Q&A with Boss Babe Jenna from La Tete Hair & Beauty

la tete hair and beauty

Jenna not only looks the part, she is a proper, born and bred boss babe. She has a HUGE passion for hair and beauty, and is living the dream.

la tete hair and beauty

Full name : Jenna Gene Durocher-Yvon

Occupation : Hair Stylist & salon Owner

3. How did you get into the beauty industry and why?

It runs in my blood. My mom and my moms twin where stylists and I love working with woman.

4. What is one of the biggest hair myths in your opinion?

My goodness, there are so many. Here are 3 that came to mind first.
MYTH : Cutting your hair makes it grow. HFACT : Honestly???? No, taking off a bit of ratty ends definitely makes it feel fuller and healthier, but there is no  scientific evidence that proves that cutting ends has anything to do with stimulating your root area and promoting growth. MYTH : Coconut oil. FACT : Why? If it was so easy why would there be products with scientific technology to make a molecule smaller to penetrate into the hair. Coconut oils can’t do this, the molecules are huge and it sits on the hair. MYTH : Kim Kardashian’s 24 hours hair transformation. FACT : It’s a wig people.

5. Tell us about your daily skincare routine

My daily skin care routine consists of only Intraceuticals products, which is an athstetic range. I fell in love so hard that I’m a stockiest of the oxygen facials and retail at my salon.

6. Your favourite beauty/hair treatment & why?

My favorite treatment is definitely the oxygen facial, as you see an instant transformation on lines and appearance and the bonus you can apply makeup immediately after the treatment.

7. Your FAV PROFESSIONAL beauty product? And why?

Hair treatment is definitely liquid hair by wella , it’s basically filler for damaged hair.

8. Top 3 skincare must haves :

Top 3 skin care products. The 3 step hyaluronic layering system from intraceuticals. Making sure my face is hydrated and flawless throughout the day

Why you should be getting chemical peels in Winter

Our skin cells tend to turn over more slowly in winter. A light exfoliation treatment can help revitalize gray winter skin and help even out discoloration or pigmentation. Winter time is also the perfect time to try a gentle peel, which requires you to stay out of the sun when possible.

Chemical peels & what they are

Did you know that professional chemical skin peels can treat a number of skin concerns? Skin peels help fix your spots, prevent and treat the signs of ageing, brighten and balance skin pigment and tone. They even help enhance your sun resistance and boost hydration to alleviate dryness and sensitivity.
These are some of the specific skin conditions you can have treated with professional chemical skin peels, what to expect when going for the treatment and how you and your skin will feel before and afterwards.

Skin peels can fix your spots

For pimples and breakouts, the Lamelle Beta Plus skin peel, which is a special version of betahydroxy salicylic acid that’s adapted to be very anti-inflammatory and able to help calm and help remove comedones (black- and whiteheads).

The treatment: Your skin is cleansed and exfoliated with Lamelle’s Cathepsin D, which mimics your skin’s natural exfoliants. After this, the peel is applied to your face with a brush, and it is left on for 5 minutes before a neutralising agent is applied, followed by a short moisturiser massage.

What it feels like: When the peel is applied, your skin might feel a little tingly. When the neutralising agent is applied, the chemical reaction produces a little extra warmth and the tingling will feel slightly more intense for a very short period. Your skin will feel plump and hydrated directly after and may be a little red – especially over any open pimples – for a little while afterwards. Follow your therapist’s recommendation for caring for your skin over the next few days.

Skin peels can prevent and treat aging

For ageing, insist on Lamelle Alpha skin peel or Lamelle Retistore. The Alpha peel is an alphahydroxy (fruit) acid that’s ideal for treating sun-damaged skin, while Retistore is a more advanced peel that gives full epidermal restructuring and requires some social downtime.

The treatments: The alpha peel is very similar to your other peels: a quick cleanse and exfoliation, then the peel is applied for a few minutes and you feel a bit of tingling until it is neutralised, and then a moisturiser is applied and you can practically go back to work again, if need be. With Restistore, you might want to plan a little bit more downtime, because the product is left on your skin for 6–12 hours.

What it feels like: An alpha peel tingles on the skin during the application and your skin may be a little red afterwards, but mostly your skin feels plump, hydrated and beautifully smooth. There might be a little dryness in the days after, so follow your therapist’s instructions for moisturising.

With Restistore – and especially the supercharged Restistore Plus treatment – there’s virtually no tingling during the first five-minute preparation application, and then the active treatment is left on your skin for up to 12 hours, with specific instructions on how to wash it off and what to apply immediately afterwards and in the days to come. Your skin might feel a little itchy during the treatment, but it’s just the retinoid penetrating and won’t irritate the skin. After the treatment your skin will feel plump and smooth, maybe a little heat sensitive and you’ll experience fine flaking of the skin for two to five days after the treatment (although it won’t be visible peeling and you can safely go back to work if need be), so keep up your homecare programme as advised by your therapist.

Skin peels for rebalancing and brightening pigmented skin

For hyperpigmentation, ask for Lamelle Beta skin peel. This beta-hydroxy peel promotes exfoliation safely and effectively, increasing cell turnover to help get rid of excess pigmentation to get a brighter, more even skin tone.

The treatment: After cleansing and exfoliation, the peel is applied with some gauze and left on until the tingling dissipates (usually after about three minutes). This skin peel neutralises itself, so there’s no need to apply a neutralising agent. Afterwards, the therapist will apply a moisturiser, some sunscreen and then give you some home-care treatments to apply over the next few days.

There are slight variations of this treatment. Sometimes it’s combined with a retinol treatment that has to stay on your skin for 8–12 hours, so you’ll have to plan some social downtime. Another version is the Beta peel combined with a spot-treatment of TCA (Lamelle’s strongest peel), applied in small quantities to only those spots that are resistant to the normal Beta treatment.

What it feels like: The Beta peel itself only tingles for about three minutes, after which your skin will feel plump and smooth. It might get a little dry and tight in the days to come, so follow your therapist’s home-care instructions carefully.

With the retinol treatment, you get your Beta peel and then the retinol will be applied and left on for up to 12 hours afterwards. You’ll be given instructions on how to wash it off and what moisturisers and sunscreens to apply and when. With the TCA spot treatment, the parts of the skin treated with TCA might feel hotter, drier and tighter for up to 48 hours afterwards. Follow your home-care routine, though, and you’ll have beautifully smooth, even-toned skin in a day or two.

Skin peels for preventing sun damage

To prevent photoaging, look to the Lamelle Lacti-firm peel. This peel is made from lactic acid (a type of alpha-hydroxy acid) and it is very comfortable and requires almost no social downtime. In fact, Lacti-firm is an ideal first peel if you’ve never had a skin peel before and are curious or just want to experience it for yourself before moving onto more targeted peels.

The treatment: After cleansing and exfoliation, the peel is applied with a brush and left on your skin for a few minutes (no more than 10), after which it is neutralised and moisturiser and sunscreen applied. This treatment helps prevent the signs of photoaging, stopping the formation of wrinkles, lines and pigment.

What it feels like: Lacti-firm tingles a little on the skin when it’s first applied, but then the sensation dissipates. It might feel a little tingly again when the neutralising agent is applied too. Your skin will feel very smooth, hydrated and plump after the treatment. And you have to follow your after-care regimen carefully to avoid and little dryness and tightness for a few days afterwards.
Remember that these professional chemical skin peels have to be performed by a trained Lamelle skincare specialist, a dermatologist or medical doctor.

A professional will assess your skin beforehand, to ensure that the right peel is used and that the treatment will be both safe and effective. Plus: having a trained pro right there with you is always good for making you feel safe and reassured when getting a treatment.

If you want more info on the perfect peel for your skin visit Lamelle SA.

Article by Lamelle SA.

We just found out about collagen coffee and we are hooked!

Recently, we read an article that said a woman’s collagen levels start to deplete after the age of 25. 25, holy cow! So, in order to keep your hair, nails, and skin looking amazing, you need to supplement them. Coogals are all about their designer coffee, now we just need to add a scoop of collagen to it in the morning.

Our model started taking O Nutricia supplements and saw a difference in her nails almost immediately (about a week later).

Hair growth:

This supplement is great for hair growth and skin appearance too. Our model was under the impression that she would only see the results in three months time. After a month of using collagen supplements, she started to notice lots of new baby hair growing around her crown. She was excited that her hair was growing but wasn’t loving all the little fly-aways’ framing her face! She’s so excited about all her new hair, long, luscious, healthy locks here we come!

Our model went to the hairdresser for her 6-week root tint and saw him examining her hair, she asked what he was looking at and he said she has a lot of in-between hairs that he hasn’t seen before. Wayne was assessing if this was broken hair or baby hair. He said it’s too long to be baby-hair, but it doesn’t look broken either. That reaction reaffirmed that the supplements were working!

Skin changes:

After 8 weeks of using the O Nutricia collagen, we started seeing a difference in our model’s skin. She was no longer having regular breakouts and her skin was looking smoother. She had two shoots that week for her blog. One make up artist said to me ‘I can see that you never wear makeup hey, your skin is so healthy’. When our model told her, I wear makeup, every day to work and I wear even more on the weekend, she gave her the stank eye. I know she didn’t believe our model. Another makeup artist asked her if I wear sun cream every day, our model told her she didn’t, and she replied with  ‘wow, you’ve got really great skin, you need to look after it’. Our model is so happy with these results and this is a brand I will be using for years to come.

How we use our Collagen

Put a heaped teaspoon of collagen in your coffee every morning and take three capsules with vitamin c in them in the evenings. The vitamin c helps the body to absorb the collagen, try to sip on water with strawberries or blueberries in it during the day. The collagen powder is completely odorless and colorless so it’s easy to add to anything, we’ve also added it to soups. It makes your morning coffee frothy and creamier too which is an added benefit.

Tip, we found if you add the collagen to a fizzy drink it takes the fizz away, so we would not recommend that. We also noticed if you added it to a drink with sugar in it, like concentrated juice then the collagen goes clumpy, so we would not recommend that either. We found that hot drinks, soups, or plain water works best.

The science behind the O Nutricia Collagen:

Collagen is a key protein in the body that ensures the elasticity and regeneration of skin, tendons, organs, fibrous cartilage, and bone. The process of renewal can be disturbed by disease, poor nutrition, stress, UV rays, and toxins. Collagen is beneficial for joint pain and as an anti-aging nutrient to help the skin remain youthful. O Nutricia is a bioactive protein that supports collagen replenishment. Collagen contains high levels of the amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline, proline, and arginine.  As peptides are of nano size, they can easily pass through the intestinal wall and accumulate in the blood. After only 15 minutes, these peptides are distributed to the connective tissue stimulating endogenous collagen synthesis.

Recommended selling price of the O Nutricia powder is R350 this is for a one month’s supply

The recommended selling price of the O Nutricia collagen capsules with vitamin c is R200 for a one month’s supply.



Q&A with Lulu & Marula CEO, Jesslyn Schlamm

I’ve always had a passion for supporting local entrepreneurs. From buying dish clothes from a lady at a market to supporting local vendors, I do believe that local is lekker. I have a newfound interest in learning more about female CEO’s since I recently left the corporate world to make it’s a Sher thing, a real thing!

I met up with local entrepreneur Jesslyn Schlamm, who started a natural skincare brand, Lulu & Marula.

See her Q&A below:

  • You took a leap of faith and left your corporate job to start your own company, tell us a little bit more about that?

Leaving a job with a dependable paycheck for something that held no guarantees is never an easy decision, but I was lucky enough that I was able to do it gradually. For the first 2 years of the business, I continued to work full time, running Lulu & Marula in my lunch hour and after work, often late into the early hours. I didn’t know what a weekend was! When the business got to a reliable point financially, I managed to reduce my hours at my full-time job to give me more time to work on Lulu & Marula. Luckily I had a great boss that trusted and believed in me. Fast forward another year and I left the corporate world completely. I did everything at a pace that I was (relatively) comfortable with.

  • What do you consider to be the personal strengths that have helped you achieve who and where you are today?

Oh gosh. I’m never great at talking about my strengths, but I guess I would have to say my advertising background really helped to get Lulu & Marula as a brand to where it is now. It has really helped with the aesthetic and communication around the brand.

  • What inspired you to create Lulu & Marula and when did you launch?

Lulu & Marula started quite organically, I didn’t initially set out to start a business. I had been making my own skincare products for years, taking a cue from my mother who often makes her own soaps and body butter in her kitchen. I had always struggled with my skin, which was often hormonal and temperamental, so on my search for something that worked for me, I came across the use of oils and balms to treat a whole bunch of different skin concerns, including unbalanced, blemish-prone skin. This method hadn’t quite reached South Africa yet, so I started mixing my own formulations. My skin loved it, and soon I had friends and family placing orders for anything from a hand balm to face oil. Lulu & Marula was born. This was in 2013.

  • Where did the brand name come from?

Lulu is my childhood dog, and Marula comes from the key ingredient that we use throughout our entire product range.

  • What would you say is the biggest challenge you have encountered about breaking into the skincare industry?

Being a small business with the budgets that go along with that, it’s tough to stand out among the clutter in a way that creates enough trust for people to take the plunge and actually want to buy our products. Then as we grow and begin formulating with more specialised ingredients, minimum order quantity requirements and cash flow also becomes a struggle. They are all challenges that are part of being a small business, but there are a lot of upsides too!

  • What do you feel has been the greatest satisfaction of being an entrepreneur so far?

Getting amazing feedback and support from customers is always an incredible feeling. It really makes things feel all worthwhile.

  • Are your products safe to use on skin that suffers from excema or psoriasis?

Absolutely. We have a lot of clients who struggle with sensitivities that come from eczema or psoriasis, and who have found relief with our products. Being 100% plant-derived with no irritating synthetics or fragrances means that our products are ideal for sensitive skins. That doesn’t mean they lack efficacy, either. Natural ingredients and formulations can deliver powerful results.

  • Where would you like to be in the skincare industry five years from now?

We’ve just launched our Lulu & Marula Professionals range along with full treatment protocols for spas and salons. We’re currently implementing our range and treatments in a few select salons, but we’d love to be in more spas and salons around South Africa and Africa, along with a cult customer base.

  • What’s the difference between your professional and at-home range?

Our professional range provides clients with an experience they can’t get at home. The treatments, such as our Enzyme Mask Treatment, are generally a stronger professional use grade. We also have a few additional products that are used in the treatment which clients can’t purchase to take home, such as our Soothing Marine Mask, which is a peel-off alginate mask that balances, firms and cools the skin after their Enzyme Treatment. We have also developed a set of treatment protocols in collaboration with Almarie Venter, an award-winning spa and wellness consultant with impressive experience in the industry. These protocols include lymph drainage using crystal massage wands to tone the face, as well as energy cleansing treatments to balance and center the client.

  • What should we expect from you next?

We’re launching an incredible marine plant-based serum soon. It’s a game-changer with some amazing ingredients including botanical hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and wakame extract.

  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Just start, don’t overthink things too much. Put out the best you can with what you have, if you get caught up in the small things it can be super overwhelming and seems a lot harder to get started.

  • What are your top 3 must-have products from the range?

This always changes based on the season and how my skin is feeling. Right now it’s our new serum that’s about to launch, the Balancing Hydra Serum. I can’t go a day without washing my face with our Balancing Cleansing Balm, it melts away makeup and leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished. And then our Refreshing Tonic Mist, which I use after cleansing every morning and evening. It hydrates and refreshes my skin, giving it a little extra boost of moisture, and the smell is just amazing!


  • What price range do your products start at?

Our facial range starts at R300 for our Refreshing Tonic Mist, and the most expensive product is R400 which is the price of our Treatment Oils. Our products last a long time though as a little goes a long way, so you can expect a Treatment Oil to last about 5 months.

  • If someone has a limited budget, what do they need from your range for their skincare needs?

I would suggest one of our Facial Kits. Each one includes a total skincare regime, including a cleanser, toner, mask and treatment oil. The kit will last you about 2-3 months. We have Purifying which is ideal for combination, oily and blemish-prone skin, or Nourishing for normal to dry, sensitive and mature skin.

  • Your range is definitely something I’ve never experienced at a spa before, tell us a little bit about what ingredients you use to create the experience a consumer receives in terms of scent and visual appeal?

We’ve created a range that touches on all the senses, focusing on the scent, feel and look. It was really important to us that we create something unique that doesn’t currently exist in the local market, something that spas and salons can use to differentiate themselves. We want clients to have a totally relaxing experience, where the treatment they receive is super effective and results-driven from a visual perspective, while also addressing internal imbalances that cause stress, tension, and insomnia. Basically a complete, holistic solution for ultimate wellness.

  • You use crystals in your work, would you like to expand on why you believe this is an important part of the treatment?

Not only do the crystals feel lovely, smooth and cooling on the skin, but we also use them to stimulate certain acupressure points in the face to tone and firm skin, as well as address internal imbalances linked with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. We also believe that crystals can create positive, healing energies to soothe the client, as has been used in traditional therapies for centuries. Whether or not a client believes in their healing energies, the crystal massage wands we use still provide a functional benefit with the massage techniques we use them for.

Contact details:

hello@luluandmarula.com, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram at @luluandmarula