Everything you need to know about oil cleansers and balms

For those who struggle with acne and problematic skin, the instinct is to do everything possible to dry out those pesky pimples. From “oil control” cleansers to those at home recipes that your mom swears by, and the aim of the game is to reduce the amount of oil your skin produces in order to reach that goal of clear, healthy glowing skin. 


Over-cleansing with products that promise to reduce oil production in the skin can often be quite harsh and drying on the skin. This results in stripping your natural skin barrier which will cause more problems than it will solve. Your skin is meant to act as a natural barrier that keeps out the nasty stuff such as free radicals and dirt while maintaining the lipid layer of the skin as well as the good bacteria that lives there . By using these stripping products the natural balance of your skin is disrupted which results in aggravating your already existing acne.

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But, we’re here to tell you that the one skincare product that you need to add to your routine is… cleansing oil! Yes, you heard that right. Using a cleansing oil might sound really counterproductive to anyone looking for a sensible skincare routine but never fear, we’re here to give you all the information you need to change your mind. 


Just think about it, like attracts like. Therefore, cleansing oils are currently being researched and results show that  they are extremely effective in breaking down make-up and free radicals from environment pollution than most water-based cleansers. Not only that, an oil based cleanser also hydrates your skin and helps calm skin that is prone to acne.


Introducing oil cleansers to your skincare routine



  • lift excess sebum, the oily substance produced by glands on your skin
  • clean out clogged pores like blackheads and whiteheads
  • remove dead skin, pollutants, and makeup

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Introducing a cleansing oil gives you a much more gentle first cleanse that always leaves you with really soft, hydrated skin. If you’re concerned about leaving behind an oily residue you can follow with a gentle foam or gel cleanser afterwards especially if you adhere to a Korean Beauty routine. 




The difference between an oil cleanser and a cleansing balm is essentially texture. An oil cleanser is often found in a simple pump bottle and can be used as an ordinary cleanser. Some oil cleansers lather up really well as you massage it into the skin while a cleansing balm tends to be a little richer and has the texture of Vaseline. After scooping a little bit between your palms it quickly melts into a silky, luxurious liquid that emulsifies the more you work it into your skin. When you’re done simply wipe off with a warm damp cloth and follow up with your favourite moisturiser.

Mix your own cleansing oilCHOOSE THE RIGHT OIL CLEANSER/BALM


Because of the rising popularity of using oil cleansers, many brands are starting to include them in their products line so you have the option to either buy a formulated product or mix one for yourself. 


If you choose to buy a premixed formula then remember to always look for non comedogenic products that will not clog your pores. Make sure to read on to the end for our pick of great oil cleansers that have been tried and tested by our very own Beauty Warriors beauty team.


Alternatively, try mixing your very own DIY recipe right from the comfort of your own bathroom. A good beginner option would be a 1:1 ratio of olive oil and castor oil blend. Over time you can vary the combination based on the needs of your skin.


Olive oil is a great antioxidant for your skin and increases hydration while castor oil is antibacterial and effective as an astringent cleanser. You could also use jojoba oil if you have acne-prone skin as it has been shown to help reduce oil production in the skin.





The information on this website has been compiled from published sources and is provided only as a guide. Although every effort has been taken to ensure that information published on this site is correct and up to date, Beauty Warriors cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information presented, and accepts no liability in respect of any omission or error.  The customer should always satisfy themselves as to the ultimate suitability of a product for an intended application. Beauty Warriors accepts no liability in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring when using  products.

Breaking Down The Art of Sexting

The art of sexting

We’re living in the digital age, where meeting new people has become increasingly difficult. As much as we wish we could promenade with the Duke of Hastings and be the talk of the town, those days are long gone. Instead, we now swipe left on Tinder or Bumble or any one of the other dating sites and thus our 21st-century romances begin. 

But dating during the pandemic has brought with it, it’s own set of rules. Some people have chosen to go on socially-distanced dates while others have taken to exploring virtual relationships. These relationships make developing intimacy between both parties quite difficult. So, this is where the art of sexting comes in.  

Not only is it a fun way to spice up a relationship it also can be used as a tool to boost trust in your partner. Tracy Ziman Jacobs,  Intimacy Coach at Totally Me says ”Everything should be done gently and slowly and the suggestions should be quite subtle in the beginning” whether you’ve known each other for forever or if you’re exploring a new relationship. “There is a lot of fantasy work around sexting that can be a lot of fun, especially with couples who want to spice up their relationship,” says Jacobs.


Always remember to begin by setting up boundaries. “Especially on these dating sites, people tend to take the leap of faith and get to the down and dirty quite quickly,” Jacobs explains, making it is so important to set up boundaries. Before you hit send on those steamy texts always make sure that this is something that your partner wants to do.  

Through clear and honest communication, tell your partner what you are and aren’t comfortable doing. For example, consenting to describing sexual fantasies does not necessarily mean consenting to sending explicit pictures. Having a discussion like this might sound like a mood killer but by defining these boundaries both of you will feel more comfortable when engaging with one another. A good way of avoiding any uncomfortable situations would also be to establish a safe word – as you would in the bedroom.  

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Now let’s get to the crux of the matter. What exactly do you say? Have you ever sent a text and immediately thought it was SO embarrassing or second-guessed whether it was sexy enough?

Well, Dr Pia Holek has a great piece of advice in her interview with Women’s Health Magazine. “Nope, there’s no need to think up some X-rated smut if that’s not your thing. Instead, use language you already use to flirt and tease your partner. If you’re struggling with a prompt, Holec suggests drawing from past memories or where you like to be touched (by yourself or a partner), and setting the mood from there.”

Jacobs also advises that you get to know your relationship really well. If your partner is more on the naughty side then breakout the saucy messages with all the descriptions you want, but if your partner is a little more conservative, or new to the sexting game then maybe start off with a few suggestive texts to pique their curiosity before you get entirely explicit. Moving too quickly can sometimes cause your partner to feel uncomfortable and choose to end the conversation instead. 

The art of sexting nudesTHE ART OF SENDING NUDES

Once you decide that you are comfortable and trust your partner enough to send nudes, practise is the name of the game. Look for lighting and camera angles that are most flattering for you and have a mini boudoir photo shoot for yourself. Experiment with new poses or slip on some slinky lingerie and practise your provocative poses in front of the mirror. You’ll never know what works for you until you try.   While these sexy pictures may be for your partner to enjoy the process will build your confidence and help make you more comfortable with sexting your partner not to mention all that self-love will reflect in your pictures. 

While we’re all for spicing things up with your raunchy images, Jacobs also advises that if you choose to send explicit pictures always make sure that your face or any distinctive tattoos and markings aren’t visible. “You never know who’s taking pictures or recording you,” says Jacobs “so I would be very cautious of knowing my boundaries of knowing the person with whom [you’re] sharing information.” 


When you send your sexts via standard messaging apps you always run the risk of your intimate images and texts being saved on your partner’s phone. “Though Snapchat and Instagram are known for their self-destructing messages and Snapchat notifies a user when their content is being screenshotted, they aren’t the best ones to use for sending explicit materials.” says an article from Insider. 

Instead, we’ve found the best apps for you to use to help you keep safe while sexting your partner. Telegram is great for sending your intimate texts and images due to it’s incredible end to end encryption software. It also allows you to delete messages for all parties and has a feature that allows you to set expiration times for all messages. Insider also recommends apps like Signal and Line for their “specific, secure messaging” features, which can help prevent your sexts from being leaked, hacked, or stolen.” 

Now we’ll leave you with this, whether you’re new to the sexting game or someone who’s been around the block before and wants to spice things up with your partner we have this great list of expert-recommended sexts to help you get the ball rolling with your dirty talk, 50 Sexting Ideas To Use Right Now by Bustle.

Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day At Home

Spice up your Valentine's Day at home

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolates, roses and elaborate romantic gestures to show that special someone in your life how much you love them. From cocktails at fancy lounges to couples massages and candle-lit dinners at swanky restaurants, this is the day we usually go all out. But, this year the way we celebrate the day of love is going to look a little different.

Whether you met someone during the pandemic or you’ve been together for years or even if you’re single, here are a few ideas to make sure you celebrate this Valentine’s Day safely.

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Spend the evening with your partner in the kitchen and indulge in a delicious dinner of your favourite recipes or print out the menu from a special restaurant and try recreating some of their dishes. You can go as fancy or as simple as you want, the choice is up to you.

Order all the groceries you will need from one of these apps for a hassle free evening.

If you’re not a maverick in the kitchen, there’s no shame in showing off your take-out skills, especially if you’re spending the day apart. Order from your favourite restaurant, dress up as if you’re going out and it’s guaranteed to be a special evening. Ordering in also means that there’s less dishes in the sink, and who doesn’t love that!


There is nothing more romantic than writing a love letter. Grab a pen and paper and write a letter to your partner. You can include all the reasons that you love them or reminisce about your favourite moments together. It’s a simple gesture that they will treasure forever. You can also up the romance by reading your letter out loud to them once you’re finished.

If you’re single why don’t you write a love letter to yourself. You deserve it!


Flowers and chocolates are tried and tested classics that can’t go wrong. So why not try something a little different this Valentine’s Day with this novelty smash heart gift box. Break the chocolate heart and reveal the sweet treat surprise inside.

Valentine's Day smash box heart gift box
This fun Valentine’s Day smash box heart gift box is available from @theflourgirl.cakes


A simple way to tell your partner “I love you” before they’ve had their first sip of coffee is with breakfast in bed. Surprise them with a tray of all their favourite breakfast treats. Don’t forget to include as many hearts as possible too!


String up some fairy lights, pop some popcorn and get cozy with your favourite movies. Get in the mood of love with these rom-com classics. We recommend one of the classics like The Notebook, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Holiday or My Best Friends Wedding. If you still can’t make up your mind we’ve taken the work out of choosing what to watch and found this convenient list of binge-worthy shows and movies that are perfect for a romantic night in.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get creative with your drinks. Break out those fancy cocktail glasses and take an online mixology class with your significant other, girlfriends or even by yourself. Throw in a charcuterie board with all your favourite snacks and you have a really festive evening.

Up your cocktail game his Valentine's Day with online mixology classes


Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, so why not show yourself some love on this day. Pamper yourself with a relaxing bubble bath, open your favourite bottle of bubbly and take some time out to concentrate on you. Or turn up your favourite playlist and take the time to cook your favourite meal. You do you, girl!

Whether you’re spending the day by yourself or with a partner the most important thing to remember is that when all is said and done the best part about this holiday is all the discount chocolate on February 15th!

Valentine’s Day Spa Specials For You and Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re still thinking of ways to make the day special for the one you love why don’t you book a spa day at one of these amazing destinations.

Whether you’re looking for a day of pampering, a full weekend romantic getaway or an intimate dinner, we have you covered with these idyllic Valentine’s Day spa specials.

THE RENAISSANCE SPAValentines Day spa packages

Renaissance Spa Sandton at the Michelangelo Towers offers a variety of romantic packages for you and your beau.

Romantic Middle Eastern Rasul Chamber for Two

Here you cab make use of the Rasul chamber with the one you love . Included in this treatment is a bowl of chocolates and bottle of sparkling wine.

Renaissance Romance (Single – 4 hours, 30 minutes at R2 390* OR Couple – 4 hours, 30 minutes at R4 780*)

  • Rasul Chamber
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Luxury Candle Massage
  • Guinot Hydradermie Facial
  • Spa lunch and use of the Indoor Heated Spa Bath, Outdoor Pool, Steam Room, Sauna and Swiss Shower. 

If that  doesn’t tickle your fancy then the Lovers Bliss Couples Package (R2 890*, 2 hours and 30 minutes) is also available where you both can be pampered from the comfort of your suit. This Valentine’s Day spa package includes access to the Romantic Couples Rasul Chamber a glass of sparkling wine and fruit platter.

For Him: 60-minute Hot Stone Massage, 30-minute Sole Revival Foot Ritual

For Her: 60-minute Aromatherapy Massage, 30-minute Indian Head Massage. 

If you’re looking for something to spoil your girl gang then why not book their Friendship Love package. Book any one hour, or longer, treatment and your friend will receive the same for free.


Spend some quality time with your sweetheart and book one of these couples treatments at Life Day Spa. They have two Valentine’s Day spa specials that are bound to make your valentine smile.

The Eternally Yours package at R2 950 per couple* offers three and half hours of bliss, including a Middle Eastern Mud Ritual in the Rasul Chamber, a luxurious Candle Massage, use of the Luxury Couples Suite including the private Spa Bath, a cheese/fruit platter with sparkling wine and use of the spa facilities.

Or, why not try the five and a half hour Ultimate Serenity package at R4 390* per couple? This package includes a Middle Eastern Mud Ritual, 30-minute Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Sole Revival Foot Massage, Classic Facial, use of the Luxury Couples Suite including private Spa Bath, a cheese/fruit platter with sparkling wine, a spa lunch and use of the spa facilities. 

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Go for gold this Valentine’s Day and book a grand weekend retreat to celebrate the day of love this year. Add one of these packages to your spa treatments for a complete amorous experience.

There is the Granita Dinner for R995 per person which includes a cocktail on arrival and a selection of juices, a 7-course dinner, wine for the table, night-cap pairing with chocolate and liqueur, gift as well as entertainment

Also available is the Picnic & Movie package for R795 per person. This includes an arrival cocktail and selection of juices, picnic basket, 2 bottles of house wine per couple night cap pairing with chocolate and liquor, a gift  and entertainment and two movies.

Download the Valentine’s Day Picnic Menu here.

Another option for you to choose from is the Kingsley’s Buffet for R845 per person. This package is made up of an arrival cocktail & selection of juices, special buffet dinner wine for the table and for dessert pairing, a night cap pairing with chocolate and liqueur, a gift as well as entertainment.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate then the Private Dining package is for you at R5,990 per couple. Included in this package is bed & breakfast, romantic turn down, entertainment, a gift, night cap pairing with chocolate and liqueur wine for the table, 7-course dinner arrival cocktail & selection of juices at dinner and a special arrival drink on check-in

You could also choose the Accommodation Package which is R2,750 per person. arrival cocktail & selection of juices, one night’s accommodation sharing a Luxury Room, chocolate-dipped strawberries, a bottle of Kievits Kroon sparkling wine, romantic turn down, a gift, 2 spa treatments – choose 2 x 1 hour treatments from the menu, use of thermae facilities breakfast in the morning.