6 hair lessons we learnt from Sex and the City

6 hair lessons we learnt from Sex and the City

This month marks the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City, the revolutionary TV series that was the talk of the town during the 90s.

Sex and the City centres around the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha, a group of 30-something friends who are coming to terms with life, love and everything else in one of the most glamorous cities in the world: New York City. The show is known for its eccentric fashions, exquisite shoes, and sordid sex-capades, but we learnt some valuable lessons relating to our hair from Sex and the City, too.


Embrace your natural hair type

Whether it’s straight or wavy or you’re a blonde, brunette, or redhead, Sex and the City gave us all a hair role model to look up to. (And if Carrie isn’t the poster child for embracing and making the most of your wild curls, no one is!)


Simple is best

As Charlotte Yorke proves, a sleek ponytail paired with a deep berry lip colour is a quick and easy way to look instantly polished.


When in doubt, opt for a side-swept fringe

We’ve long been fans of a good ol’ side-swept fringe, and no one does it better than Samantha.


Curly-haired girls can pull off a bob

If you have curly hair, you may have been (wrngly) convinced that you can’t pull off shorter styles. Carrie Bradshaw showed us that – with the right haircut and expertise – it is possible for curly girls to pull off a bob.


Let it grow

Balayage is a hair trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and if you take a closer look at past seasons of SATC, I think you’ll spot one of the trends’ pioneers: Carrie Bradshaw herself. Carrie famously let her roots grow out, paving the way for one of today’s hottest hair trends.


A statement colour is a sure-fire way to stand out

If you’re bored of your current style or you feel as though you’re stuck in a rut, take a leaf out of Miranda’s book and opt for a bold statement colour. Whether you choose to go for a fiery copper hue like Miranda’s, or you’re keen to experiment with rainbow colours, now’s the perfect time to play around.


Are you a big Sex and the City fan? Leave a comment below telling us who your favourite character is – and feel free to share some of the top beauty lessons you learnt from the show! 


BEAUTY REVIEW: Skin Doctors Even Brighter Revolutionary Spot Serum

BEAUTY REVIEW: Skin Doctors Even Brighter Revolutionary Spot Serum

Are you battling with dark spots and pigmentation? We recently stumbled upon the Skin Doctors Even Brighter Revolutionary Spot Serum, and we definitely noticed an improvement in the overall tone and texture of our skin within a couple of weeks. Read on for our thoughts on this must-have skincare product.

When chatting to our readers and fellow Beauty Warriors, it seems that pigmentation and dark spots are some of the most common beauty concerns amongst South African women. This has a lot to do with your own individual skin type and tone (darker skins are usually more pone to scarring, while blemish-prone skins are also more likely to develop dark spots where blemishes once were), but our climate and exposure to sunlight also has a big impact. One of the most important things you can do when it comes to preventing the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation is to wear sunscreen on a daily basis – even in winter. The second most important step? Start using a product that’s been formulated to target dark spots – like Skin Doctors Even Brighter Revolutionary Spot Serum – stat!

Skin Doctors Even Brighter Revolutionary Spot Serum

This lightweight serum is ideal for those who battle with dark spots, blemishes, pigmentation, and an uneven skin tone. It’s gentle, yet powerful formulation boasts a combination of three clinically-proven actives, namely B-white, Exo-T, and Sepiwhite MSH to help fade existing dark spots and to reveal a brighter complexion, with noticeable results in as little as 7 days. In fact, Sepiwhite MSH is an incredibly powerful active ingredient that’s been scientifically proven to increase your skin’s radiance by 83%. (Based on consumer studies).


After cleansing your skin and patting dry with a clean towel, use dry fingertips to apply Skin Doctors Even Brighter Revolutionary Spot Serum to your areas of concern. (Avoid the delicate eye area). Apply both morning and night, and follow with your regular moisturiser. It’s vital that you use a sunscreen every morning to avoid further damage.

Have you tried Skin Doctors Even Brighter Revolutionary Spot Serum? Let us know whether it worked for you by leaving a review below. 


BEAUTY REVIEW: Matsimela Home Spa Red Berry Kalahari Bath Soak

BEAUTY REVIEW: Matsimela Home Spa Red Berry Kalahari Bath Soak

Come the colder, winter months, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a long soak in the tub at the end of a long, hard day. Matsimela Home Spa’s Red Berry Kalahari Bath Soak has been our go-to for adding a luxurious touch to our evening ritual… here’s why!

Matsimela Home Spa is a proudly South African skincare and bathcare brand that was started by husband and wife, Olivia and Wayne Nel, back in 2005. Matsimela Home Spa is known for its wide range of pampering body butters, scrubs, soaps, and bath soaks, to name just a few. The products contain only the very best natural ingredients, and Matsimela Home Spa is dedicated to sourcing all raw materials from a number of Southern African-based companies that support local farms. These suppliers source oils from over 30 farmers throughout Africa and surrounding islands. Matsimela Home Spa Red Berry Kalahari Bath Soak (R75) This budget-friendly beauty is the perfect addition to your bath at the end of a long day – simply sprinkle a generous handful into your bath, sit back, take a deep breath to inhale the beautiful scent, and relax! It’s formulated using pure, untreated salt crystals from an ancient underwater lake in the Kalahari Desert and is suitable for all skin types. For an extra pampering treat, we like to pop in one of Matsimela Home Spa’s Red Berry Fizz Balls (R25). Have you tried any of Matsimela Home Spa’s indulgent bath products? Let us know your favourites in the comments down below – and if you’ve tried this Red Berry Kalahari Bath Salt, be sure to leave us your review!     

Crimping’s back! The hair trend you simply must try this winter!

Crimping’s back! The hair trend you simply must try this winter!

This season’s hair is all about texture and crimping, with 80s-inspired looks dominating the catwalks and making appearances on the pages magazines and on just about every blog, too.

This season’s styles are a whole lot softer and more subtle than they used to be, making this a more wearable trend that just about everyone can pull off. As Adam Reed of ghd explains, “crimping is one of those trends that everyone is scared of, but it never goes away.” Keep things fresh and modern by avoiding crimping your hair all over and go for a dual texture effect by crimping only a few sections of your hair instead. Crimping is a quick and easy way to create volume, while keeping up with the latest hair trends at the same time.

When playing around, remember that it’s not necessarily about crimping all of your hair this season. “It’s really more about the placement of crimping and emphasising and creating texture in the hair,” says Adam.

GET THE LOOK: ghd Crimp Dip

We simply can’t get enough of this modern, free-spirited look. Loose, brushed out waves partnered with soft, textured crimped-ends means that this style is so much more than your ordinary, waved look. Take things up a notch this season with the step-by-step guide to creating this look, below:

1. Prep your hair with a root lift product or volumising spray. Focus on your roots and mid lengths.

2. Give your hair a quick blast with your hairdryer and a brush to ‘set’ the product.

3. Spray your hair with curl hold product.

4. Section your hair from ear to ear.

5. Place your ghd styler at the roots of your hair, then rotate half a turn and glide your styler downwards, making sure to leave your ends straight.

6. Repeat on all hair, alternating direction.

7. For texture, place the limited edition ghd contour hair crimper at top of your straight ends and hold for a few seconds.

8. Repeat on all remaining straight ends.

9. Repeat steps 5-8 on all your hair.

10. Comb through your curls to soften them slightly.

11. Gently brush crimped sections with dressing brush.

12. Embellish with gold headbands.

Would you prefer to watch a video showing you how to create this look? Head on over to our Facebook page by clicking here, then scroll down to watch the video. Don’t forget to give it a like, and to share it with your friends!

What do YOU think… is crimping a yay or nay? Will you be playing around with this hot new hair trend this season? Post your looks over on Instagram and tag us! We’d love to see your looks, and we may even share them with our fellow Beauty Warriors!