Q&A: I’ve noticed that some creams come with a thin, plastic cover underneath the lid. Should I keep it?

Q&A: I’ve noticed that some creams come with a thin, plastic cover underneath the lid. Should I keep it?

Q: I’ve noticed that some creams come with a thin, plastic cover underneath the lid. What is this, and should I be hanging on to it – or is it ok to throw it away? 

A: Good question! In all my ten years in the beauty industry, I’ve never once thought to investigate further and to find out whether this extra plastic ‘lid’ is a necessity. I usually keep mine for the first few uses, but end up throwing it away after a few uses because it becomes too fidgety having to remove it every time.

As it turns out, this extra little lid is there for a reason – and a really great one at that! The plastic lid acts as a seal to block out light and air, which helps to preserve the active ingredients found in products and makes them last longer (and helps maintain their efficacy). It’s also a good idea to store any beauty products containing active ingredients (think ingredients like vitamin C and Retinol) in a dark cupboard – this will also ensure that they last longer.

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One lip gloss, seven shades? Yes, please!

One lip gloss, seven shades? Yes, please!

Tired of rummaging through your handbag and coming up with fistfuls of lip glosses and lipsticks, but never quite finding the one you’re actually looking for?

If you’re anything like us, you have at least five or six different lip colours rolling around at the bottom of your bag at any given time, with additional lippies hiding in your desk drawer, your cubby hole, your evening clutch… you get the picture!

We recently discovered Colorgenics, an innovative lip product that features seven pre-selected mixing chambers that offers seven unique, high-shine lip colours in one handy tube. The highly pigmented lip colours are formulated using antioxidants and vitamin E to protect your lips against harsh environmental aggressors, while prevent dryness and chapped lips at the same time.

Each one of the seven individual shades feels really comfortable on the lips, and doesn’t feel remotely sticky or tacky. There’s also no bleeding or feathering, and the high-shine formula is both paraben and sulphate free.

There are two gorgeous colour profiles to choose from: a beautiful pink to bronze, or a classic pink to red. Simply twist the dial at the bottom of the tube to select your desired shade, then apply to your lips. We love that this lip colour coats the lips in one easy stroke for a stunning, highly-pigmented and glossy look.

You can purchase Colorgenics (R350 each) online at www.lipvoltage.co.za.


5 luxurious ways to use Rooibos in your beauty routine

5 luxurious ways to use Rooibos in your beauty routine

Rooibos has long been considered one of South Africa’s best kept beauty secrets and has been used for all manner of skin concerns, from treating itchy rashes and other skin irritations to soothing a bad sunburn.


Whether you drink it or apply it topically, there’s no denying the antioxidant super-powers of this best-loved national treasure. Read on for some great ways to incorporate Rooibos into your daily routine (apart from your morning cuppa, that is).


As a cooling facial mist during the summer months

Brew up a batch of Rooibos, allow to stand, then pop into the fridge for a refreshing facial mist that can be used to treat sunburn, eczema, and even acne. You can also soak a clean face cloth in some cooled Rooibos tea, then use as a compress to soothe patches of eczema or sunburn.


As a calming toner

Cooled Rooibos tea applied to your skin using a clean cotton pad works remarkably well as a toner for sensitive or irritated skin types.


To soothe tired, red, itchy, or puffy eyes

Late night last night? Why not whip up a cup of Rooibos first thing in the morning, then place the cooled teabags over your eyes for 5 – 10 minutes to help soothe sore, tired eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties will also help to minimise swelling and puffiness.


As a relaxing facial steam

A weekly facial steam using a brew of Rooibos tea is a great way to soothe your senses, calm irritated and inflamed skin, and open up your pores for a deep cleanse. Create your own DIY facial by boiling three cups of water and pouring the contents into a large bowl or pot. Add two bags of Rooibos tea, and allow to steep for a few minutes. Lean over the bowl with your eyes closed and drape a towel over your head, allowing the steam to open up your pores. Do this for about 10 minutes, then follow up with a deep-cleansing mask, or simply use some cool water or your toner (why not try a Rooibos toner?) to close your pores.


A luxurious soak in the tub 

For a skin-softening treat for itchy, irritated, or sunburnt skin, fill your bath tub with some hot water, pop three Rooibos teabags into the hot water and let steep, before adding some cool water and soaking for as long as you like. You can also add a drop or two of your favourite bath oil, or a handful of bath salts for an extra sensory treat. (Please do not try this tip if you live in a water scarce area or an area experiencing a drought).


What are some of your favourite ways to incorporate Rooibos tea into your beauty routine? Are there any specific beauty products that contain Rooibos that you swear by? We’d love to know more!



8 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions To Make in 2018

8 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions To Make in 2018

New year, new you? January is known as a month of fresh starts and new beginnings, but even those with the best intentions might start to slip as we head back to work and get back into our routines.

Whether you’ve committed to exercising three times a week or are trying to cut back on sugar, it can be difficult to keep up your resolve as the month wears on… but we’ve come up with a handful of beauty resolutions you’ll actually want to keep! From treating yourself to a weekly face mask to spoiling yourself to a birthday spa treatment, here’s our list of New Year’s beauty resolutions to make now!


Do a beauty audit

When was the last time your cleared out your makeup bag? Beauty products and makeup all have expiry dates, and hanging onto them for longer than you’re supposed to could result in skin irritation, rashes, or even infections like blepharitis (an eye infection that can be caused by using old, expired, and bacteria-infested mascara and eye liner. Gross!). If you’ve had something in your makeup bag for over three years, it’s time to get rid of it – especially if it’s foundation (which typically lasts for about 6 months) or mascara (which expires after three months). Same goes for makeup or beauty products you hardly ever use – if you haven’t used it in the past year, chances are you won’t use it in the year to come. Chuck out all that old makeup to make way for some exciting new products instead.


Get out your diary and make an appointment for a birthday spa pamper

As women, we don’t often take the time to show ourselves a little self-love – even on special occasions, like our birthdays. This year, we’re vowing to spoil ourselves a little more by setting aside some money every month, then indulging in a manicure, facial, or full body massage (or all three!) on our birthdays. If you can’t treat yourself on your birthday, then when can you, right? Pull out your diary and phone up your favourite spa to make a birthday booking right this minute – you’ll thank us later!


 Drink more water

It’s likely that you’ve made this resolution before – and if you’re anything like us, you may have failed miserably, too! Despite this, it’s still a beauty resolution worth making time and time again. Not only does it help keep your body functioning optimally, but it will also leave your complexion looking clearer and more radiant, and might even help you to lose weight. (Hunger pangs are often down to nothing more than thirst, so if you’re feeling peckish, try downing a glass of water instead).


Indulge in a weekly scrub and face mask

Don’t have the time or budget for a regular facial? Why not invest in a facial scrub and mask and treat yourself to a weekly at-home facial instead? Granular scrubs are great, but we prefer enzyme exfoliators to help slough off dead skin cells more gently. It’s recommended that you follow up a good exfoliation session with a facial mask to help moisturise your skin and nourish newly exposed skin cells.


Clean your makeup brushes

When was the last time you gave your makeup brushes a thorough clean? If you’re anything like us, weeks go by before we even think about washing them… until we’re reminded of how all that old makeup, dirt, and grime can lead to unsightly breakouts and skin irritation. Make it a habit to start cleaning your makeup brushes on a weekly basis if you use them every day… we like doing this on a Sunday evening, while catching up on the latest episode of our favourite series. You can use your regular facial cleanser to do this, or a specialised brush cleanser – but regular soap and water also does the trick if you’re in a pinch, and is definitely better than going without washing them!


Wear SPF every single day – even in winter

If you’re still not applying a good facial sunscreen to your skin every morning before venturing out of the house, now is the time to start. Regardless of whether you spend most of your time indoors at the office, wearing a daily SPF is a non-negotiable if you want to prevent premature ageing, dark spots, pigmentation, or  worse – skin cancer.


Switch to a silk pillowcase

We made the switch a couple of years ago, and we haven’t looked back. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is not only better for your skin (cotton tends to absorb any moisture in your skin, leaving it looking a little worse for wear when you wake up), it’s also hypoallergenic so it’s ideal for those who suffer from allergies. It also helps to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free overnight. We can’t live without ours!


Don’t forget your neck and décolletage!

We’re sure you’ve heard it all before: when cleansing your face or applying your serum and moisturiser, be sure to extend to your neck and décolletage. These areas tend to be neglected, but they’re often the first to show signs of ageing, so be sure to show them a little love.


Which of these beauty resolutions will you be introducing into your beauty routine in 2018? Are there any other beauty resolutions you’ll be implementing this year? Share your beauty resolutions and tips for the year ahead with us below… we love hearing from our readers, and we might just share your tips in an upcoming beauty feature!  

The best beauty looks from the Golden Globes 2018

The best beauty looks from the Golden Globes 2018

From a classic red lip and sultry, smoky eyes to violet eye shadow and twisted top knots, these are some of the best beauty looks from the Golden Globes 2018 awards ceremony.

Red carpet season is officially underway and if you’re anything like us, there’s only one place to be tonight: on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn, catching up on the Golden Globes awards ceremony that took place on Sunday. Sure, we love rooting for our favourite actors and our best-loved TV shows, but we enjoy catching a glimpse of the stars’ chosen beauty looks even more. Here are a few of our favourites from the Golden Globes 2018… which one gets your vote?



Our motto? When in doubt, choose a red lip… and it seems the stars agree! While the red carpet was awash with all-black everything as celebrities took a stand against sexual harassment, the beauty looks on display were a lot less uniform. Celebrities including Mandy Moore, Tracee Ellis Ross and The Crown’s Claire Foy all stole the show with matte red lips.



Not feeling red lips? Take a leaf out of Alexis Bledel’s book and opt for an alluring berry lip colour instead. Keep the rest of your face bare with minimal eye makeup and just a hint of blusher for the perfect pop of colour. Madeline Brewer of The Handmaid’s Tale proves that redheads can also pull off this look… we love the way berry lips make both these stars’ blue eyes pop!


Ultra-Violet Eye Shadow

Given that Pantone announced that Ultra Violet is the colour of the year for 2018, we weren’t surprised to see stars opting for this electric look on the red carpet last night… and we’re expecting a lot more where that came from at future awards shows! Kerry Washington is one of the first to adopt this pretty trend, opting for a gorgeous wash of violet eye shadow paired with super-long lashes. We love this look, and we can’t wait to see more just like it!



Great news for busy girls, like us… it’s perfectly acceptable to pull your hair back into an effortless top knot before heading out the door, as Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things demonstrated. Granted, her top knot is a little sleeker than our everyday, go-to style, but that’s nothing an extra two minutes and some hair spray can’t fix!



The New Year is as good a time as any to make a big change, so if you’re looking for some hair-inspiration, look no further! Both Kate Hudson and Zoe Kravitz used the occasion to show off their chic new pixie cuts… we love this look! We love how both Kate and Zoe chose to accessorise their cuts: Kate with dazzling earrings and a sleek headband, while Zoe opted for a pair of stunning statement earrings and a vibrant red lip.



No one does old Hollywood glam better than Angelina Jolie, and her look at this year’s Golden Globes was no exception. We love everything about this look: the winged eyeliner and dramatic lashes, the glossy nude lips, and her voluminous up-do paired with exquisite statement earrings.

Which one of these beauty looks is your favourite? Is there another beauty look you spotted at the Globes that we’ve missed out? Leave a comment below… we love hearing from you!