Colore Science Skin Bronzing Primer Review

We sent two of our Beauty Warriors a product to test and review for us. One, a consumer and the other, a newbie beauty blogger. Here were their thoughts on the Colore Science Skin Bronzing Primer.

Bianca Leask, Consumer

“This primer is creamy and smooth. It offers enough coverage to hide my redness, but still very light weight on the skin. As it states on the product, it creates a bronzed, tanned canvas for you to apply your foundation over. It is perfect for days you don’t have time for a full face of makeup, but still want to look flawless. My pores are basically invisible when I have this primer on my skin and it gives my skin an incredible glow with a natural finish. It is the perfect tint for my skin tone too and a massive bonus is the built in SPF 20. “

Lezaan Cilliers, Beauty Blogger

“Due to the peach and tan pigments this primer has, it corrects uneven skin tone and leaves your skin with the most beautiful sun kissed tanned look. I have been wearing it on days I don’t feel like a full face of foundation and I have been loving it. It takes away my redness, but still allows my freckles to show through. I love that it has an SPF 20 too. On a side note, it does have a light tea tree smell, I had to get used to it, but now I enjoy the clean scent.”
Both our reviewers had similar to say about this amazing primer. Not only is it lightweight, adds colour to your skin and hides imperfections. It also contains a built in SPF and can be worn on its own too.

The photos in this post was take by @lezaancilliersbeauty

Stay tuned for our next test and review blog post.

Are you a bride-to-be?

We were recently invited to go visit Wedding Boutique SA to experience a dress fitting and write up a review of the boutique for all our bride-to-be’s.
You will find a Wedding Boutique in Cape Town and another in Kramerville in Sandton, Johannesburg. That is the one we paid a visit too.

This beautiful boutique offers the following for their brides :
They offer 2 different packages :
• Silver – No consultation fee. Pay just R25 per dress that is fitted.
• Gold – Enjoy a bottle of Award Winning Bubbly and try on 5 dresses (or more @R25 per dress) for only R375! (Fitting wedding dresses whilst drinking bubbly with your best mates and family – what could be better!?)

Being hosted by The wedding boutique truly was something special. The environment, the services, the advice, the natural light beaming through large windows all around, relaxing before & after our session with a cup of coffee, or a glass of juice, water or bubbly. (After all, it is a celebration).

So, if you are a bride-to-be and you are shopping wedding dresses in Joburg, we HIGHLY recommend having The Wedding Boutique on your ‘finding my perfect dress’ list.

You can shop dresses from 5 different designers. They exclusively stock VAGABOND Bridal, Made with Love, and Alenaleena Bridal. They also stock BLUE & Beautiful by Enzoani.

The wedding boutique caters for all types, styles and taste. Whether you are a classic bride, a chic one or anything in between, they’ve got your back. They have dresses for everyone. You have the option to hire or to purchase, or have any dresses altered or tweaked to EXACTLY what you want.
You can follow them on Instagram @weddingboutiquesa

Happy shopping!

The Beauty Warriors Team

Dr. Elfrieda Fourie on the benefits of PRP

Beauty Warriors chatted to Dr. Fourie from Anti-Aging Art in Houghton about the benefits of PRP. Keep reading to find out if this anti-aging treatment is for you.

What is PRP?

PRP is an acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma.  This is the magic component of blood, a golden yellow liquid that contains all the growth factors that heal and regenerate our bodies.

Why has PRP become so popular in recent years?

This is ultimately the treatment that will make your skin get younger month by month, instead of older.  When used in aesthetic medicine, we can target any skin or body concerns by applying this wonderful substance, from your own body.  When used correctly and with the right techniques the treatment is always effective, always safe and provides excellent results, without adding anything foreign to the mix.  There is very little discomfort and very little downtime.

What should I ask before a PRP treatment for my face?

Make sure that the technique used is correct and that the doctor treating you has adequate experience to decide what the best application method would be according to your concerns and lifestyle.  I recommend activated PRP, where kits are used to concentrate the growth factors to precisely studied ideal amounts for regeneration.  Not all PRP is equal. Make sure you know whether a doctor or therapist will be doing the treatment and that you are comfortable with whoever is working on your face.

At what age can one start using PRP on their face?

The usual beauty or anti-aging treatments can be started in your twenties, provided it is done appropriately.  From 30 onwards, it is a must for everyone who wants to invest in their skin.  For scars and burns, we can start treatment in children already.


What is a vampire facial?

The connotation between blood-sucking vampires and blood being drawn and used on your face is the reason for the name.  Keep in mind that it is not that gory. The product we end up using is only a small component of the blood and is not even red. Also, we draw blood with a needle, no fangs come out 😉

Is there a high risk of infection?

Not at all.  Aseptic technique is used at all times and the PRP itself contains anti-infective white blood cells as well

What are my expected results on the face and how many treatments would I require?

The whole face and skin rejuvenation and regeneration. This translates visibly to radiance, glow, smooth skin, less textural problems, improvement in blemishes, plumper and firmer skin with reduction in looseness and wrinkles, improvement in skin tone, pigment, and scars.  The skin will look visibly younger and radiant.  Big promises, but the correct PRP preparation method and technique most definitely deliver all this. Treatments should be done every 4-6 months for the best results.

Everything you need to know about fillers from Dr. Reza Mia

Beauty Warriors was lucky enough to meet up with Dr. Reza Mia from Anti-Aging Art, to ask him all our questions regarding lip fillers. These are the key takeouts from our one-on-one session.

What should you know before you have lip fillers:

Lip fillers require significant skill and practice to produce natural-looking, beautiful results. This is not an area to experiment with and could lead to ugly results or serious side effects if not correctly performed.


What questions should you ask your doctor ahead of your session?

  • How many lips have you filled?
  • Do you have any images of lips that you have filled?
  • Have you ever had any patients suffer from unwanted side effects?

How often should you go for touch-ups:

You should go for touch-ups between 6 months and one year, but we see patients every three to four months to work on various aspects of their faces to ensure that they have a holistic experience.

What could go wrong?

  • The worst-case scenario would be a vascular obstruction with tissue death.
  • Destruction of the lip border and loss of the delicate cupids bow.
  • Overinflated or grossly asymmetrical lips.
  • Ugly results.
  • These can all be mitigated and the risks almost completely removed through techniques that are acquired over years of practice and through innovative injection techniques.


What are the uncommon uses for botox and filler?

  • Sweating
  • Under-eye bags
  • Scars
  • Burn scars
  • Acne
  • Nasal fillers


What is Mira dry?

Mira Dry is a machine that uses thermal energy to permanently destroy targeted sweat glands, odour producing glands and hair.

Who should consider using this machine?

Anyone who suffers from excessive sweating, especially if they have sought treatment for sweat with botulinum toxin.

How many sessions would you need to go for, how long is the procedure, and is there any downtime?

You would only need to come for ONE session. The procedure takes one hour. You will experience one day of swelling and pain.

Q&A with Dr. Tamara Pheiffer

Following our second exclusive Beauty Warriors event, held at Anti-Aging Art in Houghton, we met up with Dr. Tamara Pheiffer to discuss bio-hacking with her.

Find out more about this interesting topic below.

What are biohacking and biogerontology and what does this mean for me?

Medical Biohacking is the study and practice of healthspan extension. It is a way of analyzing your unique biochemistry and genetics as well as your medical history and environment to create a designer way of life that will optimize your health and wellbeing in every aspect.

Stronger. Faster. Smarter. It also allows us to pick up trends toward disease before there is functional damage and reduce the risk of you falling ill by around 75%. It allows us to be strong and agile to an older age and be the life of the party at your great grandchildren’s wedding.

Biogerontology is the study of cleaning up the accumulative damage caused by our environment and day to day biochemical processes in the body. The accumulation of this damage over time leads to age-related diseases, pain and inflammation, and the entire aging process. If we are able to clean this damage up, almost like an annual spring clean, we may be able to stop it from getting to that tipping point where aging and tissue damage occurs. This will significantly increase the number of healthy, vibrant years in our lives, while simultaneously reducing the number of years where we feel sick and tired and sore.

There are 2 different types of gene testing, please elaborate

Yes, we have high penetrance genetic testing and low penetrance genetic testing.

High penetrance genetic tests are used to establish a very high risk of getting a particular disease. If you test positive in these genes you have a very high risk of getting the disease and there is very little that we can do to change the outcome.

Low penetrance genetic testing shows us where your body’s strengths and weaknesses lie. They show us how easily your body is able to eliminate waste and get the damaging molecules out of the cells before they can negatively affect your genes, cell health, and cell death.

We can pick up heart risk factors, sugar metabolism and diabetes risk, bone and joint health, injury risk and even whether you are better designed for endurance or power exercises and how many days a week you should be training to get optimal results. With this kind of testing, by knowing your exact genetic map in these areas we are able to build the bridge before the gap appears. This gives the incredible opportunity to have up to 75% control of our health and wellness destiny and to work smartly rather than very hard to attain energy levels, strength and mental agility beyond anything we could have imagined before.

At what age should you consider DNA testing for the purposes of anti-aging?

I believe that the earlier we start the less damage has had time to accumulate. Although we are working on strategies to reverse this damage, the science is not entirely where it could be just yet. It is also easier to make these changes when you are younger. These tests can be done at any age. My advice is… You are never younger than you are today. It is never too late to feel better and stronger.

Can I get it done in SA or only via labs in Denmark or the states?

South Africa has some of the best labs for low penetrance genetic testing. What is incredible is that we are able to utilize the latest science and technology here. We have SkinDNA from Australia which is the most accurate genetic test for your skin in the world. This can tell you exactly which ingredients to use on your skin, which treatments to do and diet and lifestyle factors that will play a role. The results when you personalize your skincare are incredible.

For health and biohacking, we use 3×4 which is testing full genetic pathways rather than single-gene mutations. This gives us a much more holistic and accurate view of your genetic potential and risk factors so that we can provide the best solutions. In order to provide this test to patients, you have to have a masters level education in nutrigenomics.

It is incredibly important to have the most accurate information when making these decisions and that is why we partner with specific testing companies.

What is the process of DNA testing in SA?

It is important to choose a medical professional who is well versed in genetics and nutrigenomics so that you can get the best outcomes

It is a simple cheek swab and 2-3 weeks later your results arrive and now is where the fun begins. We get to have a glimpse into 2 possible futures. One where we live our designer life and feel younger, stronger, faster smarter for longer, or one where we get sicker and slower for the next 30-40 years.

It is a massive opportunity to be your healthiest self right into old age.

We have the tools, will you use them?


If you would like to book an appointment with Dr. Pheiffer, please book through Anti-Aging art, use the discount code BeautyWarriors8 to get a 10% discount on select procedures.




Q&A with physiotherapist Roxanne Ashkar

Just the other day Beauty Warriors hosted their second, exclusive event. This event was held at Anti-Aging Art in Houghton with seven select media partners. We were lucky enough to have a one-on-one session with physiotherapist  Roxanne Ashkar.

Find out what we learned, below.

How would you link physiotherapy to anti-aging

Good question. I have spent so many years rehabilitating people for injuries and postoperatively, that, at first it was very difficult for me to think about how we could use the tools of physiotherapy to enhance the concept of “anti-aging”. We have used our physiotherapy tools in treatment, such as therapeutic ultrasound, to stimulate collagen production and reduce the downtime of Redermalization treatments, to the inclusion of deep oscillation to reduce the inflammatory effects of cooltech fat cryolipolytic treatments.

We use our electrotherapy (Stimpod and tens units) to retrain muscles to work if a patient has had too much botulinum toxin. We use ultrasound and deep tissue massage to facilitate circulation as well as reduce swelling post fat lipolytic injections,  and together with our doctors, advocate platelet-rich plasma injections as opposed to steroids as an option to regenerate or reengineer inflamed tissue, for a better quality outcome long term.  These are just a few ways we have used physiotherapy tools to enhance the ‘anti-aging’ procedures performed by doctors.

Over and above this, Physiotherapy is an amazing therapy which utilizes the concepts of rehabilitation and weight transfer management to prevent the spine and peripheral joints from aging faster, through the use of posture control and mindful movement patterns as well as hands-on techniques to treat tired, dried out and tight fascial tissues. We encourage exercise,  specifically exercises that are necessary to balance your body according to what we may have seen during your assessment.


Explain the impact of sitting for long periods on the body.

What they said is true. Sitting is the new smoking. Sitting sedentary for prolonged periods of time places huge amounts of uncontrolled strain on your neck and spine as well as your hips and pelvis. Sitting cross-legged also encourages imbalances to develop in your pelvis and lumbar spine. I encourage all my patients to get up and move, at least every 30 minutes if possible.


Do you have any tips for beauty therapists or hairdressers who sit, bend and stand for long hours every day?

It may be difficult to alter your movement pattern if it is necessary to perform the function of your job. My advice is, be dynamic about it. Try to keep a neutral pelvis during your working activity and engage your core. Take regular breaks and stretch or move your body in a different way to counteract the overload of your working posture. Exercise in general and remember to breathe with your diaphragm and not your shoulders.

What are the unknown uses of physiotherapy

Physiotherapists can treat ANY joint or muscle. We have a role to play in the rehabilitation of almost any post-operative dysfunction, from orthopedic, to neurological to surgical.  In our rooms, we treat mostly chronic migraines, spinal pain, headaches and Temporomandibular dysfunction (jaw). One of the newer features of our practice is ‘women’s health’ therapy, which is the treatment of sexual pain, incontinence, and pelvic pain. We even treat blocked breast ducts in breastfeeding mothers. Most people are unaware that certain physiotherapists are trained to perform this role.


Hit me with your best (O)-Shot

Fresh off the release of the cult favourite ‘Game of Thrones’ I know we are all wondering…. How do we as busy business women spice up our time between the sheets? Sexual dysfunction is on the rise with us living such stressful lives. I have the solution for you, and it’s as quick as popping out of the office in your lunch break. Yes, you heard me, you can increase your love life in your next lunch break! Introducing, the O-SHOT!

What is the O-shot?

  • Also known as an orgasm-shot
  • It is when PRP is injected into a woman’s vagina
  • It’s a non-surgical procedure with no downtime

What is PRP?

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Blood plasma enriched with platelets.
  • PRP contains growth factors that stimulate the healing of soft tissue.

What are the benefits of this shot?

  • Rejuvenation of the vagina
  • Relief from urinary incontinence
  • Reduced pain
  • Easier arousal
  • Increased lubrication
  • Sexual enhancement
  • Better orgasms
  • G-spot orgasms


Do you need to have a sexual or medical problem to get the O-shot or will it work for anyone looking to improve their love life?

  • This shot helps to rejuvenate the vagina
  • Women who have had a natural birth and feel less sensation during sex
  • Women who struggle to orgasm during sex


What sexual or medical problems can the O-shot help treat?

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Lichen Sclerosis


Who is eligible to get the O-shot?

  • Patients need to be over the age of 18
  • Patients struggling with low libido, who struggle with vaginal dryness and who have difficulty attaining an orgasm


The procedure in a few easy steps:

The O-shot is a 30-minute procedure.

  • Dr. Kanaris will assess the patients’ genitalia and then apply a numbing cream
  • Half a tablespoon of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm, like a blood test
  • The blood is spun which isolates the PRP
  • A lidocaine injection numbs the clitoris
  • PRP is then injected into the clitoris and vagina
  • The procedure literally takes 3 minutes


How does the O-shot work?

  • PRP  stimulates the area it is injected into.
  • They lay down new blood vessels, increase the sensation of the area and build up collagen.
  • In the clitoris, they increase sensation by better blood supply to the nerves and area.
  • In the vagina, they help strengthen the tissue around the urethra (urine outlet pipe) to help with stress urinary incontinence.
  • PRP stimulates the regeneration of tissue in the g-spot region, to increase sensation and lubrication.

When will the patient feel the effects of the O-shot?

  • Some women feel it immediately, but it can take up to 3 months.


How long will you feel the effects for?

  • The average time is 1.5 years


What are the risks with getting the O-shot?

  • The risk is very low for patients
  • No serious reactions have been reported


How many injections do you get per procedure?

  • It varies based on the procedure and patient.
  • The woman will usually receive 2 local anesthetic injections and 2 RPR injections in the vaginal and clitoris


Is the O-shot painful?

  • Most women don’t feel anything


The history of the O-shot:

  • 2011 saw the first O-shot  performed in the world
  • As this is a trademark procedure, only registered doctors may use this name for the procedure,
  • Dr Nicole Kanaris is the South African trainer for the O-shot
  • Dr Nicole Kanaris performed the first live O-shot on Monday, 19 February.


Who is Dr Nicole Kanaris?

  • Dr Nicole Kanaris is a medical doctor with a special interest in Aesthetic medicine.
  • She trained for the O-shot procedure in Beverly Hills in 2016.
  • She is the only doctors’ trainer for South Africa.
  • There are currently only 9 doctors performing the o-Shot in South Africa. There are over 500 doctors worldwide.


Where can you find Dr Kanaris?

Address: Mode De Vie, Medical & Aesthetics, Eden Meadows Centre, Cnr Van Riebeeck and Modderfontein Road, Greenstone, Johannesburg

Email address:

Contact number: 0115240991


All doctors registered are found on the website which lists all doctors worldwide.


Q&A with Lara Wicksteed, Co-owner of YouBar Illovo

Beauty Warriors had an opportunity to sit down and chat with salon co-owner and boss babe, Lara Wicksteed. Lara is the co-owner of YouBar in Illovo. Here’s more about her and her salon, let’s use this as an opportunity to support local entrepreneurs.

You had a successful job working for a beauty brand for 4 years, and you gave that all up to start your own business. Tell us a bit about what your average day entails being a business partner.

Working in corporate could’ve never have prepared me for what it’s like to be your own boss as well as the boss to 27 ladies 7 days a week. Each day is different but there are a few things I like to start each day with. I begin by checking what each of the salon’s schedules are like for the day, ensuring my staff are arriving before their clients so that they are ready from the get-go. That ranges from having the right tools, to the shampoos to the QMS moisturiser on the shelf. Completing the general tasks before the day begins guarantees a day without hiccups and it allows me to engage 100% with our special clients – probably the most favourite part of my day. When you have happy clients, you feel like you’re doing something right and everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

What is your greatest challenge in co-owning your own business?

To meet each client with the consistent, high standard we believe YouBar delivers. Running two salons on two different floors with a compliment of 27 ladies, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day has proven that there are no rewards without challenges. Staff management and coordination are two practices I’m still trying to perfect – which may be the wrong term when you’re trying to attend to everyone’s own unique working style.

It’s rather a job that requires adaption but I believe with the right principles and mutual respect in place, it can result in a high standard of service we aim to offer at YouBar each day.

What do you consider to be the personal strengths that have helped you achieve the success that you have today?

Persistence, patience and the ability to never stop learning. I’m someone that simply does not give up until the job is done – I have a relentless nature for ‘if you start something, you must finish it.’ I hope I inspire my staff to do the same. There is always something bigger and better to work towards – giving everything I have into this job has shown me that. Some days are tough, but I realise that I made this decision and I am so damn proud and grateful that I did.

Barbara and Tarryn, my business partners, are two people who have led me to where I am today. They have shown me the ropes of YouBar and running a business. They are two inspiring women who deserve an article on their own but it’s a reminder to me that you are only as strong as your team. So, thank you Barbs and T.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love running (away from my problems).

Running Ultra Marathons has taught me another kind of determination I never deemed possible in my young 32 years. I enjoy the quiet time to reflect and withdraw from the day-to-day worries and to simply do something different with my day. But if I had the chance to do my most favourite thing each day, it would be to wine and dine but that would require more running which my diary just does not allow.

How would you describe your salon’s style?

Striking and chic décor at both stores. We describe the style as ‘New York City chic’, with copper fittings – especially in the downstairs store. While both stores look similar, there is a marked difference in atmosphere between the two: the upstairs store has a calm and serene feel, while downstairs is much more ‘vibey’, with a more energetic environment. The hair salon needs the upbeat music in the background to meet the sound of hairdryers in action.

At YouBar we definitely try our best to ensure that for the guest, it is “All about you!”.   From our specialized teas or bubbling champagne to our premium brands that we use for all services. There are really no short cuts at YouBar (unless that’s what you’re looking for ;)).

How do you keep clients coming back for beauty treatments in this tough economic climate?

We really like to give back to our loyal and regular guests at YouBar.  So to ensure we do that, we offer a weekly discount as well as a monthly ALL OUT special. We normally try to do specific hair, or nail or skincare special to focus on all spectrums of guests.

In addition, we aim to leave each with a positive, memorable experience that they want to come back to. Our ladies each have their own unique style and personality which truly impacts each service delivered by either upstairs at the nail and beauty salon or our hair salon downstairs.

How do you motivate yourself to remain positive in the months when business isn’t booming?

Plan: anticipate the upcoming tough months (like winter) and implement action plans to support you through them. I am also very adamant about staying the course – be consistent. Find the smile and make sure that you treat every day as if it is your most successful day, even if it is not. And always keep in mind… SUMMER is coming J

Who would you consider to be your biggest influences and why?

In today’s day in age, we are exposed to so many aspects of influence that no single one I can say is my influence. Society, I think, has a huge influence on businesses – to always be dynamic, to keep up the trend and sometimes make it, otherwise, you will be forgotten.

I do always have my parents in the back of my mind, who taught me about hard work and ethics.

What should we expect from you next?

There are so many opportunities to diversify, grow and expand but I have thought about just mastering my craft. Doing what I do but being the best at it. The undisputed.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

  • Do your research
  • Know your competition
  • Be unique but familiar
  • Be brave and vulnerable – nothing is ever worth doing unless you are giving it everything you’ve got
  • Accept that you are going to fail and fail again but there will be days that those failures taught you what not to do
  • Find a mentor – you’re going to need the guidance and support that you can’t always look for in those that surround you, all day every day

What differentiates YouBar from other salons?

It is the beautiful combination of our incredible team, our very special clients brought together by amazing brands. You’ll just have to come to see for yourself 😉

How best should people contact you if they want to book an appointment with you?

Giving us a call, make your booking with our lovely front desk managers.

Otherwise, it is also easy to fill out your online booking from our website.