechanism against this reality which has been induced and mongered by fear and anxiety.

I know unequivocally that the word and emotion that best describes what’s uncovered during this journey into self discovery is Resilience. Now make no mistake: resilience is not just a word, but a distinct protective human emotion.

As a NLP Transformative LifeCoach and a Heal Your Life Practitioner, I help people help themselves to break through their Limitations and their repressed unconscious beliefs and blocks of locked emotion.

I’m honored to have been awarded and Afforded this opportunity to share with u some fundamental points on this term called Resilience on the Beauty Warriors platform.

“Resilience is the ability to bounce back after adversity in such a way that no one even knows that you went through trauma, loss or difficulty.”

Good Thing, Bad Thing – Who Knows?

Not labeling situations as good or bad decreases suffering. Trusting that every situation that happened to you has led you to where you are now. You never know what situations will lead to in the future.

Believing in a Benevolent Universe

The universe may be giving you something now that you don’t want, but what if this was exactly what you need at this precise moment?

If you believe the universe is friendly, your life would improve significantly. Just believing that the universe has your back and that everything is happening for your higher good will change your vibrational frequency.

Understand that you are the instrument through which the universe is expressing itself and your job is to be the best damn instrument!

Invest In The Process And Not The Outcome

We are all goal-orientated, so we set goals for ourselves and then work towards achieving them. As a result we live our life with the mentality that

I set a goal for myself, I succeeded.. life’s a blast!

I set a goal for myself, I failed.. life sucks!

The alternative is enjoy your journey along the way to the destination and paradoxically the more you are detached from the outcome the more you don’t particularly care whether you reach the goal or not whether or not you succeed , the probability of you succeeding actually increases!!


Re-framing is taking a situation and flipping it and looking at the good in it

For instance, there was a man and he was still in college who had a little baby. His older friends came to him and said “Hey, you know I’ve got a camp cot you could use”,  “I’ve got a car seat that you could borrow” which he accepted.

After he graduated and got a job, his son was born and he was in a better position to buy his son new baby items.

One day, his young daughter ask him, “How come my brother got new stuff and I had old things?”

He brushed it off a few times but she persisted and it became apparent that he could not avoid the issue, so one day he had a flash of inspiration.

He said to his daughter, “I realize that you got old stuff and your brother got new stuff but there’s something that you got which was new which is so much more important, and even if your brother got new stuff, this more than makes up for that – in fact, if for the rest of your life you only get used stuff while he gets new stuff this will put you ahead!”

She was puzzled, but also curious.

“What did I get that was new, that my brother got that was used?”

He leaned forward conspiratorially and said, “You got brand new parents!”

Seeing a situation from another perspective and learning how to experiment with re-framing can dissolve a problem by offering a new way of looking at it.

Gratitude Attitude

We tend to agonise over the few “wrong” things in our lives, while overlooking  the things that are actually pretty darn good.

If you flip it around and consciously bring to mind how fortunate you are in so many ways, counting your blessings and feeling gratitude – let it well from the soles of your feet and go through your body.

Move from thinking gratitude to feeling gratitude because emotions are stronger than thoughts.

If you make gratitude apart of your habitual emotional domain, you’ll find that life is so much better. Feeling gratitude makes transformation possible, and all these tools lead to an overall more resilient person in all situations.


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