The best beauty advice… according to YOU!

The best beauty advice… according to YOU!

A couple of weeks ago, we put up an Instagram post asking our fellow Beauty Warriors what their best beauty advice is.

There were so many pearls of wisdom, that we thought we’d share them all with you in a blog post. Read on for some of the best beauty advice… according to YOU!

“Clean your face before bedtime, doesn’t matter how tired you are. Remove your make up and give your skin an opportunity to breath and restore itself while you sleep.” – Tanya from Annie Two Cents blog

“Disinfect the screen of your mobile phone. They are immense germ carriers and can cause havoc on your skin.” – Ayesha, beauty expert and owner of Urban Bliss Wellness Spa

“Over-peeling and over-exfoliating leads to skin being even more dry and dull. Stick to exfoliating just once a week or so. After washing your face, use a towel and pat dry as opposed to harsh wiping, which can cause harm. It’s important to drink plenty of water, but it’s also vital to have a good skin care routine. Investing in good skin care is the way to healthy glowing skin. Never wash your face using hot water – instead, use lukewarm water. Hot water tends to make one’s face much more red. Lastly, don’t pop pimples no matter what. Use a spot treatment instead.” – Seri from Style With Me Pretty blog

“Never sleep with makeup on, and use SPF every day – including during winter.” – Nisa from Belle Blush blog

“I’m obsessed with SPF lately, and we all know the importance of taking makeup off before bed, enough sleep and water. It’s worth mentioning that you need to clean your makeup tools (brushes and sponges) around once a week so that you don’t spread germs all over your precious face!” – Camilla from Jane Wonder blog

“Use a Muslin or facecloth after cleansing to get rid of excess makeup, you will be surprised to see how much makeup is still left over!” – Amy Olden, makeup artist (see here for website)

We thought these were all such wonderful tips, and well worth sharing. A big thank you to all the beauties that took the time to share their advice with us!

Do you have some beauty advice of your own? Pop your tips in the comments sections below – we love hearing from our fellow Beauty Warriors! 


Our favourite beauty looks from the 2018 MTV Movie & TV awards

Our favourite beauty looks from the 2018 MTV Movie & TV awards

From dewy skin and neutral shadows to thick, lustrous braids and wet-look locks, we’ve rounded up all the best beauty looks from the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

In the mood for some fresh beauty inspo? Look no furher! We trawled the ‘net to find some of the hottest hair and makeup looks from the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, which took place in Santa Monica, California early last month.

Scroll down to get caught up on all our favourite celebrity hair and beauty looks lately – and don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know which one you love most!


Alisha Boe

The 13 Reasons Why star looked sensational in a shimmering dress by Makarian, paired with ultra-modern waves and a neutral makeup palette.

What we love most: Those soft, feminine waves, the contouring that further highlights her incredible bone structure, her strong brows, and the softly-defined eyes.

What we’d change: Absolutely nothing. We love everything about this look!


Alison Brie

We can’ get enough of the G.L.O.W star’s retro, 60s-inspired look: from her high ponytail, baby-blue eyeshadow and bubblegum pink lipstick, this look is everything.

What we love most: Those Twiggy lashes and her modern take on blue eyeshadow. Oh, and did we mention that we’re all kinds of obsessed with her gorgeous ponytail?

What we’d change: We would’ve added some bold, statement earrings to really capitalise on the retro vibe.


Amandla Stenberg

The bun-ponytail hybrid is turning heads this season, and Amandla’s incredible take on this trend is by far the best style we’ve seen.

What we love most: Her thick, lustrous locks and that incredible eyeshadow.

What we’d change: Nothing at all.


Katherine Langford

The 13 Reasons Why stunner knocked it out of the park with her tousled ponytail (paired with a sensational, over-sized bow) and Cleopatra-esque liner look.

What we love most: That magnificent eyeliner (we love the glints of purple liner), the enormous black bow, and the tousled waves over her shoulder.

What we’d change: It looks as though a lipstick touch-up is in order, and we’d go easier on the blush.


Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn’s tousled hair and beautifully defined eyes complement her deep green velvet dress perfectly.

What we love most: That inner corner highlight, and the pop of teal liner that matches her dress.

What we’d change: Nothing!


Tessa Thompson

When both Kim K and Westworld’s Tessa Thompson debut braids at the same event, you know that they’re about to be bigger than ever!

What we love most: The eye-catching highlights in her braids, as well as the pop of pink on eyes.

What we’d change: A little hint of blush and some lipstick would’ve go amiss.



Consistently at the top of our – and everyone else’s – best beauty round ups, it seems that Zendaya can do no wrong!

What we love most: Zendaya’s slicked back, wet-look hair, her full brows, and that beautiful eyeshadow.

What we’d change: Not a thing. As we said, Zendaya can do no wrong!


Which one of these beautiful looks is your favourite? Anything you’d be keen to recreate? Drop us a comment below!