Why is Tata Harper’s natural products taking South Africa by a storm

Looking for that exclusive 100 % natural anti-ageing skincare product, well look no further, cause its here. Tata Harper hit South African shores and you can find it at the most exciting spa’s within the country.

Tata Harper is now available in four local, 5 star rated spas. The Oyster Box, The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Bushmans Kloof Wilderness and Xigera

Skincare product

What Makes Tata Harper, ‘Tata Harper’

The products speak for itself. Tata Harper completely relies on providing sustainable products, taking every ounce of natural ingredient and capitalising on the benefits. Therefore, one could say Tata harper completed revolutionised the ‘farm to face’ trend.

Tata Harper is a member of a number of organisations that preach everything natural. they have made great strides in cementing themself as a cruelty free power house.

Trusting the process

The company founded a new market. The aim; to source 100 % organic products, but struggled to find the right specific ingredients that met her standards.

Upon scouring the earth, and after many attempts, she finally found the right recipe combining quality, efficiency and purity. Sourcing 100% natural and organic ingredients from vendors that are certified for their use of organic agriculture.

Each Tata Harper’s products contain biodegradable ingredients that meet Cosmos and Ecocert standards, and are packaged with fully recyclable and sustainable materials. Apart from those, Tata is also certified by the American Vegetarian Association

As a result, the brand is an avid believer of uncompromising beauty. Combining hundreds of products to achieve a unique goal, limiting the amount of harmful chemicals, and rather opting to pack it with hundreds of natural ingredients.

Its all natural

What to expect

These treatments are surely something you do not want to miss out on. Treatments are designed to focus on hydration and nourishment.

These various treatments will encompass face, body and massage rituals. Restoration and remodelling techniques are at the heart of the treatments.

In summary you can expect a mind-fulfilling experiment that you will not regret.

Avoid disapointment and head over to one of the 4 recommended spas, where you can experience Tata harper at its finest.

Click on the links: The Oyster Box, The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Bushmans Kloof Wilderness, Xigera

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