Autumn Trends 2020

Ahhh, Autumn. The month of all things burnt orange and pumpkin spice. Whilst I would love to sit here and type about all the fab autumn outfits we would be wearing and sharing some fun scarf hacks the reality is our commonly known autumn fashion trends have been transformed in 2020 and the main theme has become all about safety and hygiene.

In our season trends post this month we thought it would be  a good idea to touch on the items and trends you need to adopt into your wardrobe to stay safe when things go back to normal. Well when I say normal, I mean Level 1 at least.

Facial Mask to Safety Mask

The first trend on our list is dominating all social media at the moment, the famous face mask. There has been so much deliberation around if they protect you or not but since our president announced they are mandatory to wear when leaving the house we need to get on board with the trend. 

I have seen such fun creative designs that are making safety look a little trendier. We at Beauty Warriors have decided to shed light on those small brands that are creating and selling masks that can be delivered to your door. There is no better time than now to support not just local, but the small business owner too. Make sure you follow these brands and check out their incredible designs.

Sew Couture: @sewcouturesa

Silver Magpie: @silvermagpieclothing

Moi Clothing Johannesburg: @moi_clothing_johannesburg

The Nail Regrowth Hack

If you are anything like me, your nails look like a hot mess right now and sadly nail polish and gels don’t seem to be on the top of the essentials list at the moment. There are tons of regrowth hacks or even acrylic removal videos (have a look at the one on our IGTV) but a trend that has popped up that we are loving is the trend that disguises your regrowth with a fun colour or even with a sparkly glitter to add some BLING  to your sad manicure. We recommend the Morgan Taylor nail polishes if you have them as they really do have great lasting power and an incredible colour range.

The “Blonde-Bre”

For most of us who’s natural hair colour is a complete illusion, we are having to embrace regrowth like we have a choice about it. I am dying to have my roots touched up like most women but I have a huge feeling that more women are going to be embracing their natural beauty. My biggest Beauty Warrior tip would be to NOT turn to box dying or attempting any kind of colouring on your own at home – wait to visit a professional… But until then, here are a few hair styles we are loving where women are learning to embrace natural colours…

The Latest Buzz!

If waiting for your hair guru to open shop is not an option for you, maybe this is: The Quarantine Buzz Cut is another trend taking social media by storm. Globally, we have been faced with looking at health issues and support of health issues more seriously. Your reason might be donating hair to cancer like one of our favourite South African personalities, Nadia Jafta (@nadiajaftha), or it may be to restore your natural hair state. Recently Vogue launched an online article giving you all the necessary guidelines for the perfect buzz cut. If you are feeling bold and ballsy, maybe this is the self-care solution for you, at least you know that you will be sporting a look that is supported by the likes of Willow Smith and of course how can we forget the gorgeous look sported by Halsy in her “Nighmare” music video.

Skincare is Healthcare

 Ok I get that this may seem like an incredibly broad topic however its extremely important to spend time on YOU and getting into the habit of  a great skincare routine. The majority of local skincare brands are available for online purchasing. Why not indulge in a sheet mask or even complete a FREE online skincare analysis. One of our favourite beauty bloggers and skincare experts – Kiss Blush & Tell offer a comprehensive online skin analysis. I am a true believer in the fact that people tend to neglect their skin due to lack of time to have facials and are unaware of the actual areas of concern when it comes to skincare. This is the time to change that and break the cycle of bad skincare routines once and for all.

Advice at Your Fingertips

 No matter how you want to look at it we are stuck in a crisis and all we can really do is brush up on our self-care ideal. Now, more than ever, beauty bloggers and beauty professionals are taking to social media to share their tips and skills with you in order for you to either master the perfect eye shadow application, get that perfect at home blow wave or make a face mask out of the contents in your fridge. No matter what tip you pick up, use social media as your ultimate beauty resource in these isolated times.

Below we have compiled a list of a few of the beauty bloggers we have been looking to for inspiration and guidance in this department:




Thank you for all your continued support throughout this lockdown period. Keep your eyes peeled for all our blog posts to come.

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