14 Wardrobe Classics EVERY Woman Needs

We are always so conflicted with What is currently hot on the runway and Latest Trends, Colour of the season, and What your friends look good in, that we very often forget by just having a few basics in our wardrobes, we’ll get through every season looking stylish.

Basic, classic items are pieces of clothing that is 90% of the time the base of every outfit we put together. These are items that will live on after every trend ever and will never go out of style.

The Denim

Oooooh, the never endless outfits you can create with a denim. The classic blue denim or black, if you prefer, goes with anything and everything. It works great with sneakers and a sporty, comfy top all the way up the killer heels and bling.

The White Button Up

Work or play, the white button up will transform just about any look to something that looks well thought out & put together.

The Black Coat

A Winter must-have, the black coat. If you are a less is more kinda gal, then this is for you. And even if you are someone that prefers a bit more options, black will always be there to save the day. It also goes with just about anything and everything.

A Leather, or Pleather Jacket

Make your pick – there is such a large variety of classic black leather jackets available that no two is identical. They are always stylish and always trending and adds edge to any look in your wardrobe.

Black Sigarette Pants/Trousers

In this case, one id never enough. Just kidding, but seriously, I own 5. These trousers can be formal and fancy or casual but still chic. No two ways around the fact that you NEED a pair.

Classic Pair of Loafers

Whether they are real Gucci or a Fucci, just make sure when you purchace a pair they are good quality and will see you through more than 365 days. These are great throw on with anything kind of shoes. And even though they are flats, it looks chic and stylish. You’ll always look like you have your shizz together with a pair of these.


Sneaky Sneaks

These could be a pair of Converse sneakers, or even just a pair from your favourite shoe store. As long as they are plain and simple, which basically means black or white and are super versatile to go with anything in your wardrobe.

PS. The secret to wardobe basics is : PLAIN & SIMPLE!

A Pair of Booties

Splurging on a pair of good quality booties that you know will wear well and look good with your current wardrobe, is no sin! You splurge girl! You can find reasonably priced classic booties at Call It Spring – Woolworths also has a great Winter shoe selection every year.

Basic items for layering

Its hard to have only one thing listed here, so here goes : A minimum of 3 tees, perhaps a white or black one, or both, a soft colour, like light pink or nude and a graphic tee of course. You do need something striped as well. A few basic long sleeves, this all depends on your taste, I would go for a black one, a white one and a striped one. I’ll probably add in a colour or 2 as well.

A Good Quality Black Blazer

My MOST WORN item in my wardrobe straight through the year, my black blazer. Girls, you can’t go wrong here. Light enough to wear on warmer days, and warm enough to wear over your jersey or blouse in Winter. An item like this I would recommend splurging on too – my favourite black blazer is from Polo but Mango is a really great place to shop for classic items too.

A Slip Dress

This also, all depends on your style. If you are a midi length girl, go for something midi, if you are more of an above the knee kinda lady, go for that then. But the style of the dress should be a slip dress. A slip dress is easy to style throughout the year, in Winter adding some layers and in Summer wearing just the dress itself.


In Winter some knits is a must! At least 2 or 3. There are so many to choose from, so go wild. I would make sure one of them is a neutral colour though.

Oversized Cardigan

Where comfort meets stylish! While these can look really hobo-ish. It can also look amazingly stylish and comfy at the same time. Grab your timeless blue jeans, with one of your layering items. Throw on your pair of booties and the cardi and you’re good to go girl. Wearing a pair of sunnies and some rings and a necklace will complete a look like this beautifully!

Turtle Necks

A timeless winter item that I hope NEVER stops being timeless. I can’t get enough of what a turtle neck does for a Winter outfit.

Are your closet Winter ready? If not – we sure it will be after reading our Winter wardrobe classics post!


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